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Agent Carter 2x03


Seriously, I do have an OT3 for this show, and I had NO IDEA Jack was going to even be in this episode at all, and I got so many scenes with my OT3 and various subsets of them (.... frequently being awful to each other, but what else is new). AAAAAA FEEEEEEELINGS, SO MANY FEELINGS. ... also, my longtime headcanon that Jack really likes Sousa and wants to be friends with him? SUCH CANON OMG. And he can't quite figure out why Sousa won't reciprocate. It's because you're essentially a dick and are constantly being a jerk to someone Sousa really likes, Jack, CATCH A CLUE. (There was something so terribly final about their goodbye, though. Please do the right thing, Jack! You're SO CLOSE! also try not to die, plz)

(What is it with this show and characters turning down drink invitations? Can the last scene of this season just be EVERYONE -- Jason and Rose included, and the Jarvises too -- going out for drinks? *headcanons happily*)

Okay, confession time: I actually spoiled myself for what was going on with Jason by (very unwisely) reading the Marvel wiki's entry on the comics version of Jason Wilkes. In the comics, he's a minor character who accidentally makes himself invisible/intangible because SCIENCE!, so having read that this weekend -- and then thoroughly kicked myself for it -- I was very glad that they didn't drag it out more than another episode. No idea where this is actually going right now! Though I love Jason attempting to SCIENCE! his way out of the situation he's in while unable to touch anything. I have a feeling Jarvis's life is going to be something of a trial for the next few days. More of a trial than usual, I mean ...

AND, HOWARD! You utterly ridiculous darling, you. Howard and Peggy, Howard and Jarvis ... awwww, he's afraid Peggy will awesome his butler right out from under him. (Also, Jarvis lampshading his own fate in the scene with the security system -- AAAUGH.)

I liked seeing Peggy with the punching bag. One of my small points of nonsuspension of disbelief in this show is that we see Peggy doing all this athletic stuff but never actually working out or practicing. I'd like to think that she practices a lot. At least we've seen her doing it once now!

Also Whitney Frost is so terrible and excellent! A+ villain, here's hoping she survives the season so she can come back to wreak more havoc. Her power is amazing and awful, and I love that she's actually the genius behind Isodyne, but people underestimate her because all they see is the starlet. Okay, granted, she's also an awful person, but she's slowly turning out to be quite the Magnificent Bastard, between her casual manipulation of Chadwick and her science!brains and being the real mastermind in the relationship.


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My absolute faves:

"Come on! Who's a good boy? Howard's a good boy!"

"Have you gotten one iota of information out of her yet? Or is she still rearranging the office furniture atop your sternum?"

PEGGYYYYYYYY YOU'RE KILLING ME. (i still want more Dottie though)

I can't ship those three when Thompson is running around being a jerk and making me want to hurl. I mean, if Thompson ever has a heel-face turn, then maybe, but right now, no chance. HE HANDED OVER THE ISODYNE TAPE, FFS. (though I did think that he and Sousa almost hugged during that goodbye scene).

WHITNEY FROST IS BOTH SCARY AND BADASS I LOVE IT. Her crocodile tears was really smooth.
I kind of thought Sousa was looking at him and thinking: "my god you jerk, don't you understand I don't want to have lunch with you after what you did?" and Jack awkwardly tried to make Sousa's refusal into some kind of a temporary thing because he can't seem to admit to himself that it's not other people's fault, it's HIS choices and his actions that make good people not want to be around him. And I liked his face at the end when he's standing with people who he KNOWS are up to no good, and he has to pretend to like it. He totally deserves the "oh crap" feeling following seeing that newspaper.



Peggy thinks this approximately once per day, if not more
"Howard's a good boy" ... that was SO GREAT. This episode was such a wonderful roller coaster ride of funny/angsty/suspenseful!

I admit to having a soft spot a mile wide for Thompson. Still, I can totally understand why people wouldn't like him.

