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So the Agent Carter finale was last night

WELL ....

... I'm still a towering mess of incoherent feels about it. FEELS ALL OVER THE PLACE. FEELS SPILLING OFF MY KEYBOARD. I desperately want to write fic to fix that cliffhanger (WTF WAS THAT CLIFFHANGER) but I can't seem to corral all of my various emotional reactions running in every direction enough to actually do it.


That Peggy/Daniel kiss!

THAT CLIFFHANGER! About which, my thoughts can best be summed up as:

He is SO not dead; that is a Hollywood TV-dead cliffhanger if I ever saw one -- it's even signposted by the episode title! However, if I do not get a season three, and season three is looking tragically unlikely based on the show's ratings and Hayley Atwell signing with another series, I will NEVER be over the fact that the show set up an h/c scenario which is cut straight from my id and then FAILED TO GIVE ME THE REST OF IT.

... also, from a fanfic-writing perspective, I think I've been writing Daniel WAY less physically badass than he is actually capable of being. Going to have to remember this. I am also having serious doubts that his nonspecific ailment is actually a missing leg as opposed to a leg that's just seriously messed up, because I'm not sure if he could actually have gotten away with some of the stuff he does in this episode with a prosthesis. (Yes, I know the reason is that Enver Gjokaj has two perfectly functional legs; still, I need to decide for ficcing purposes, and I'm leaning more in the "messed up but still intact" direction after these episodes. Though there's still that line from season one that suggests the opposite.)


And Peggy and Daniel at the end. Her delighted smile, and his stunned and happy look ... it's just so great. It's all I wanted.

Although that scene where Jack comes into the lab and Peggy sends him to get food for everybody and he does it cheerfully and happily might just be my favorite scene in the episode. I never dreamed we'd get as much of a redemption arc for him this season as we did. That betrayal at the end of last season is SO worth it now, since it set up that lovely, lovely moral dilemma and reversal to Team Good Guy.

I said this last season and I think it's still true: this is not a perfect show, but it's perfect FOR ME. So perfect. Unless Jack is dead, in which case see above gif.

Whether or not we get a season three, I hope you guys want post-finale fixits, because I have a feeling you are going to be getting a LOT of them coming from my direction shortly.

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I want post finale fixits! I'd love them! :D (Will Dottie be involved? *g*)


Yeah, I'm not buying that Jack's dead till a doctor declares him or I see his body lying in a morgue. I've fallen for that one too many times now.
But they didn't sideline Wilkes! Wilkes was exactly what Peggy needed to be her rebound guy after Steve. She needed to go out there and allow herself to let Steve go with someone who might not be a permanent fixture in her life. I mean, when she first kissed Wilkes at the start of S2, I felt this "omg not Steve" moment that I wouldn't have liked to have with Daniel. So for me, the setup to them finally being together at the end was perfect :D
Yeah; I will admit that one of the romance tropes I like is having the character's eventual Major Romance not be with the first person they tried dating. It's more realistic and, for me, actually more romantic if they check out the field a little bit first. And while Daniel and Violet's relationship hit some wrong notes for me, especially at the end, Peggy and Wilkes actually didn't -- I liked that it ended up being an amicable "wrong place, wrong time, but I still think you're a great person and maybe in some other universe" thing for them.
I do understand. :) And I feel bad for Peggy/Wilkes shippers (and Daniel/Violet shippers too). The show did a good job, I felt, of making the relationships appealing and showing you why the couples, Peggy and Wilkes in particular, would be into each other.
ALL THE FIXITS. ALL OF THEM. (I don't have Dottie in the ones I'm currently working on, but if I write longer, plottier stories, she will probably turn up. And that's if I don't decide to just throw some random Jack/Dottie one-shots in there, because apparently I ship it now; how do these things happen. XD)

I really do think the show is signposting pretty heavily that Jack is not really dead. They might still decide to have him die when they plot out season three (if there is a season three) but right now I feel like Jack is much more likely to be alive than not. I'm actually surprised how many of the tumblr posts and finale reaction articles and whatnot are taking for granted that he's dead. Like, have you people seen a TV show ever??? (show, please don't prove me wrong by killing him for real)
Ahahaha, that happens. You have no idea how hard I ship Diana/Rachel. And it just sort of clicked in my head, I don't even know how.

Yeah, I read somewhere that one of the show's creators said specifically that Jack had been shot, not killed (yet). And that basically means that his death isn't certain (though it is possible).

XDDD at your comments. So true.

And I agree. I don't quite like Jack, but I like the actor (he was also Lucas from One Tree Hill), and I'll be sad to see him go.

My reaction to all of the episode except the last scene with jack can be summed up as: :D!!!!!!!!!!!!

