Avengers-Peggy smile

I wasn't going to ...

... but I caved and watched the sneak-peek clip for the next Agent Carter episode.

The clip is here on Youtube.

And I'm commenting mainly because:




He looks like he's either hung over or hasn't slept in days. Poor bb. Clearly he is not handling the breakup with Violet well at all.

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Started watching it, but decided it was too spoilery for my likes! But yes, poor Daniel *hugs him gently*
Aw, poor Daniel! He needs us to bake him cookies and wrap him in blankets, obviously.
Anna is my first thought, but Angie is a pleasant possibility. Howard seems a bit too memorable to be ideal, though... can he do subtle?
Back to this clip, I like that both Peggy and Daniel are a big painful mess right now, but Peggy handles it by making her makeup and hair 110% flawless while Daniel handles it by letting go of it all.

Yes! I love how Peggy's response to things falling apart is to shelter behind this solid wall of makeup and self-control. On the other hand, I can't help finding Daniel thoroughly adorable when he's a depressed mess. (Though I hope his life is 100% less depressing soon.)

I also agree that she's probably doped to the gills on painkillers :D