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I haven't really been posting about Agent Carter lately, or reading other people's posts, because I'm firmly installed in my Bunker of Squee until the bitter(?) end next week. (Although I have been having an absolute blast chatting with [personal profile] sheron about it. :D)

My reaction to last night's episodes, however, can be summed up by the following tumblr gif:

Yes. That.

With more spoiler:

Every single character was amazing, but in particular, I got everything I wanted from a Jack heel face turn, AND MORE. (Well, except maybe badly hurt characters on death's doorstep clinging to each other, but we DID get that with the Jarvises, and then we wouldn't have gotten a lot of what we actually got, so ...) As my White Collar fixation no doubt attests, I am an incredible sucker for frenemies teaming up to con people, while sneakily running their own schemes at the same time.

Now if the show can just manage not to kill off anyone on Team Good Guy next week, everything will be perfect.

(And also a Peggy/Daniel kiss, thankyouverymuch.)

ETA: I am still not over ... well, at least 50% of the scenes in both episodes yet, but currently this one is killing me dead. (Link goes to screencaps at my tumblr.)

No squee harshing, please?

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AAAAAAAA SO GREAT. :D That is one of my favorite scenes from that episode ... but I had soooo many!
It was really Enver and Hayley singing, according the producer's twitter! The dream sequence was over-the-top in all the best ways. The black and white intro! All the ladies of the show in feathers!

And yeah; I'm a lot less worried that Jack's going to die in the finale (not entirely confident that he won't, but a whole lot more confident than I was before last night's episodes) because they seem to be setting him up as a gray-morality foil to Daniel and Peggy. Before 2x08 and 2x09, having Jack die some kind of redemptive death made a lot of narrative sense, but at this point it would blow up a lot of the character-relationship infrastructure that this season has taken some pains to set up. Right now my most plausible guess for where he's going to end up at the end of the season is, basically, starting his own version of the Council to do things right this time, for the greater good -- which is of course a TERRIBLE idea, but I can see Jack being exactly the kind of person who would try to take that path (the "road to hell" path) to fixing the world. And therefore being set up as a sometimes-antagonist, sometimes-ally of Peggy and Daniel.

... the ironic thing, as I was talking to sheron about, is that Jack's plan in this episode -- blowing up Vernon and Whitney -- is very much the kind of thing that modern-day SHIELD would do. That men-in-black, manipulating-behind-the-scenes thing is exactly how Nick Fury's SHIELD operates. Which is the one thing that makes me wonder if Jack doesn't end up having a major hand in setting up SHIELD along with them ... and possibly establishing the toehold that HYDRA will later use to get inside. He's not a bad guy, just an end-justifies-the-means guy.

(The only thing I don't like about that is putting off ALL of the ways SHIELD later goes wrong onto someone who functions as a scapegoat to keep Peggy morally pure. I think we've already seen from this season exactly what it is that might've gone wrong with SHIELD under Peggy: that she always believes the best of people, even when they don't deserve it, and Daniel does too. I could see Jack letting ex-HYDRA scientists into SHIELD because they're useful, but I could see Peggy doing it because she wants to give them a second chance.)

I also think it's interesting how Jack's gone from being a guy who takes credit for things he didn't do, in order to look like a hero, to someone who sets up a black-ops plan that he can't admit to -- he's gone from being the guy who tries to look like a hero at everyone else's expense, to the guy who's willing to do the dirty jobs in the dark so everyone else can be safe. Which is really not where I would have expected him to go from season one, but I like it!
My jaw dropped when Enver started singing. Dude has a fantastic voice!

(I do think it was probably recorded elsewhere and dubbed in later, though, because I thought I noticed a few moments where the voice didn't quite match up with the mouth movements. But that makes sense, I'm sure it's not easy to sing and dance at the same time if you're not used to it.)

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He's really got the 1940s singing style down, too. I can see what you mean about the lips not quite syncing, but it is definitely Enver singing!

It must have been a lot of fun for the actors to get to do something that different. :D
I also think it's interesting how Jack's gone from being a guy who takes credit for things he didn't do, in order to look like a hero, to someone who sets up a black-ops plan that he can't admit to

I've been thinking about this all day and there's a good chance you will hear about it. At length.

You have been warned.