Also, now we know why they styled Frost after Hedy Lamarr. I'd wondered about the similarities, particularly after the "nobody knows the dark matter better than me" line, but this was just confirmation. Evil confirmation, but still. I appreciate how this season while there are male drivers of the plot, the primary ones are female. Frost is the real villain who is using the Arena club to further her aims.

And she is a BADASS. Smart as hell, talented, and brilliantly manipulative of her moron husband. Given all the Omg Russians/Communism bad we're seeing I wonder if they'll go full Manchurian Candidate about it.

I also really appreciated the Thompson story line. It's hard to make a character be true to his asshole self while not making him a villain and the show does a good job of it. Thompson's dickishness is, to me, partly a symptom of his confusion as to what he wants out of life: to give to what makes him happy, being a soldier and a cog in the wheel, or to fulfill the ambition and drive he clearly has. That he's not exactly an outside the box thinker doesn't help matters. The way they have him sooooorta go along with Red [can't remember his name in the show, he's always Red to me], but soooorta remember that Peggy is usually right about these things and that there is a greater good to serve beyond his ambition is really lovely to see. CMM does a very good job with a very complex character.
I like what you said about Thompson. I really think he meant it when he said that all he ever wanted was to be a hero.He's just really not one, and he knows it inside. He keeps making terrible choices under pressure and although he gets the accolades of heroism, inside he must know he doesn't deserve any of them. His self-esteem must be nonexistent, which probably only exacerbates his desire to grab at power and appearance of respectability. I hope his character crisis follows in some way him losing respect of everyone he knows...sort of like when they had led Peggy away in handcuffs in the previous season, with all the girls from her place of residence watching her leave, I'd love something like that to happen to Jack to make him realize how fickle his position is. And hopefully he could grow from that low place. And realize what true friendship is. IDK if anything like that will happen with him, but it would please me greatly!

I really love that Peggy went there with him, specifically bringing up the worst thing he's ever done to sort of show him a mirror to see himself in.
THIS SHOW IS SO GREAT. :D Also yes on the Frost = Lamarr thing! Very cool.

I appreciate how this season while there are male drivers of the plot, the primary ones are female.

Yes! I think this was also reflect to a degree last season, mainly in the character relationships; while there were more male than female characters, Peggy's primary relationships (best friend and main antagonist, respectively) were female. Still, this season has upped the ante on that, while not neglecting the male characters either ... hard to do, but they're doing it very skillfully.

... and yes, I agree with what you said about Thompson here. I know a lot of people just don't like him, full stop, and that's totally legit, but I'm fascinated with the layers ... like, you can see how he got from the all-American kid who just wanted to do the right thing, to the socially climbing mess he is now. And you can also see how he can get back, except he refuses to make those choices. Augh. But I don't feel like the show is woobifying him or explaining away his flaws. It's really well done and I think CMM does a great job of making you want to punch him and yet occasionally want to give him a hug as well.
Yes, yes and yes!! So much fun!! :D

Howard walking through Jason made me laugh (poor Jason, but that's so Howard)!

I also love how Peggy uses Howard's 'Howardness' to get her into the club!! ("Code Pink", ROTFL!!) I don't think that club will be courting Howard again! :D

Soooo hoping that Thompson does the right thing *fingers crossed*

Great episode!! :D

But, no Bernard the flamingo :( Ah well, maybe next week, lol! :D
HOWARD. I think the thing I love most about him is the way he just doesn't care if he looks ridiculous. He doesn't care if you don't make fondue out of Velveeta, or if inviting a bunch of girls to a genteel men-only club will make him a social pariah. He does his own thing, and usually for the right reasons (or what he sees as the right reasons, anyway). I think I'm appreciating him a lot more this season than last season -- we saw his flaws more in the previous season, whereas this time around, it's more "slightly crazed ally".

