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Agent Carter 2x05

HEIST EPISODE! WHEE! I loved the humor in this one, even if some fairly serious plot stuff ended up getting worked in as well.

I also loved how it was the female spies who ended up doing the fighting, and the guys ended up defusing the bomb and doing the wires for the door. :D Very casually too. Lovely.

Gasped out loud at Peggy getting impaled. I didn't expect that! Also, nice to know that Whitney's Darkforce thing can be interrupted halfway through, and the person will still be okay.

Daniel is utterly adorkable and anyone who doesn't think so (i.e. half of Tumblr) can fight me. He was obviously trying to do the right thing, as he sees it, both with Violet and with trying to keep Rose out of danger. But, similarly, I liked that he wasn't right about either of those things, and I also liked that Violet was allowed to be angry and unhappy, that she didn't end up bowing out sweetly, but with fury instead. (Also, I really do think he's in love with Violet, at least a little bit. It's possible to love two people at once!)

There's also something Enver Gjokaj mentioned in an interview, that Daniel really is not a good manager; he's better at being a field agent than being in an administrative role, which I think was also evident this episode. He's not good at matching people to roles that bring out their areas of strength, or remembering details about people in a managerial kind of way, and I think this episode brought that out without being terribly heavy-handed about it. I mean, he's not a total shit boss, and most of the people who work for him clearly like him? But he's also not a kickass boss either; he's just a mediocre one. And I liked that the show went that route, instead of having him be good at everything.

Nice to see him display a previously unknown talent for demolitions, however. *plots how to work that into fanfic*

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I also loved how it was the female spies who ended up doing the fighting, and the guys ended up defusing the bomb and doing the wires for the door. :D Very casually too. Lovely.

Along those lines, the final scene with Whitney and Cal was an absolute take on an abusive relationship. She tells him to be quiet, to calm down, and when he gets close to making a specific stand, she's physically abusive until he submits. That's textbook behavior. The difference is Cal's source of hope is an evil organization that's going to absolutely make the situation worse, not better.

While I'm not really pleased to have that sort of abusive relationship highlighted, because I don't much like seeing it, particularly with a female antagonist, I am still pleased that all the women are drivers of this show. Good, bad, in between. Rose was an utter delight especially when she was so adept at managing the scientist who is a little smitten with her. That Violet was given the room to be angry, to be forthright (but not actually aggressive) in her hurt was, sadly, refreshing as hell to see. I don't think that's the end of the relationship as I agree, I do think Daniel loves her. I think he can be made to see that he can have a life with Violet that he can never have with Peggy, partly because Peggy will eventually eat him alive. I like Daniel. I love Enver and his portrayal of him, walking what I think is a pretty fine line between accepted male behavior in the 40s and modern sensibilities. But he is not nearly strong enough to be Peggy's equal, nor is his content enough with himself to be her slightly unequal but still highly respected partner (see: Jarvis). He's a good friend and a good working partner but that's about it. I think Peggy would've seen that a lot sooner, if she hasn't already.

Plus, there's Dr Sexy who I think fits the slightly unequal but able to handle it role a lot better. Also, he's Dr Sexy. Reggie Austin is just so lovely on this show.
With Whitney and Cal, I agree about the textbook abusive behavior, but I see that scene as, I guess, a flipped version of their usual dynamic. That is, Whitney's doing to him what he's been doing to her for years -- telling him to calm down, sit down, and smile, with the implied force to back it up. I don't think Cal was ever physically abusive to her (that's not my read on their relationship, or his character) but Whitney was always aware that he could be; even if she wasn't physically afraid of him, she'd always ceded him a dominant role in the relationship, I think because she internalized the idea that she had to -- that he'd leave her, or he'd hurt her (certainly a divorce would be more likely to go his way than hers), and her only option was to smile and nod and accept it when he gave her orders. Now suddenly she doesn't have to anymore, and she's reveling in it. Reveling in it evilly, for sure, but Cal isn't an innocent victim here; he's the guy who's been driving her life for ages, suddenly no longer finding himself in the driver's seat. Her show of force over him is at least partly just to convince him that she's in charge now, because it's really the only thing that'd do it.

