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For the first time ever, I didn't sign up for an h/c bingo card last year (too much to doooo!) so I decided to do the February mini-challenge, where they give you a square of 4 prompts (one is a wildcard) and you have to do a fic that incorporates ALL of them.


WILD CARD orphans
panic attacks confession in desperate situation

It's the "orphans" part that really throws a monkey wrench into things, because the last two go together really well, and I can of course insert anything I want into the wildcard slot. But. Orphans.

(Though, come to think of it, I can think of a possible way around that one ...)

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Looking forward to see what you do with this! I think the last time you did one of these you ended up with !Wolf Peter. :D
heh, yep, that's where Werewolf Peter came from. :D (I think the entire prompt was werewolves, desperate confessions, and something else ...)
Mozzie is an orphan, and Neal kind of, growing up believing his father was dead.
There's a way to incorporate in whatever desperate situation, some old orphan fear, or something.

(That is, if you'd choose White Collar)
I think the problem for me right now is that the set of characters who are orphans, and the set of characters I want to write h/c about, don't really overlap. Although, I hadn't really thought about being able to make Neal fit the "orphan" category.

(Also, I just remember Star Wars, which is FULL of orphans. That one has promise.)
ahah true about SW! You shouldn't have too much troubles finding characters that would fit all of this. :)

(There are actually a couple of canonical orphans, Dottie for example, but again, they aren't really high on the list of characters I want fic about. Although dammit, now I've realized there are several other characters whose parents we don't know anything about ...)
DON'T tempt you? Ahahahaha!

But yeah, I think we heard something about Carter's mom and Jack's dad but otherwise it wouldn't be that difficult would it?
Sousa's dad was also mentioned. Those are the only ones we know anything about, though!
Hmmm.. my first thought is that you could metaphor orphan into something h/c-ey and have that popping up all through the story. Alternately, I'd write something set to Orphans, Kingdoms by Brooke Fraser, because if you look for the meaning of that song, you'll probably be hand-delivered a usable metaphor.

So basically, work hard or borrow and give credit XD This is my way around troublesome prompts.

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Yeah, I can think of a few workarounds, including having the characters protecting a group of endangered orphans, heh. :D
I hope you'll find a way to write this! I think the idea you mention above about SW is a good place to start! :)

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But isn't Neal an orphan? (I can't remember what happened to his mom...) So, like, there you go!
He was raised by his mom, though, and his dad is definitely still alive! A few people in comments elsewhere have suggested characters whose parents died when they were adults, but idk, that doesn't really seem like "orphan" to me ... (Although Neal probably qualifies more closely than most characters, since he severed ties with his family so completely; he's probably closer to being an orphan emotionally than most of the other adult characters I can think of, including a few who actually WERE orphans.)
Right, he just comes across like such an orphaned kid even if he's technically not. No reason for it to be a real orphan rather than emotional though ;-)
Is this for a certain fandom or any fandom? If it's for any fandom, may I point out that comic book Bucky Barnes was an orphan, as was Steve Rogers (his mother died when he was a teen in the 1940s iteration of Steve Rogers, and the MCU... hasn't made it clear how old Steve was?).

Not that I'm jonesing for a panicked!Bucky fic. *cough* Yeah, totally not doing that...

*scurries away*

Steve and Bucky were literally the first thing I thought of, but I noped out of MCU fandom hard last year and don't really have any desire to write in it currently. (Mainstream MCU/Avengers fandom, I mean; I'm still skirting around the TV edges of it, obviously.) Otherwise the prompt really couldn't be better suited to Bucky, though. Or Natasha for that matter.
but I noped out of MCU fandom hard last year and don't really have any desire to write in it currently.

Oops, sorry! I hope I didn't stir up bad memories. :(
Oh no, I'm sorry if I sounded a little abrupt. There is still a bit of negative feeling over it, but it's not anyone's fault at all, just me not seeing eye to eye with the fandom on some things. I never "officially" flounced because I didn't want to make a big deal out of it. You couldn't have known. :)

You could go the AU route for White Collar Peter, Neal and Mozzie are orphans who were grew up in the same orphanage. After leaving they drift apart and choose different paths Peter a cop and Neal and Mozzie cons . Their world collide again.
Like Agent Carter and Dottie idea as well

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