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The Festivids reveals are out! (Masterlist here.) I haven't got the signed version of my vid up yet (oops) but I made the Lethal Weapon vid. Many thanks to [personal profile] muccamukk for suggesting the absolute PERFECT song. I will have a proper credited version up in the next day or two. And also answer my feedback, because it got GREAT feedback, and I was so nervous about the vid and then so utterly thrilled when it got a nice reception. ♥

I jumped on this pinch hit when it showed up, because I am pretty sure this is a prompt I have actually considered making a treat for in past years (I think the prompter has asked for it before?) and then THERE IT WAS and I snapped it up. :D

And the Chocolate Box archive is live! I got THREE fics, all White Collar, and all great - you can read them at my gifts page. I also, as it happens, wrote three fics, one assignment and two treats. One of the treats is, uh. It is so obviously written by me that it's visible FROM SPACE. I really can't imagine how I could have written a fic that was more obviously mine. If multiple people reading it don't guess that it's by me, I'll be shocked.

Chocolate Box will be anonymous for another week and you can still write and upload treats during that time. Here is a list of "needy" participants who don't have a treat yet, and here are all the requests (also available in a downloadable document) for treat writing.

Thank you very much to the people who wrote for me! ♥

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Thank you so much! ♥ Yeah, I had been floundering for a song, and that one just clicked with the whole tone of the movies. (I had somehow managed to forget they were making a TV series. It ... could be good, I guess? But is more likely to just be yet another Lethal Weapon derivative buddy-cop thing like we had so many of in the '80s ...)

I will definitely have a signed, downloadable version up soon -- hopefully later today. :) I'll make a post about it when I get it up!
Your vid was amazing. What a great song. You make me want to find those movies and watch them again. :)

Awwww, thank you so much! :) Yeah, it was a lot of fun rewatching these as I worked on the vid. SO 1980s, OMG. :D
I love the vid!! Brings back some memories, that does!!! The song was perfect - and yeah, not all the explosions were his fault! :D
Thank you! Glad to bring back some memories. :) I definitely did for me too!
omg, it was you? This vid was my favorite from all the festivids I've watched this year! \o/ And yeah, I've went and rewatched the movies, too:D
It was me - and thank you so much! I'm really thrilled you liked it! :D Such a fun nostalgia trip. There's a new post up with the permanent, downloadable version now.