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I am ONE SLEEP away from new episodes of Agent Carter!

(Well, maybe two sleeps, since iTunes tends to get the files up really late, especially when you're starting a subscription for a new series. BUT.)

Speaking of which, I wrote a fic for [community profile] fan_flashworks's current challenge, "On the Outside":

Outliers (Agent Carter, 3200 words, gen ... ish)
Maybe soulmarks mean whatever you want them to mean.

As noted in the notes, I finally wrote a soulmark AU and it's the world's gennest soulmark AU ... OOPS. But there are still some pairings in it. Kinda. This one is going to be so hard to tag when I finally put it on AO3. I'll repost it properly here when the exclusive period at [community profile] fan_flashworks runs out.

Also, most people have already found these via my fandom stocking post, but the other night I did something I've been meaning to do for a while, and created several files on AO3 for fics bits that are too short or incomplete to post on their own.

Agent Carter scraps - this presently contains, I think, all or at least most of the AC fic bits that have been posted in various places (from Fandom Stocking, [personal profile] such_heights' Kissing Fest last year, and tumblr)

MCU scraps - has this year's Fandom Stocking, the Kissing Fest one, and a bit more.

White Collar scraps - has this year's Fandom Stocking so far, and that's it. I know there's a lot more out there though.

Stargate Atlantis scraps - oh god, this is going to take FOREVER. Has this year's Fandom Stocking so far.


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I've only read the WC bits so far, they are all sooo wonderful ♥ Oh, and the soon-to-be-dead Rodney one, lol :D

And two eps of Agent Carter ♥ That's like double squee, hee :D
Oh, lots of scraps to read!! And lol, yes, the SGA one is going to be abig job! Just how many odds and ends did you write, along with your bigger fics?! :D

And yay, Agent Carter!!! I'll be keeping an eye out for it! :D
Just how many odds and ends did you write, along with your bigger fics?!

uh ... probably a lot, but the problem is FINDING them! They're in so many places.
I am VERY excited about Agent Carter! Just anticipating it is going to help get me through a sucky day at work today. :-)
I've been purchasing AC episodes through Amazon, which also posts episodes either late the same day or (more usually) early the following day. I don't mind waiting one extra day to be able to watch it commercial-free. :)

Which reminds me, I have a bunch of Downton Abbey episodes to start watching, too.
I completely understand why Amazon doesn't want to put up its episodes 'til they've aired everywhere, but I am impatient and don't want to wait! Being able to watch on actual TV is nice though. (We don't have cable, and I've gotten SO used to marathoning things on Netflix, Hulu, etc, that I sometimes forget that watching stuff on TV is actually an option, if you're willing to endure the commercials ..)

Have not seen Downton Abbey yet! I can't really tell if it's my kind of thing or not. I know it is supposed to be good though.
If you liked Upstairs, Downstairs, you'll like Downton Abbey. DA is a touch more more than UD...a touch more dramatic, a touch more humorous. The entire series was written by a single writer, so there's excellent script continuity and clearly defined story arcs. The writer was inspired by his work on Gosford Park.