Christmas ornament

Yuletide reveals are up!

I didn't participate officially, but I wrote three treats, and here they are.

Imperial Radch

Dark Watch - Something broke in her a thousand years ago, or maybe it broke when she came out of stasis. Maybe it was always broken and she just didn't know. [2270 wds, Seivarden & Mercy of Kalr]

Fragments - It was, Seivarden told herself later, the kind of stupid accident that could have happened to anyone. Not a terminal fuckup. Just wrong-place-at-wrong-time, that was all. The omens had been unlucky that day. She should've been more careful. [1800 wds; Seivarden, Breq, Mercy of Kalr, Medic]

I suppose neither of these are a big surprise given that I'd just read the books and there were quite a few people requesting it for Yuletide. The latter in particular is a very "me" kind of fic -- hurt/comfort floof, basically.


a song for the new world order - Nimona comes home. [1700 wds, gen, post-canon]

This was a last-minute treat for one of the pinch hitters. I was looking through the pinch hitter request letters for something I was even vaguely familiar with, and decided to give this one a try.

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