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All that end-of-year stuff

As I've done every year for the last decade, my progress on last year's creative goals and new goals for 2016 posts are up over at my realname LJ. (Which I do almost nothing with anymore, other than that.)

I am considering blowing away the Wordpress install on my pro site, doing a fresh install, and redesigning the site from the ground up. I think I've gotten much better at Wordpress in the last few years (I'm really happy with how the Lauren Esker site came out), and that one has just gotten clunkier and clunkier, and more and more ugly, hard to maintain, and cluttered with the detritus of past years' bad decisions. (WHY DID I THINK MULTISITE INSTALL WAS A GOOD IDEA, WHY.) I've been getting errors on the past few upgrades and the latest upgrade refused to install at all. Nuke and start over, y/n? I'd only be losing a couple dozen posts, and would have to redo a few things like my portfolio page from scratch, but the idea of starting over clean and fresh is awfully nice. And maybe I would do more with a fresh, nice, streamlined site than with an old, clunky site that isn't fun to use.

While pondering that idea, I spent this evening working on uploading the Kismet short comics to my Kismet site, since they no longer have a home now that Webcomicsnation is down (probably forever). I'm about half done so far. Am also thinking about posting them to Tumblr. Once they have a home, I want to start working on more of the half-finished ones.

And ... this year in fandom. I no longer do fanfic year-in-review posts since I started posting everything to AO3, where you can find all my fic. This year, fannishly: I fell out of MCU, fell into Agent Carter, stayed in White Collar despite some ups and downs, flirted with some smaller fandoms, and now seem to be going down a Star Wars path. Total fandoms written for this year: 12. (According to AO3's stats feature.) Looking forward to seeing what 2016 will bring.

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A fresh start for the website is probably the best thing. I know that I wish my own website was less clunky, as I'm sure I wouldn't be at least a year, possibly two, behind on updating the artwork sections is it was easier to use. Though that's down to me having to use an old Filezilla program, as that's the only way I know how to make websites! So yes, probably a good idea to redo it and make it easier to use.
Yeah, although I haven't done anything yet, because at least right now I have a website that's usable, if not so great. And once I pull it down, I'll be committed! So, still limping along with the current version for the time being.