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Meanwhile in Carterlandia

A passing comment on the promo stills for Agent Carter 2x06 (that's the episode for week after next).

I should note that I haven't actually read the text at the link because I'm still making a feeble attempt to avoid spoilers (GO SELF) so ... yeah, still trying not to be spoiled for that part.


I love how Jack's entire face and body language here is pretty much, "SHIT, I THINK I PICKED THE WRONG SIDE."

Yes, Jack. Yes you did. Now fix it.

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I'm keeping my eyes closed because my dog's recent surgery means I'm staying at my house at the moment, which means I can't watch Agent Carter until I go to the BF's again (I don't have TV at the house) so I'm trying to protect myself from too many spoilers! On the other hand, I've proposed a date night this weekend, just so I can catch up! :D
Glad you're getting caught up; I hope you enjoy it! :) I'm going and spoiling myself for future episodes despite my claims of spoilerphobia. I'm terrible.
One hopes he realises and gets himself on the right side!! His body language does suggest that might happen!