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Apple Support for the win! I originally bought the SD season pass for Agent Carter, thinking it would be good enough. No, it is not good enough. I want to see their little faces in glorious HD! Besides, it's terrible for vidding.

.... So I bought the HD season pass too. There is no way to upgrade from SD to HD (much googling convinced me of this) but some people said they'd emailed Apple and gotten the SD refunded if they bought the HD. And it worked! I was thinking at most, I'd only get half of it back, since we're already 4 episodes into the season, but they said they'd refund the whole thing, so YAY. \o/

On the ever-popular Agent Carter topic, I was rewatching all of the scenes from seasons one and two of characters asking each other out for drinks (and getting turned down) and thinking: okay, it is possible there's no pattern to it, because there are only so many ways to politely refuse someone. But it's still so similar, the recurring repetition of "some other time/next time/another time" ...

BASICALLY what I'm saying is that I really, really want the last scene of this season to be everyone ACTUALLY managing to go out for drinks. Please?

Oh, and also also! THIS POST. (Contains spoiler pics and speculation from a future episode.) Can haz?? I've seen that second set of pictures before, come to think of it -- I think they came from CMM's twitter while they were filming the season. And it could totally be backstage messing around ... OR NOT. I guess what I'm saying is, I am really, really looking forward to whatever episode that is.

ETA: Also, via Tumblr ... donut shaped planet! (Not a real planet, I hasten to add. A theoretical planet. But still cool.)

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Yes ... to both, they do have DRM but there are ways to use them anyway. I'll send you a PM!
The math and physics of that article were beyond me, but what a fascinating idea, a toroid planet. (Also, I have learned a new word. Toroid. If I ever open a donut shop, I'm naming it Toroid's.)

I'm so with you in hoping that Thompson doesn't get pulled unequivocally to the dark side. Every show benefits from a murky character who ultimately gets a redemption arc and I nominate him for that, and it would be marvelous if Peggy were the first to trust him, going on those wonderful gut instincts she possesses.
Yeah, I'm loving his arc because I really enjoy shades-of-gray characters whose loyalties are unpredictable. I think it adds a lot to a show (book, movie, whatever) when the characters aren't all pulling in the same direction, but are working from their own separate agendas instead.

If I ever open a donut shop, I'm naming it Toroid's.

hahaha! YES DO. :D
So if we decide to assume it just is there, perhaps due to an advanced civilization with more aesthetics than sanity...

LOL!!! That sounds to me like the sort of crazy thing the Ancients might do, just because they could!! I wonder what Rodney would make of it... "They made what?!" :D :D :D

Also, good news about Apple refunding you, that's great service!

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Ohhhhh man, I bet there is a planet like that somewhere in the Stargate universe. Like you said ... just because they could. :D