... obviously I don't think what she did was okay, but it's also not Whitney grabbing some random guy off the street and dominating him, or running roughshod over a husband who's always been kind to her. Though I'm also pretty sure Chadwick actually thinks he has been treating her just fine, and has no idea why she's suddenly taken the reins and started lashing out.

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Oh, I agree with all of that, absolutely. Despite the fact that Whitney is smarter than he is, more motivated than he is, and clearly has manipulated him repeatedly for their mutual gains in power, Cal absolutely is abusive to her and that the scene was her taking back some of her own power. I also agree that he has no idea that he's been abusive to her. He's a weak man who lashes out and she's an obvious target.

I just found it interesting that they presented the scene as textbook male to female abusive behavior, but with the woman dominant role. Because that is not how women, typically, act when they're the abuser.
Finally got a chance to watch it :D

I never really enjoy heist movies...My dad works as a security guard, so every time those hapless guards who are just doing their job get hurt by the "good guys" breaking in, I can't really abstract myself away. I also hope that the real atomic bomb would be better protected for obvious reasons :P

However, ignoring those points, I really enjoyed the episode. I love how sweet Daniel is with Peggy. I love that you could feel the energy between them, and obviously Violet could as well. I love that she confronted him about it. I do think he really likes Violet, I'm not sure I'd go so far as romantic love. I think they could be great friends...maybe it's just the chemistry between the actors, but Daniel feels more like her patient and friend than like her fiance. Peggy and him just sparkle when together. Since I heartily ship Peggy/Daniel, this pleases me.

All that said, I really loved the proposal scene! Aaaaah, Daniel is so adorable. The way Violet reacted also was super cute..."let's look for it!" She's a problem solver first hehe!

(I honestly don't want to know what Tumblr makes of this because after a long association with it I've realized that me and that part of fandom just don't like the same things)
Hmm, yes, I can definitely see how that would be a problem with enjoying a heist storyline. (But ... White Collar! XD)

Daniel is such a sweetheart. He makes some mistakes in this episode (with Violet, and with not wanting to take Rose into the field) but he tries hard, he listens, and he doesn't try to wrap Peggy up in cushions and protect her, even when she gets hurt. The proposal scene was super sweet ... too bad things didn't exactly go as intended. I did notice she was wearing the ring in the later scene when she was helping Peggy.

This episode also illustrated the importance of making friends with medical professionals when you're a top-secret spy who gets hurt a lot. :D
I try to avoid spoilers, including looking up future casting on imdb or whatnot, so I had no idea this wasn't her last episode! That makes it especially interesting that they opted to break up her and Daniel at this point in the season, rather than at the end (which is what I would have expected). Lots of interesting possibilities for which way things might go from here! (Damn, I love this show. :D)
Oh, gotcha! I misunderstood. Yeah, I think it would be really interesting if she comes back now that her storyline is no longer tied quite so closely to Daniel's; it would be fascinating to see her in a different role on the show than "Daniel's girlfriend", or interacting with him as exes rather than as an active romance. Much more interesting than if this is the last time we see her, though of course it may be.
Daniel is utterly adorkable and anyone who doesn't think so (i.e. half of Tumblr) can fight me.

I totally agree... he's just so likable and sweet, but a natural manager? Not so much. Rose could definitely school him (and did) on how to be a good chief. I can relate so much to Daniel in his current job, because like him, I'll do a great job in a supporting role and then the next thing I know people are asking me to head up projects. Erm, no. Put me in leadership and you'll see me crumple like a cheap suit. My skill set of "works well with others/cares about coworkers/gets the job done" doesn't extend to "manages other people well/delegates wisely/is an excellent team leader" and I suspect neither does Daniel's, not that he couldn't grow into the position (and probably will).

