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Fandom Stocking 2: The Stockening

Well, after getting off to an extremely slow start (I didn't do anything until after the first of the year) I made a big last-minute push to write things for people's stockings and I have now filled eight of them! As usual, there are a bunch I haven't managed to get to ... so if you're someone I have friended and we share at least one fandom, I probably have your stocking open in a tab right now and am staring at it guiltily. It's not you, it's me!

(ETA: I just saw that the mod announced that [community profile] fandom_stocking reveals won't be until Friday evening, so there are a couple of extra days for stocking stuffing!)

I also really need to do my signup for Chocolate Box ([community profile] chocolateboxcomm), because they close tomorrow! It's a relationship-focused fic exchange that only has a 300-word minimum, so it ought to be super easy and they have a ton of different options (both gen and ship) in the tagset.

Other random stuff: I still vastly prefer LJ/DW to Tumblr, but I have really been wanting one particular tumblr feature on LJ lately, namely the "J" key, which skips to the next post. People are typically good about cutting long posts, but especially with blog feeds, there's a lot of scrolling. I've gotten so used to it that I keep hitting "J" and then wondering why nothing seems to be happening. IS MY KEYBOARD BROKEN? No, dumbass, the problem is that you aren't on tumblr.

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I'm in the same boat re: Chocolate Box - oh dear, so many relationships, it's a bit daunting!

And congrats on filling 8 stockings! I only managed three, though since reveals have been pushed back to Friday I hope to manage at least one more.
Oh yeah, I just saw that! I'll add an ETA. This means I might manage to get to yours, which is definitely one of my high-priority ones right now, and now we share a fandom; I just can't come up with any ideas ... :P
♥ ♥ ♥

I know what you mean about the ideas, I'm struggling with that myself in some fandoms. *sighs*
I've managed a few stockings, but not nearly as many as I'd intended. I've left "IOUs" for those I haven't completed yet, though. :-/

I suppose I'm semi-glad(?) that I'm not the only one who's not finished yet. I'm a total newbie to this, so I just hope I'm on the right track with stuff :-P
Good to know about the reveal. I only managed a very very small amount of them myself, basically my friends here who told me they had one
What exactly is the "chocolatebox" thing? I couldn't find the explanation and rules anywhere...
Oh, intersting. Thanks!
Hmmm, can one still join even if I didn't do the nominations thing?
Yep! The nominations are just to get the basic tag set that everyone will be able to select from when they sign up. If the fandoms and characters you want are already in there, it's no problem.
I think most people are understanding and realise that not everyone is able to fill all the stockings of their friends, especially if they have a lot of friends, like you do (I certainly understand that, so don't worry about me if I'm one that you're stressing over).

As for me, well, the non-fandom artwork mania has happened yet again! Though not quite as many fills as in the past, I think *is not really counting, that would be too scary* :D But then, making non-fandom picspams, wallpapers etc is generally relaxing to me, so yeah, I do tend to go a bit overboard!! I have managed to make a few fandom things too, though for some reason they were a bit harder. Maybe because I'm more invested in WC wallpapers etc, than in cat or butterfly ones.

*sends de-stressing vibes* *and milk and cookies* *and Neal and Peter to keep you warm*

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Thank you! :) Yeah, I know people understand, and it's not like I've managed to fill all the stockings I wanted to fill on ANY given year, heh.
I totally did not know about the J thing. Knowing has now made my life easier.
Glad to help! :) I didn't know 'til someone told me awhile back, either. Tumblr likes to hide its useful features well. ;)