Next week had better NOT be a tragedy, is all I have to say.
The Jarvis feels I have for this week's episode know no bounds. *hugs Edwin and Ana* I love how they're laying out a backstory for Little Kid Tony and how it wasn't just Tony that needed Jarvis as a father figure but Edwin and Ana needing a child to nurture. *melts* But poor Ana. *cries* And that fight with Peggy... OUCH. Man, they both know each other well enough to hit where it hurts. And Edwin was carrying around the weight of all that pain... no wonder he threw a fit.

The musical number was outstanding. It reminded me so much of the whole "Gotta Dance" number in "Singin' in the Rain". Okay, so none of them are Gene Kelly but then, who ever has been. But that was absolutely brilliant. (Although I kept wondering what Steve would think! I *still* wish they could bring him in for little memory moments now and then. *sigh)

And Jack. JACK. I love his complexity. I love that they're not leaving him a cardboard cut-out token douchebag to show off Cinnamon Roll Daniel (who truly IS a cinnamon roll). I think Jack will always be a bit of an a**hole but then he wouldn't be Jack if he wasn't. #TeamKeepJackComplex I really expected him to be killed at some point, and I'm very glad he wasn't. I'm all for a complete redemption arc for him, but I also see him straying back and forth across that moral boundary and HYDRA using him to get their foothold in SHIELD, maybe using him without his realizing it. And that would take some doing, because he's not an easy mark.

(I also followed you over at tumblr... didn't realize you had one!)
Oh my god I really loved the way Jarvis kept promising her things if she'd just wake up. On the scale of 1 to 10 in terms of adorable, that scene blew into the stratosphere.

The fight Peggy had with Jarvis in the desert was hands down my favourite scene of the episodes (although if I had to gif my favourite scenes I'd just upload the whole two episodes untouched...because MAN they were awesome).

Everything Peggy did in these episodes proves beyond any shadow of a doubt why SHE is the heroine of this show. I mean, Jack got to be cool, Daniel got to be awesome, etc, but Peggy is the one who tied everyone together. She said all the right things to Jack to get him to see reason, she put Jarvis back on the path of justice rather than revenge. It was just soooo awesome!
Oh my god I really loved the way Jarvis kept promising her things if she'd just wake up. On the scale of 1 to 10 in terms of adorable, that scene blew into the stratosphere.

That hit me with so many feels I'm still not quite recovered. I want a spinoff Jarvis show now. One with little Tony involved, because can you imagine?? I firmly believe Jarvis' chasing Howard's wild animals around is his training for eventually having to chase Wild Child Tony around. AND I NEED TO SEE THAT.

*clears throat*

Sorry for shouting. But really. I need this.
I need to figure out what to do about my tumblr name being so different from my LJ name. I originally intended the laylainalaska tumblr to be mostly for pro-writing stuff, but, hahaha, NOT how things worked out at all. I've also got sholiofic for fic updates.


Anyway ... YES. SO MANY FEELS FOR EVERYONE. The Jarvises were just amazing, and so was Jarvis and Peggy's argument in the desert -- I loved how they were both right and wrong, and how they can get angry enough to pull out all the stops and really hurt each other, and yet make up again, as soon as they both realized they've gone too far.

And yes, I am really enjoying Jack's complexity and unpredictability. Anything from full redemption to HYDRA (in a "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" kind of way) is plausible for him right now, and I love his relationship with Peggy and Sousa, antagonistic and yet with an underlying mutual affection. They're not precisely friends (as things currently stand) but they just can't quit each other, either.
I just want to hug Jarvis and Ana (the latter very, very gingerly). She woke up at the dog and then waited to see what else she could get! She totally knows when he's lying, even though he has stopped rubbing his ear! (Well, he is a terrible liar.)

I was very pleased with what they did with Jack, even though I don't really like Jack. I don't have to like Jack to enjoy him, if that makes sense.

Enver Gjokaj was so good at singing and dancing that I'm afraid that he put everyone else in the shade!

Peggy and Jarvis's fight pulled on all my heartstrings.
The Jarvises! Poor Jarvises. :( I hope he does get her a Bernese mountain dog. Actually, now I want to write that fic ...

And yes, it makes perfect sense! I think that's where I am with Whitney Frost -- I really don't like her as a person, but I think she's an absolutely fascinating character, and greatly enjoy watching her. (I liked the comics version of her, too, but I like the TV version even better; the comics version was just an evil baddie, for the most part, but this one is really layered.)
Sooo glad that Jack is (sort of) back on the good side! Lots of fun moments, and oh, poor Edwin and Ana *hugs them both*

"Do what Peggy says!" - lol! :D