For whatever reason, the episode started five minutes late and therefore ended late and my DVR recording cut off the last five minutes, so I didn't actually get to see Violet's response to what she was seeing between Peggy and Daniel. *fumes* I'm not surprised she flipped her lid. It'll be interesting to see how all this plays out (and I've now set my DVR to record all eps an extra 15 minutes after the show's end time).

(Also... the whole "Peggy's impaled through the abdomen with rebar" thing made me twitch. Violently. I hate hand-wavey science when it's *that far* from realism. They could easily have set up some lesser injury to get Peg to Violet's house, not a... ugh, no. If I start I'll rant for days so I'll just shut up now.)

The slo-mo team walk out... and subsequent tripping/oh where's the car shot slayed me, as did Jarvis whining about the cold and spiders and then defusing the bomb. He showed that despite all his whinging and hand-wringing, he's very much the badass. :)

Peggy's injury ... hahaha, yes, I had very similar thoughts. XD This is NOT the kind of thing where a little disinfectant and some bed rest is going to have you good as new in no time. Nothing we can do about it, though ...

And yeah, I really like Daniel as a not-so-great manager; it's a very relatable and realistic flaw.

The one thing that did bug me about Violet flipping out at Daniel is that the exact nature of what set her off was, basically, Daniel being worried about a friend/co-worker who'd been badly hurt. In general, sure, finding out that your fiance is into somebody else is definitely cause for justifiable anger (and like I said, I'm glad she did get angry -- sorry you missed the scene, though!). But in the specifics of the situation, Daniel had explicitly made the decision and the commitment to be with her, he and Peggy weren't getting up to anything behind her back, and Peggy was badly hurt and maybe dying; it does read a bit like Violet going off the jealous deep end about her fiance being close friends with a female co-worker. I am highly skeptical of the idea that you can just "tell" two people are in love when they're literally not doing anything, mostly because I've had people jump to conclusions about me and platonic male friends on the basis of us doing things like hanging out together or being physically affectionate with each other. There had been some conversation in the comments of one of my earlier episode reaction posts about how nice it was that the show wasn't doing that ... and then it went and did it. SIGH.
I thought Violet was amazingly quick on the uptake there and could easily have been wrong—but then again, everything in Daniel's expression as she continued to talk confirmed what she thought. And I don't think Daniel was deceiving her on purpose; I think he was in denial until she said it.

I thought Violet's reaction really rang true: she has just gone through the wringer. She got engaged and was all excited, and then she's dragged out of sleep to deal with an injured woman who really needs to be in the hospital and is well beyond her capacity to care for at home, and while it's all going on she realizes her fiancé is in love with the other woman. If I allow that she could realize that, I can totally see getting angry and hurt. Jeepers, if it had been me, I'd have gone up like a volcano once I had confirmation that I was right.
Yeah, Daniel's reaction does confirm it -- but up to that point, she's jumping to conclusions on wayyyy flimsy evidence, IMHO. Still, she was right, and it's better for both of them to have that out in the open.

Also, I agree with you; I don't think he was deceiving her or, for that matter, deceiving himself (much). I really do think he was making an earnest effort to get over Peggy and move on. Which of course was going much better before Peggy showed up again ...
The one thing that did bug me about Violet flipping out at Daniel is that the exact nature of what set her off was, basically, Daniel being worried about a friend/co-worker who'd been badly hurt. In general, sure, finding out that your fiance is into somebody else is definitely cause for justifiable anger (and like I said, I'm glad she did get angry -- sorry you missed the scene, though!).

I did wonder about that when I read a recap of the scene, but I thought perhaps on seeing it I might not be bothered as much? Which may still happen, but for now, I'll provisionally agree. It did sound a little too Hollywood 'pat' for her to leap to the conclusion that Daniel's still in love with Peggy, although perhaps taken with the way she'd seen him looking at Peg in earlier scenes, it may simply have been a case of "okay, I see how it is now". Maybe if she hadn't seen those cues in his expression in earlier non-life-threatening situations, she might have simply taken his behavior as a concerned boss/friend?

