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This month's theme at collarcorner is Stranded. If you're still into White Collar, go leave some prompts and help us find new and interesting ways to strand Peter and Neal, et al. :D

Also, this week is prompt amnesty at [community profile] starwarsflashmeme - all posted prompts are available for writing. This will continue for another week; the amnesty period ends on March 12.

And back to Agent Carter: I posted some thoughts on Thompson and Sousa on Tumblr (spoilery for season two). I'm feeling lazy about cross-posting, but feel free to leave comments here if you have thoughts, since Tumblr is what it is. Also, my Miracle & Wonder fanvid is now posted on tumblr if you are interested in liking or reblogging.

(It is weird having this many fandoms going at once. Agent Carter is definitely where my mind is right now, but for so many years I really would only have those fan feelings for one thing at a time; I would pick up a new fandom and put the old one down. These days, I seem to have stopped putting them down. Help!)

Now back to inking Kismet pages ...

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Thank you! :) I suppose to some extent it's an attempt to justify my own characterizations, but I really do think it's true -- we get a pretty good look, in season two especially, at how Daniel behaves around people he doesn't like, and he really isn't that way with Jack at all.
I will use this opportunity to scream a tiny scream over the Peggy&Jack "troublemakers" parallel you just reblogged. AAAAAAAH! Perfection. :D I love all the ways those two are similar and could get into SUCH trouble if left to their own devices.

HAHAHA RIGHT? I hadn't even thought about it 'til that gifset came along in the Jack tag, and ... yes. XD I can just imagine the two of them coming up with increasingly dire and dangerous plans, while Daniel desperately tries to be the voice of reason ... (It is worth pointing out that, of Jack's plans in season two, one of them involved having a gun pointed in his face and fake-threatening to kill Daniel with actual violence, and the other one involved blowing up a bunch of people with the risk of blowing up himself, so he can definitely go head to head with Peggy in the terrible plans department.)

It's also making me wonder what the others were like as teenagers. Angie I'm sure was an absolute terror. Jarvis ... we already know what his idea of troublemaking was (the story about stealing apricot preserves). Ana was probably in trouble a lot but got out of it by being so darling no one could stay mad at her. Daniel I'm undecided about ... I get the impression that he may have been a little wilder and more athletic before getting shot forced him to settle down and learn a new way of interacting with the world, but on the other hand, he was still Daniel. Definitely not the getting-in-bar-fights type. He seems to be suspiciously susceptible to Peggy talking him into things like breaking into a high-security facility to steal uranium, however.

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I am particularly reminded of that "skunk in my trunk" scene between Peggy and Daniel. Daniel plays the part of a slightly aghast straight man to Peggy's "oops it's a guy we kidnapped, would you look at that?"

It's interesting to imagine what Jack's reaction would have been to the whole thing. For all his harping about playing by the rules in the beginning, I just can't see him having any trouble whatsoever with Peggy's plan post S2. In fact, I have this feeling like he might have made the plan worse... XD