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Chocolate Box fics

As for the REST of my Chocolate Box fics, I'll get them properly reposted here over the next day or two. It was the previous one that I've been dying to repost here, though, because I wrote 16K of fic that I COULDN'T TALK ABOUT. It was killing me. And is also the reason why I was somewhat scarce last week, because I wrote most of it from Thursday to Saturday, i.e. right before the archive opened. I really wasn't expecting it to be anywhere near as long as it turned out. If the pairing is a turnoff, which I realize it may be for a lot of people, it definitely IS a ship fic (not gonna lie) but it's also a slow-burn getting together fic with a lot of gen and gennish plot along the way. If you like my gen fics in the fandom and aren't vehemently opposed to the pairing, you might like it?

The other things I wrote (and as noted above, I will repost these here properly soon) are:

She'll Walk Alone (Agent Carter, Peggy & Angie, gen)
A Lot of Catching Up To Do (Star Wars, Han/Leia, RotJ missing scene)
Light on the Edge of the World (MCU, Natasha/Bucky/Steve)

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