Winter Sunlight


Marvel Rolling Remix is a new thing I just signed up for! Basically, it's a remix "chain", where the first person gets someone's fic to remix, and the next person gets that fic, and so forth -- like a fanfic game of Telephone. No one gets to read all the fics 'til they're revealed at the end. Here are the full rules. You need to be familiar with the core MCU movies (the Avengers-related ones) and willing to write any characters, although it's possible to remix a fic as gen if you get a pairing you can't write.

If you're watching Agent Carter, did you know there is an audio commentary podcast? They interview the episode's writers each week, and you can watch along with the episode as the commentary goes along. It has its ups and downs and dull bits, like any DVD commentary, but there's some fun extra stuff about what the writers were thinking in certain places. (They don't have eps 8 & 9 up yet, to my sorrow.)

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The remix sounds completely awesome. Sadly, "Two weeks from when you get it." is pretty much an impossible timeframe for me. But the rules are really neat! I hope to see enough people sign up that there's a lot to guess in the end about the order they were written in.
Awwwww! <3 <3 I feel guilty about that too, because I was one of the people arguing for a shorter writing time (so it would be a little faster getting through the entire queue of writers) -- the original suggestion was a month for each person. But yeah, it does exclude people that way, and I'm really sorry about that.
Thanks so much for the link - I'm signed up! I've been looking for a time-driven challenge, as I write so much better under pressure. And hopefully it's a good way to meet some new folks who are still around these parts :)