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Agent Carter 2x04




I started grinning when the episode opened on that dragonslaying little girl who is OBVIOUSLY Peggy, and didn't stop until the end.


I love the mirroring of Peggy and Whitney's storylines, and the way they were bounded and pushed by the pressures of being female in the world they each grew up in. Whitney (in a tangled snarl of her actual choices, and the ways she's been poisoned by how she grew up) chooses to play the game by everyone else's rules in order to win. ("I bet you're real pretty when you smile.") Peggy narrowly escapes a marriage that might or might not have been happy, but would've meant hiding her light under a bushel and never being everything we know she could be, and strikes out on her own to write her own rulebook. The bit of mirroring that I loved especially is how both Peggy and Whitney's mothers told them what kind of woman to be, and they each took it and did their own thing with it -- Whitney decided to be her mother's kind of woman and win; Peggy decided not to do it at all.

(Furthermore, on an analytical level ... with daddy issues usually being such a thing in media, I really liked that this show made the I-assume-deliberate choice to focus on each young woman's relationship with her mother. We don't even know about Whitney's father, and Peggy's is only seen briefly in the background of one scene.)

I also really loved the glimpses of coming McCarthyism in this episode, and Peggy and Daniel's willingness to risk everything to do what's right, contrasted with Jack taking the Council's side in the previous episode. AUGH. SO MANY FEELS.

Also, how cute was Daniel in this episode? SO CUTE! All of his many, many faces at Peggy -- the entire body-in-the-trunk scene, and the bit where he makes off with evidence. DANIEL!

(I currently have about 80% of a fic that deals partly with Daniel's experiences in the war, and am delighted that it is not at all jossed by knowing he was in the Battle of Bostogne. It works perfectly, in fact! yay!)

And Jaaaaarvis. "Are you all right?" "Jarvelous!" HELP.

I am really meh on the love triangle (... quadrangle, whatever), but at least there's not TOO much of it in any given episode, and Peggy is mostly being crimefighting buddies with Daniel right now, which is much better than pining.

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Such.terrific.stuff in this entire episode.

Usually I roll my eyes hard enough to severe the optic nerves at love triangles, but for whatever reason, I'm enjoying this one. Peggy's so smitten with Wilkes, and Daniel is obviously still smitten by Peggy... it's going to be interesting seeing how any of it plays out. And yay you for a Daniel backstory fic! I still can't decide if he was in the group Cap saved that included her husband but it's fun to think about all the possibilities.

Jarvis... oh, you wonderful fellow. I can't decide which amused me more, him unconscious and drooling in the car or his little lament about the terrible disposition of koala bears. At the rate we're seeing and hearing all the little snippets about his adventures dealing with Howard's menagerie, I'm going to need a full-on 30-minute sitcoms centered on Jarvis doing his duties for Mr. Stark!
I really like that ALL the possibilities in the love triangle/quadrangle would work out happily. Wilkes is great and appreciates Peggy for who she is (as opposed to her fiance in the flashbacks), and Violet is also really sweet, and so whatever way it goes, they'll be happy. ... Though, as far as the actual likelihood of anything other than a Peggy/Daniel endgame at this point, they really couldn't be signposting it any more blatantly. (Maybe even too blatantly; it could go a different way yet ...)

JARVIS'S LIFE. I love that, in spite of his constant complaints about all the annoying/dangerous/etc things Howard makes him do, he is ALSO cheerfully supplying Peggy with tranquilizer darts and rushing off to help her kidnap a guy. Oh Jarvis.

ahhhhh they're all such a bunch of cuties. :D


I really liked that Jack wasn't there. Such a relief. I could happily enjoy the glorious evilness of Whitney Frost.

I didn't even notice Peggy's dad lol.

I missed Jack this week, I cannot lie, but we all know I have a huge soft spot for the jerk. XD But not every character can be in every episode, especially when they're on opposite sides of the country...

And I'm really enjoying Whitney too! She's so awful and so great. I liked getting a closer look at her childhood and the mirroring between her and Peggy. I think they were doing that a little bit with Peggy and Dottie last season, but not quite in this way. And I think it's fascinating that Team Good Guy heard what Whitney did, but weren't able to see it. So they know something is up, but not what, exactly.

I just have such mixed feelings about him that my life is generally better when he's off screen. He's just that character that pushes all sorts of buttons for me, both right and wrong. I can love good characters, I can love evil characters, but I don't quite know what to do with characters who are straddling the line like Jack is. (I know Neal is mired in grey areas too, but he's such a sweetheart that it kinda doesn't matter XD)

OMG YES WHITNEY = AWESOME. And yes, that was an excellent touch!
Whitney was just perfect! You can actually sympathize with her because you have to wonder if in her position you would do any better...(of course, with Peggy serving as a counter example of someone who is far more courageous.) Agh, I loved that bit when she was threatened with deportation and said "I'll manage". It's only when her friends were threatened that she blinked a little... Loved to see her watching Sousa through the window, clearly all aflutter about protecting him when she hadn't been scared for herself. That's so Peggy and so perfect!

Oh Peg <3 She's so selfless, it kills me.