Maybe Bernard bit the escaping hitman. In fact, I think "attack flamingo" is a perfectly legitimate thing to add to the Stark defenses. :D
Maybe Bernard bit the escaping hitman. In fact, I think "attack flamingo" is a perfectly legitimate thing to add to the Stark defenses. :D

ROTFL!!!! :D :D :D Might actually be scarier than a recorded voice of Jarvis, lol! :D
I nearly busted a gut when Peggy took Howard's drink and enticed him away, saying "Who's a good boy?" because every dog lover on the planet knows that tone of voice.

And WILKES! I still think his future is not looking so hot, but I am pleased to see his return.

And OMG, let's not piss Whitney off, shall we?

Ditto your comments on Peggy working out (and I think I might need a punching bag at home for the frustrations of the day),

I was surprised Peggy tackled Thompson directly, using her past knowledge of him so openly like that, but it sort of validated my pet theory about Jack's animosity toward Peggy while showing she is less inclined to take shit this year.

Speaking as someone who had another professional come behind me and change my written reports, I can tell you up front how infuriating that is. I'm not a confrontational person, so I rarely stand up for myself like that, but I let that person have it in no uncertain terms. Told her flat out she was entitled to her opinion but she was not allowed to alter my written statement. Sheesh!
Oh yes, that's an absolutely terrible thing to do to someone, and he deserved every bit of the ass-kicking he got in this episode. What's interesting to me about Thompson (and the way CMM plays him) is that he's a terrible person in a lot of ways, and yet, he's not randomly terrible -- there's an underlying logic to his actions that makes him, to me anyway, sympathetic in a YOU KNOW YOU COULD BE BETTER THAN THIS, AARGH kind of way.

Howard is such a scene stealer. I can see why he's only in a couple of episodes per season, because he's a little overwhelming in large doses. I also love how he really gives no fucks at all. He's so easygoing about anything involving his pride, but comes out swinging when "his" people are threatened.
Howard is such a scene stealer. I can see why he's only in a couple of episodes per season, because he's a little overwhelming in large doses. I also love how he really gives no fucks at all. He's so easygoing about anything involving his pride, but comes out swinging when "his" people are threatened.

THIS. He's the guest you want at your party because it means it's a success and you know everyone will have fun but you are utterly relieved when he finally goes home. :-)
God I love this show.
OMG This episode was fantastic! I loved everything. I loved Jack's douchebaggery even as he's clearly conflicted and hiding things from everyone. (It gives me hope for character development later) I don't ship the OT3, but I really really love the three of them on screen together. When all three of them are in the room, sparks practically fly! I really hope they continue to be in the same episodes together.

Whitney Frost was great!

I also loved everything Howard in this. Haha, I cannot stop thinking "this is Tony Stark's dad" whenever I see him. Did you catch the thing with Jarvis not wanting to be a disembodied voice for the rest of his existence? Ahaha!

I loved every bit of Peggy of course. She's just perfection as far as I"m concerned. Particularly I liked her boxing towards the end, because of course she does! How else does she stay so fit except if she practices constantly!

Re: God I love this show.
I love this show! SQUEEEE. :D I'm really crossing my fingers Jack doesn't either go full darkside or die (those are my two worst-case outcomes for the season, I think ... well, that or Daniel dying; I'm pretty sure there's nothing else terrible and yet plausible enough to dread). It was such a treat to have them all in the same episode!

And yes ... HOWARD. He's so amazingly Tony-like, and yet his own character as well. Heh, my slightly embarrassing story regarding the first Captain America movie is that, the first time I watched it, I really wasn't paying attention; I only started tuning in somewhere in the middle, and could tell INSTANTLY that Howard was Tony's dad, even without having heard his name. He's so wonderfully cast, all the more so because his natural accent isn't American, but he sounds perfect!

And yes, the Jarvis thing! This episode was full of fun little hat tips like that. Broxton, Oklahoma (which was in the files Daniel was looking up) is a big deal in the Thor comics. And apparently the Western movie Howard was shooting is based on an actual comic that Marvel owns the rights to. ("A movie based on a comic book, who's going to want to see that?" Or whatever the exact quote was. HEE.)

Can't wait for next week!