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Sunday morning random

After figuring out some Final Cut issues, I'm remastering my "Another Tonight" Agent Carter vid from scratch, with MUCH nicer footage and audio. It's taking forever, in part because I've never done a clip-by-clip vid remaster before, but also because the HD footage takes SO. MUCH. LONGER. to render. OMG. It's about a minute per second of video. And if you've ever used Final Cut, then you know that you have to render clips in order to accurately cut and time them. So basically I have to render a longer version first, then trim it, then sometimes render it again if I drag another clip into its space or do any edits to it. But I'm persisting because it's soooo pretty. After this one I'd like to remaster the "One More Night" one from last year, if I'm not completely sick of vidding by then ...

Other Peggy Carter stuff -- It turns out there's a full version of the Peggy interview that appeared in fragments in Winter Soldier; it's from the MCU boxed set extras. Lots of extra Peggy-ish goodness! The extended scene also includes a longer version of the part in which she talks about the rescue of her husband. According to this faux interview it was in Russia in 1945, which would eliminate any male character who's been introduced on the show so far (not that the show's writers are necessarily using extended sources as canon, or for that matter that who Peggy marries is really that important at the present time; I know the show's TPTB have been somewhat disgruntled/nonplused that the fandom latched onto "who does Peggy marry" as the main thing they want to know about). Anyway, I enjoyed watching it and I thought Atwell did a really nice job with the older version of the character.

And now I should turn off the Internet for awhile and go write my book like a grownup.

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Looking forward to the remasted vid - or vids, if you don't get fed up of the very sloooooow process (you have more patience than me)!

The longer interview is interesting. She did a great job with it!

...and go write my book like a grownup.

Hmm, how do you do that? I mean, do something like a grownup? I'm not sure I've mastered that mysterious skill yet! :p :D

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