I do completely agree that there is a general tendency to rush to judgment when it comes to evaluating male/female platonic friendships. I've had similar things happen to me. Frankly, I tend to get along better with the guys, simply because of shared interests (plus every time I take one of those pop-psych "do you think like a man or a woman", I get 'man'. Every.single.time). I love sports and technical things and... most women in my social circles tend to talk about cooking and raising children and the latest chick flick or literary romance book they just read. *pinches bridge of nose* I mention loving comic books and Lord of the Rings and spy novels and male-centric plots and they just look at me as if I'd suddenly grown three extra arms (or worse, betrayed the whole 'cult of sisterhood' thing). *sigh* So I can definitely see where 'oh, it's a man treating a woman as a friend, therefore it must be romance, therefore I must turn into Jealous GF/Fiancee and burn his world down' might be the way they played it.
The Muppet Show ran five minutes late, so they started AC late, and our DVR didn't catch it either! We did get the end at; maybe you can get it there.

The impalement really bothered me too. "didn't hit anything vital"—is she full of air? Foam? There are intestines in there, and that opens up a world of infection! I'm glad someone was as upset as I was by that! Then the nurse pours some disinfectant on it and binds it up with old bedsheets, and Peggy's good to go, at least to the car? Nooooo!

I loved Rose, and I really identify with Daniel trying to manage—just like you do.

Jarvis missed all the danger with Peggy. He wanted more!
"didn't hit anything vital"—is she full of air? Foam?

Flamingo feathers. She's filled with flamingo feathers. That's the only possible explanation.

There are intestines in there, and that opens up a world of infection! I'm glad someone was as upset as I was by that!

I'm here for you. Definitely.

I even had a fleeting thought of, "Oh, I didn't realize she was super-serumed like Steve; you go, girl!"

I'm usually pretty good at suspending my disbelief but that one was just... no. I still want to rant on everything, but I wouldn't be able to stop until I'd basically drafted an entire book, Rebar Impalement Rescue: From First Responder to Partial Recovery A Year Later, A Case Study On How You Don't Just Yank A Person Off the Rebar Impaling Her Descending Colon and Take Her To A Friend's House For A Band-aid and A Dose Of Immodium, so I'll stop with saying that it was a disappointing case of lazy research on the parts of the writers.
I loved, loved, loved Rose. "She has the same training I do." They've been wasting her talents for years! Put that woman in the field!

I hadn't thought about Daniel not being a good manager until you mentioned it, but that's absolutely right. What was it Peggy said about hearing Daniel's voice but Jack Thompson's words? Ouch! Yes, he meant well (better than Thompson often does), but meaning well isn't good enough. I felt bad for the scientist, who had a right to be a little aggrieved. (Unlike Rose, however, he is not suited very well for the field.)

I love Jarvis in every episode.

I adored Peggy undercover. I really disliked the repeated shockings of the bad guy; brain damage is never a joke to me (you may recall that I had a concussion and get on my soapbox about concussions sometimes). But Peggy facing him down, looking very different and doing a different accent and even a different voice—Hayley Atwell WINS EVERYTHING.

Daughter has totally fallen in love with the show. She did her homework very efficiently yesterday and did the dishes on time to make sure we could watch last night. We must be doing one thing right, at least.
ROSE! I had a small spoiler from an interview that she was going to get to do some action stuff this season. That was fantastic! Hoping for more. :D

I agree with you about shocking the bad guy -- once, okay, it was necessary, but the repeated shockings were uncomfortable rather than funny, given the side effects.

But yeah, it's always fun when Peggy goes undercover, and I love the return of the 1940s spy gadgets, which I had been missing earlier in the season!