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Agent Carter fic exchange

So, at the end of the first season last year, I talked a little about maybe running a fic exchange ... and then never did anything about it.

[personal profile] sheron and I talked a little more about it in email over the last couple of weeks before the finale. I was hesitating to commit to anything because I didn't know if the show would leave me wanting to ... but it did, it did, it really did. :D

Sheron suggested a Big Bang. I am leaning somewhat more towards an exchange because I think it would be a lot easier to get people to participate if the bar to entry was 1000 words rather than 5-10K, and it is really a tiny fandom. Also, I've never run an exchange on AO3 and I think it would be fun to try. (I may regret this deeply.) However, it might also be possible to try both, maybe staggering them so they're not both going at once. As far as I know, the only other exchanges that exist in the fandom at all are Peggy/Daniel-based and are fairly small.


- Anyone want to talk to me about the relative merits of a fic exchange vs a Big Bang, or a good strategy for doing both without burning people out?

- Anyone have suggestions for an appropriate name for a fic exchange? I would like something with a 1940s kind of feel. There are at least two other events I know of, in different fandoms, that are called Spring Fling, or else I'd use that one (though I still might, if I can't think of anything better). Spring Social? Agent Carter Mixer? What are some 1940s-ish social events you can think of?

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Don't ask me why I'm not yet asleep. I think my organism doesn't know what to do with itself anymore if I'm not up at 3am thinking about Agent Carter. XD (Actually, it was work related, but I decided to submerge myself in something more pleasant before bed).

I actually love the idea of fic exchanges! I think it fits the fandom very well and if we could pick a nice theme that would be a wonderful time had by all. My only reason for clutching on to the idea of Big Bangs (or Mini bangs) is that I do prefer longer fic than flashfic (anything under 1000 words afaik). If there was a way to reward that longer fic for being longer that would be neat. But you're right in that the fandom is super tiny with very little fic getting written so we don't want to lock people out by virtue of the rules being too ambitious. (But we gotta work on that 'too little fic' part. XD)
Agent Carter has made you nocturnal. XD

... but yeah, what I was thinking for an exchange would be something modeled along the lines of Chocolate Box and similar kinds of things (but single-fandom, not multi-fandom). There would be a nominations period when people would nominate pairings -- gen or shippy, which is what made me think of Chocolate Box, since it also worked that way -- and then matching would be done on the basis of pairings offered/requested. Provided I could get a decent selection of people from the major pairings in the fandom (which are Peggy/Daniel and Peggy/Angie, I believe) it shouldn't be TOO much of a matching nightmare and should have a pretty good chance of matching most people up with people they would enjoy writing for.

It seems like you often do get longer fics being written even in a fandom with a short minimum ... I wrote a 16K fic for Chocolate Box, after all. XD
I'm for the exchange idea, since I can't be relied on to write fics that are longer than 1k.

I never got around to figuring out how these AO3 challenges run, I'm going to need help with that.

Ummm.. high tea? Idk XD
Hopefully the exchange will be fairly straightforward on the participant end. I'll explain things when I get to that point. And thanks - I am really excited about this!
I doubt I'll have any time to actually write a fic, so I'll contribute some 40s/50s slang-based ideas for a name for the exchange:

The Joint Is Jumping Fic Exchange
Killer Diller Fic Exchange
Fic Bop
What's Your Story, Morning Glory
(okay, that's an Ella Fitzgerald song from 1958, so a little past the show's timeline at present, but I can totally hear Howard Stark or Angie saying that!)
Hey, English! Fic Exchange (Nod to Angie, although it might make people think you have to write it in English... but then again, AC fans will know exactly what it refers to, so probably worrying about nothing.)

I wish I could come up with a name that includes the phrase "ducky shincracker", which is my fave 1940s slang ever, but I'm drawing a blank.

Thank you for these! Oh man, Fic Bop is INSPIRED. :D Although I wonder if it'd end up being one of those things that sounds like a good idea until you actually use it. But I really like it!

... what does "ducky shincracker" mean? I'm usually pretty good at figuring out weird slang, but that one's got me completely stumped. (It is an amazing bit of slang, though!)
Fic Bop was my favorite, too.

Ducky shincracker means someone's a good dancer. I have an entire list of characters who in my headcanon were/are ducky shincrackers. XD