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Three days to the finale, so it's wild theory time!

I have an Agent Carter speculation ...

I think it's interesting there have been so many references to Peggy's hitherto-unheard-of brother this season. There was even a gratuitous mention of him in 2x09 while she's rescuing Wilkes. While I like it (it gives depth to her past), from a narrative standpoint it seems like a lot of focus on a character who died years ago.

When Thompson first discovered the (fake?) blackmail file in 2x08, I actually assumed it was about Peggy's brother ("M. Carter"). I'd completely forgotten her name is really Margaret, and it wasn't until he mentioned 1944 when he was talking to Peggy that I realized Michael was dead by the time the file supposedly took place.


What if the file is real, but it's about Michael, not Peggy? What if Michael isn't dead, but in some kind of deep cover, doing black-ops work in Europe during the war, and continuing to do the same kind of things now? That'd explain the ambiguity of the name on the file (same first initial for both siblings), and the reason why there's been more focus on him this season than you'd expect for a character who only shows up in flashbacks.

You know how last season had a stinger scene at the end with Zola and Fennhoff? Maybe this season's stinger scene is Michael Carter, and if the show goes on for a third season (which I'm not optimistic about, but you never know) it would either be The Search For Michael, or he'd be one of the antagonists, or both. It's a classic setup, after all: hero vs. sibling-gone-bad.


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... oh lord, I hope Michael isn't involved in the love triangle. I am really sick of the love triangle, and I'm hoping that the finale is going to inflict a minimum of COMPLETELY POINTLESS love-triangle-related angst on us. (no, Sholio, tell us how you really feel ...) The love triangle is actually burning me somewhat on the whole idea of Peggy/Daniel, because I'm so completely over having ~romance~ as a major motivating factor for just about everything Peggy AND Daniel have been doing this season. I just hope the situation will resolve itself in a way that doesn't make me hate them being together, since the show obviously is going to put them together, so hating it isn't going to get me anywhere ... but the lower-key it is, the better, as far as I'm concerned.

I love the angst potential of Peggy having to deal with her beloved older brother gone bad, but I doubt it, because it's such a huge characterization leap from where Michael apparently was in 1940, to Michael being outright evil by 1944; it's really difficult to see how he could get there. If he is still alive, he's probably a victim of some sort of shady dealings. (ETA: Er, yes, I know I'm the one who suggested it. Some of the DW discussion made me think about it and go "wait, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense", though. Still wouldn't mind if it actually did happen, though, because IMAGINE THE ANGST.)

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but the lower-key it is, the better, as far as I'm concerned.

EXACTLY. I ship Daniel/Peggy like WHOA, but what I loved about them in S1 was how focused they were on their jobs with the subtle hints of attraction. Obviously they need to actually figure out what they're doing and I love what they did with Peggy and Daniel overall, but I don't watch this show for the romance.

My objection to the whole "brother gone evil" thing would be that it's been done with Loki and sort of with Bucky, and that's enough angst of that kind for me. I want something else! Like building SHIELD (no, let me tell you how I really feel! XD)
Yeah, I realized when I was going back and rewatching scenes (I have to do SOMETHING while waiting for Tuesday; I'm going nuts here XD) that while a lot of the Daniel and Peggy scenes from last season were on my heavy-rewatch rotation, I'm tending to avoid them this season, because most of them have that undercurrent of "you're dating someone else and making me sad" angst and it's just ... not fun to watch. :P I loved last season that they were friends first and foremost, and while they do have their moments this season (and I think the show has, overall, done pretty well with not having them be actively awful to each other -- it's been a lot of fun watching them work together), in general there's been that underlying current of "things are not okay" that makes me feel like the friendship has been overridden by the broken-up-lovers aspect. Do not want. :(

... that said, I am hoping for a Peggy/Daniel endgame; I just don't want to have to wade through a bunch of angst to get there.
Oooooh, that actually makes a lot of sense!! I hope we do get a third season, but you just never know. I really like the idea of Michael still being alive. I immediately thought of Michael with the report, too, but oooh, it could so totally go another way!!

And how 'bout that singing bit Peggy dreamt?? Someone make me a recording of "Daniel" singing -- his voice is gorgeous!!
It is apparently Hayley and Enver's real voices in the dream sequence, too! :D
I totally believe that -- it really sounded like them! I loved their singing, even if it was a pretty bizarre dream ;-)
That explains it. When I saw the name M. Carter I was completely thrown. I didn't think of Michael because I am terrible at remembering names and I didn't think of Margaret because I forgot that's really Peggy's name.
You know, him not being dead would make a lot of sense (especially in light of all the things you pointed out). It would be an interesting place for them to end it and lead into S3. Because it sounds like her brother's death played a huge role in Peggy's choices.
Ooh! Thank you for the link! :)

(... although I have a fundamental doubt that this kind of thing makes the slightest difference when networks make these decisions -- I think it's way more bottom-line-driven -- but I guess you never know ...)