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Agent Carter fic rec

If you're craving post-finale fic (AREN'T WE ALL), here's a lovely long plotty one:

Training Exercises by [archiveofourown.org profile] sheron (11,200 words; canon pairings + gen friendships) - hard to summarize without spoiling the finale, but basically about SSR team building, recovery, and learning to trust each other again.

Full disclosure: I was a cheerleader/alpha reader on this fic, though my "help" mostly consisted of sending emails back to [personal profile] sheron in which I flailed a lot and made "write more!" noises and feelsdumped about Jack all over her inbox.

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Heee, thank you :D

I had SUCH a blast fanning these characters with you. It brought back the memories of yore, when the squee on LJ was abundant XD

It's especially fun to write in a fandom where there's relatively little established fic (especially with the canon being so recent!).
It has been so much fun emailing/chatting about it! :D I agree, I remember when these conversations used to happen on LJ, but they just don't really seem to anymore.

I gotta admit, as frustrating as it is not to be awash in new fic to read (and Star Wars was certainly a garden of ficly delights, though it didn't endure very long as my main reading fandom -- but I binged on fic like whoa while it was XD), I truly enjoy hanging out in the smaller fandoms. Agent Carter is even smaller than White Collar; the fannish infrastructure of exchanges and communities and so forth, that I'm used to from even medium-sized fandoms, just isn't really there.

Oh, which reminds me! During our chats while the season was ongoing, we talked about having some kind of fic exchange or Big Bang after the season was over. I was holding off on committing myself because I was worried that the new season would kill my squee for the show, but it basically did the opposite of that, and now I'm thinking the fandom really needs a fic event or two. Are you still interested?
I think I'll put up a proper post about it, and start collecting suggestions/ideas! :D