The one thing I can't get over is how close we got to Peggy never even existing. I mean, if she'd just gone along with the marriage anyway, then what? It's scary.
Right! This is exactly what I was thinking before bed last night. One of the things I most appreciate about this episode is seeing that Peggy didn't just pop into being fully formed. She did have her doubts, she had the desire for things to be "normal" too. She had personal growth from when she was very young to become the amazing woman she is today. That just makes me love her more because it makes me able to identify with her more. She didn't always make the right choices -- eg. she kept going ahead with the marriage we know wouldn't have made her happy, and certainly one that didn't fulfill her "one true destiny" to paraphrase Star Trek. She had so much more to offer the world and yet she kept it all bottled up. (Similarly it's interesting how young Whitney was so close to the path of "good" before she went completely off of it).
That is so true. But it's also scary. If she hadn't made that one decision, her life would have been entirely different.
I had a private inner squee at the Bletchley Park bit, because the hairstyles were precisely the same as the one my gran wore when she was a young woman working at Bletchley during the war*, and my headcanon is that she was friends with Peggy. And then I get confirmation that Peggy worked there too!

*Thanks to the Official Secrets Act, we didn't know this until some time after she died; we'd known she was in the military, but not what she was doing.
Oh, that is so incredibly cool about your gran! Yes, I think her being friends with Peggy is an EXCELLENT headcanon.

I was just talking in the comments on the DW side about Peggy working there, and the likelihood that even her parents and fiance didn't actually know she was doing anything to help the war effort, but probably just thought she was a secretary or something.
Here's a picture of her that always makes me wonder what she's smiling at. She wasn't a codebreaker -- she was a courier who carried classified stuff around on a bicycle, being inconspicuous.

One day I'll write the fic in which she and Peggy have an adventure.

EDIT: I would be willing to bet her fiancé and brother didn't know a thing about where she worked. Gran was sworn not to tell us under risk of severe penalty until the early 2000s, I can't imagine it would have been less classified during the actual war.

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Oh wow, I see what you mean about the hairstyle! And good for her. :D

Yeah, my understanding is that very few of the Bletchley Park staff's families knew anything about what they were doing, right up 'til close to the modern day. .... And now I want to write young Peggy at Bletchley Park fic.
Good points!

I've seen a few people on Tumblr getting twisted out of shape that Peggy "only" got involved with the spy business because a man got her the job, and wtf, that is so far from what's happening here! I don't think it matters at all, except that Michael (as a guy) was placed to give her an "in" -- the important thing is that she had someone to believe in her, and give her a push, which is what Whitney didn't have (except for a push in the wrong direction).
Blech, since when is it a crime for a guy to be a good guy? I agree with you complete, it's irrelevant that he was a man, because men make up 50% of the population and Peggy couldn't be influenced solely by female figures in her life! I actually really loved the way it played out. He gave her a push but she did not listen. It was only after she saw that men like him die in a war that she decided to do her part to fight. That's how I read it, and I really like it.
This! I loved that Peggy had people in her life who recognized her awesomeness.
Am I the only one who thinks ex-fiance Fred is going to turn up sometime?

Oh wow, I hadn't even thought of that! Though ... I may already be plotting a fic about Fred showing up at the SSR for some job-related reason (he probably still works for the government in England; it makes sense that he would) and getting an eyeful of modern-day Peggy. :D Still, getting it in canon would be nifty.

I don't know if it's definitive proof, but I definitely think it's a big check mark in the "canonically plausible" column for Daniel as Peggy's future husband. :D I really don't think the show could be signposting the Peggy/Daniel any harder right now.
I finally had time to watch it tonight. It was soooo awesome! Peggy's brother! It was so sad that he died, but he believed in her and recommended her to the spy agency! (It was interesting to see the way her mother only scolded her for the game Michael and she were playing as kids). I too loved the mirroring with Whitney.

And all the scenes between Daniel and Peggy!

Sousa: "You gave him a cold?"
Carter: "An intense cold. Cuppa tea?"
Sousa: ".......This is crazy."


Carter: "Well it's the least you could contribute. He's already throttled me twice."


I loved that Daniel said "I'm with you till the end". It kind of echoes the whole thing Steve used to say "with you till the end of the line" which to me just signifies the kind of bond that he had with people he fought together with, and the kind of bond that hopefully Daniel and Peggy develop. Because I don't want him to be her second choice since she can't have Steve. And I think we're seeing how she's slowly falling in love with him...even if I'm wrong and they just end up great friends, I'll be happy. But I just loooove the foundation on which their relationship is being built! <3
I absolutely adored seeing Peggy's backstory! And, oh, Michael. :( I saw that coming (since she doesn't seem to have a brother at the present time) but it was terribly sad anyway. I loved that he believed in her and encouraged her.

And yeah, Peggy and Daniel were adorable this week! I especially loved the "body hidden in the trunk" scene and his sneaky face when he was showing her the evidence he stole. :D

I loved that Daniel said "I'm with you till the end". It kind of echoes the whole thing Steve used to say "with you till the end of the line" which to me just signifies the kind of bond that he had with people he fought together with, and the kind of bond that hopefully Daniel and Peggy develop.

I think so too! And yeah, I love the slow build with them, and the way that it's a friendship first and foremost.
This episode was full of win, again! I think this season might even be better than the first, which is very impressive!! So much to love! :D

Even Bernard got a mention, lol! :D
Yes, I know who your favorite character is this season. ;)

And yeah, this has been a very strong season! Definitely looking forward to more. :D
Should I admit that I even considered starting a LJ comm for Bernard?! I can't believe I'm so besotted with a flamingo!

(Don't worry, I saw sense and decided against it.)



I've been loving every moment of it. I can't comment because you keep saying it all!