My reaction to Jack's scene at the end is best described as creeping horror when I realized he's alone in a hotel room and things might happen to him, and then followed by no. Basically:


But, as I said somewhere else, I'm pretty much 99.9% confident he survived that. Narratively, it makes more sense to have him injured if they want to keep him in LA. If Jack is not injured, he has virtually no reason to intrude on Chief Sousa's West Coast SSR jurisdiction. He can't just move to LA to be with friends, unlike Peggy who's moving for love. So the best way to have him actually be around in S3 is to have him get injured and then have Team Carter investigate what happened to Jack and to the file that was stolen. (The theory about Michael Carter being alive is looking more and more likely by the second.)

Plus, as with my grandfather who survived getting shot in the chest just fine during WWII, a wound to the chest was just about operable in that time, post WWII, as long as Jack gets help. (Which is almost certainly the case since the hotel management is supposed to be kicking him out any second, as they set it up.)
So I don't see any reason they won't have Jack alive and well in S3 and in the meantime we can write ALL the h/c and feelings recovery fic we desperately need right now! :D

Whether or not we get a season three, I hope you guys want post-finale fixits, because I have a feeling you are going to be getting a LOT of them coming from my direction shortly.

It's a hardship, however will we deal.... :P
So the best way to have him actually be around in S3 is to have him get injured and then have Team Carter investigate what happened to Jack and to the file that was stolen.

Ohhh, I like this theory. It would mean several episodes at least of Jack wandering around injured... maybe wearing a sling... he and Ana can bond over gunshot wounds...
Thank you for reinforcing my reasons for believing him alive—and adding one. I'd forgotten that he expected hotel staff along any moment.

Silencers reduce the velocity of the bullet, so just because the shooter was close doesn't mean anything. . . .

And I realize we've talked about this in email in a lot of detail, but ... yes. :D I especially like your point that narratively, if the big season three plot was meant to be "who killed Jack?" we would have had the reaction to his death in this episode, as opposed to the big question mark of whether he's alive or dead, where the whole point is that we're supposed to be worried about his death because we don't actually want him to BE dead. Making him actually be dead would defeat the entire purpose of what makes it a big cliffhanger, wouldn't it?

... Also, I was thinking that starting off the season with the death of a major character who's been a regular in both previous seasons and has become friends with Peggy would be a huge downer note to start a season on. Since season one, it seems like they've been trying to make the show lighter and happier, and having a major character death cast a pall over the entire third season doesn't seem to fit with the tone they've established for the show so far.


But in the meantime, yes, recovery fic and h/c as far as the eye can see. :D
Yes, I will definitely take all the fix-it fic you have. Arrggh. Definitely not a cool way to end things.
FIXITS 4EVAH! I haven't been this ficcishly inspired by a season finale in awhile ... possibly since White Collar season three and all the infinite possibilities of that finale. Still not quite over my shock (everything was going so happily! and then it wasn't!) but the fics are helping me cope ...

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A brief drive-by comment on the way to bed, but regarding Hayley's new series ... she's in a pilot for ABC. She has, however, said that if the show gets picked up again, she's open to the idea of doing both. So it's not out for sure. The showrunner seems pessimistic about the possibility of a season three, but it seems like EVERYONE was predicting doom and gloom last year, and I didn't even think we'd get a second one ... so ... maybe? :D
I know!! If not for the cliffhanger, the ending would be perfect, and even the cliffhanger is pretty easy to work around and opens up a ton of fanfic potential. And every additional season makes it more likely that they'll disturb the perfect balance of show elements they have right now -- break up Peggy and Daniel, kill off someone in a way that's much less easy to explain away, etc. It would be lovely to have another season (I miss them already!) but there's also so much potential for terrible things to happen ...
All the ups and downs! Such a roller coaster! Everything is happy and wonderful! Then it's terrible! Oh nooooooo ...

That kiss, though. :D Her face! His face! It was all I hoped for and more.

It was pointed out in the DW comments that it's still possible for Daniel to have a below-the-knee prosthesis. It definitely looks a lot more like a mangled but intact leg than a missing leg in the way he's moving around, though.

... still, canon is VERY unclear (bordering on inconsistent) so I don't think we've been jossed, exactly. I think it's still possible to write it however we want. Also, I definitely need fic about Daniel dealing with the aftermath of being as athletic as he was being in this episode.

I have to admit, I've loved Jack (with certain reservations) since mid season one, and even *I* was amazed at how darling he managed to be in this episode. Everyone was darling, though! I loved how they all got to be Big Damn Heroes in their own ways -- Daniel leaping into the suicide mission while everyone else was arguing about it was, of course, the big hero moment, but we also got things like Jarvis coming up with the way to close the portal, Peggy throwing herself into the danger zone after him, Jack being a hero by not being a hero and gracefully accepting his role as support staff ... even little bits of amazing like Howard flirting with Rose like she's the most beautiful thing he's ever seen (because of course she is!).

... oh, I miss them all already. So much.
All that you said. All of it. Plus... Jarvis getting so hurt that Peggy had the temerity to call a cab. And then his leap for joy as he lunged for her suitcases... my heart exploded. I love that man.

And just to contribute something substantive to the conversation and not simply be a leeching hanger-on, I'll offer this tidbit from IGN's post-finale interview with Michele Fazekas:

IGN: Let’s start out with Thompson. I was initially presuming he was dead for sure, but maybe not?

Michele Fazekas: All you see is he’s shot. And that’s what we told Chad Michael Murray. "You are shot. You are not necessarily dead.” We are not trying to be cute. We have not planned beyond we know he’s shot. Obviously one of two things happen. He’s either dead or not dead. We’ll say. “What makes best sense for the story? And what makes best sense for the character?” The reason we had done it was a couple of things. In the morality play of Thompson’s life, he’s made some bad choices. We’ve always said he’s an ambitious guy, he’s not a bad guy. Because of his ambitions he does things to benefit himself more than the greater good. The last episode or the last two episodes, he almost goes too far in the opposite direction where he’s going to do something bad because he thinks it’s the greater good. He’s going to kill Vernon, Wilkes and Whitney, which is a criminal act, but he doesn't care. He thinks unless he does that, we’re going to be screwed and the rest of the world is going to be screwed.

Schrodinger's Jack, anyone?

(The entire interview: http://m.ign.com/articles/2016/03/02/agent-carter-co-showruner-on-season-2s-cliffhanger-and-what-could-come-next)
Everyone was so adorable and darling this episode! OH MY BABIES. ♥

And thank you for the link to the interview! Yeah, I was clinging to interviews for shreds of hope after the episode. Honestly though, what she says later in this interview about the shooting being karma for Jack's sins makes me feel very optimistic about his survival ... because it doesn't make sense to KILL the guy for making bad choices once he's finally started making good choices and being helpful and useful. That would just be cruel! But at the end of the season, everyone else had suffered terribly for taking a stand -- Peggy got stabbed through the abdomen, Daniel got beat up, Ana got shot, Daniel and Peggy both temporarily lost their jobs ... and Jack, the one who made all the bad decisions, actually hasn't lost anything of value. Well, now he has. So if he lives, he's on much more equal footing with the others ... and if he dies, it would be cruel and unfair. So the law of narrative fairness says he ought to live, right? :D?
So much to love in this episode!! Like how Peggy handles Wilkes, Stark and other guy who's name I can't remember atm, who are arguing over what to call the invention (Jarvis' bit about seeing their egos growing is perfect) - and then names it herself, lol!!

Also loved Jarvis being upset that Peggy called a cab,of all things, and then being joyous that she changed her mind!! :D

I even loved the way that Peggy and Daniel end up kissing, and I'm soooo not a shipper! But this was a kind of light and fun way of doing it, not schmoopy romance, which sits better with me.

As for Jack, well, his eyes were closed when they pan away. If he was definitely dead, his eyes would have been open and staring, the fact they weren't suggests he's still alive at that point. As far as I'm concerned, he's found moments later, taken to hospital and survives. And unless canon returns and says otherwise, that's what I'm sticking to. He's alive, he survives and anything else is 'la-la-la, not listening'!! :D :D :D
Yeah, I was fully expecting the camera to pan down to Jack and have his eyes be open and obviously dead ... and because they didn't, I'm holding out a lot of hope for his survival. Come on show, you can do it!

And yes, I loved how everyone got to be Big Heroes in this episode, and everyone got to be awesome and darling and adorable in their own way. Oh, my babies. :D It wasn't the best finale of anything ever, but it delivered everything I wanted from a finale for this show (with extra bonus cliffhanger that I did NOT ask for) and I have already rewatched parts of it a bunch. :)
Yes! :D I love "teamwork" fights! ... well, okay, this was a fight against an unstoppable force of nature, but it still involved everyone pitching in and doing their part and being brave, and I loved how devoted every single one of them was to not letting Daniel slip into the rift.
"‘Agent Carter’ Star Hayley Atwell Cast in ABC Legal Pilot ‘Conviction’" by Laura Prudom at Variety
"If Atwell’s “Agent Carter” is renewed for a third season, it’s said that the British thesp’s schedule will be worked out to accommodate both shows."
"Marvel’s Agent Carter” has never been a ratings juggernaut for ABC on Tuesday nights — the most recent episode drew 2.9 million viewers and a 0.8 rating — but the series scores notable gains in Live+3 and Live+7 playback among the adults 18-49 demo, with last week’s telecast spiking 63% from three days of playback (from a 0.8 in L+SD to a 1.3) and the second season premiere jumping 78% after seven days (from a 0.9 in L+SD to a 1.6)."

We need a third season. You know I have very mixed feelings about Jack, but we just watched it, and Daughter said, "Calm down, Mom" before I'd even started screaming "NOOOOOOOO!" because she knew I was about to scream.

And the very next thing I did was to come look up your entry, obviously.
Oh, I hope it gets a season three. I so want a season three. (A season three with Jack being ALIVE, obviously.) Fingers crossed!

... really, it's a diabolically clever cliffhanger. I'm seeing a lot of reactions on tumblr to the effect of, "I don't even like Jack, but I didn't want him DEAD!" And especially after he managed to be useful and helpful and humble this episode! It would just be cruel to kill him now.