Star Wars-Han

Songvid: Landsailor (Star Wars original trilogy)

Title: Landsailor
Artist: Vienna Teng with Glen Phillips
Fandom: Star Wars (Original Trilogy)
Summary: Landsailor, sail on time. A pilot needs a ship and a crew, and sometimes the people you meet can change you forever. Han Solo + team.

This contains no clips or spoilers from the new movie; it's all Episode IV-VI only. Please let me know of any technical (downloading, playback, etc) issues you encounter.

Download: MP4 (85 Mb) or DivX (40 Mb)

(Vienna Teng feat. Glen Phillips)

Landsailor, sail on time
Rain or shine, I know you can
Cloudraker, share your finds
All your wonders at my demand

Tamer of night
Blossom of hours unleashed
Make me a lawbender
All equalized
Saved from the chill and heat
Your power flows through me transformed
Here’s where I was born

Deepwinter strawberry
Endless summer, ever spring
A vast preserve
Aisle after aisle in reach
Every commoner made a king

Noble and prized
Feed me beyond my means
Hello worldmaker
Never denied
Build all my wildest dreams
But there’s a storm outside your door
And I’m a child no more

Headless and faceless
Tireless and seamless behind these walls
This is my progress
When you don’t notice my lines at all
I split the world open
Delve ever deeper in my alchemic arts
I crack the ciphers to free up your mind, your life, your heart

Oh landsailor I’m your landsailor
In the bed that we’ve made
May every nail be shown
Great lifebringer
The price that we pay
Time that you made it known
I want to be your bride in full (oh be my bride in full)
Shield my eyes no more (shield your eyes no more)
Oh I am altered now for good (altered now for good)
Shield these eyes no more

Some people on my flist haven't seen the new movie yet, so please avoid spoilers in comments -- thank you!

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Thank you! :D

We rewatched the original trilogy this week and I have SO MANY Han Solo feels right now. SO MANY. Especially for the way he goes from being the "better her than me" guy, the guy who's in it for the reward, to someone who by the end of Empire Strikes Back has risked his life enough times for his friends to inspire the kind of loyalty that has the whole cast running an epic rescue heist to get him back.

Awww, yeah. I rewatched the first one last week, and the character growth was obvious even in just that one. Though I have to admit I'm curious how he decided to come back to help with the run on the Death Star. There's no explanation there, he just shows up.
Yeah, I love the development he gets over the first movie too -- actually, it's in the first movie where there's the most dramatic change, since he starts out Empire Strikes Back already having earned the respect of the Rebellion leaders and risking his life to save Luke's (again). Although it isn't really a complete 100% reversal; I generally get the impression that he'd cultivated his "don't care, don't get involved" persona because of general cynicism and the life he led, but he'd obviously already earned Chewbacca's loyalty and respect even before he meets Luke & co. (saved his life, I think? it's been awhile since I knew all my random Star Wars trivia :D). And he falls very easily into the habit of worrying about and protecting Luke -- as early as when they fall into the garbage compactor, though they don't know each other very well at that point. I mean, yeah, he's certainly no saint, but I think it's a lot easier for him to dismiss the idea of someone in trouble than it is to not help out when they're right in front of him.

Re: Han coming back - yeah, we don't see how that went down. (Missing scene, anyone? :D) But he's obviously feeling guilty in the goodbye scene with Luke, and I assume he just kept feeling guiltier until he couldn't take it anymore.

... considering that Chewie didn't seem happy about his decision to leave either, I can also imagine Chewie in the copilot's seat, giving him disappointed Wookiee stares until he decided to go and do the right thing ...
I enjoyed it on YouTube and am downloading a copy to keep. Thank you!
I loved it. I don't think I've ever heard the song before, but I liked it. If the weather isn't as bad as they're saying, lots of snow, I'll be seeing the new movie.
Thank you so much! ♥ I hope you are able to get out and see the new movie, and that you enjoy it if you do!
Just wanted to let you know I braved the cold snow, ice and sleet to see the movie yesterday and it was well worth it. :)
Thank you! :) I gave myself a bunch of Han feels making this; I'm glad to pass them along!
Yay! This reminds me of all the reasons why I love Han!! And makes me wanna see the new movie Right Now!!

But will have to wait until Thursday *soooo long* *wails*
Thank you so much! :) I hope you enjoy the new movie when you're able to see it!


Like, if I'd been a vidder when I was twelve, THIS IS WHAT I WOULD HAVE MADE. And I mean that as the highest possible compliment - it hits me where my love for Han Solo still lives, it hits me where I feel nothing but wonder and waiting adventure at seeing the Millennium Falcon streak across the stars.

This is SO BEAUTIFUL and I love it SO MUCH.

And you used that deleted (WHYYYYYY) scene!! YES. Good. This is so good - that it's what Han is to everyone, and what they are to him. The chronological progression at the beginning, and then the clips showing where they've all been and where they've ended up... *flaily arms*

Seriously, this is so amazing I want to beam it back in time and show it to myself in 1991 upon which I think I might've promptly passed out from pure joy. ♥♥♥

Like, if I'd been a vidder when I was twelve, THIS IS WHAT I WOULD HAVE MADE. And I mean that as the highest possible compliment - it hits me where my love for Han Solo still lives, it hits me where I feel nothing but wonder and waiting adventure at seeing the Millennium Falcon streak across the stars.

YESSSS, I think that's a wonderful compliment because, yes, that is pretty much what I was aiming for here. This vid is very much a love letter to my 12-year-old self, and all the things that made me love the movies then (and now, in a nostalgia-riffic way -- we rewatched the original trilogy last week and I was a little surprised how much I still do love them, dated as they are in some ways now). I'm so happy YOUR inner 12-year-old agrees! :D

And YES, why did they cut that scene??? I will always wish we had gotten it in the actual movie. It would only have added a couple minutes, Lucas, what's wrong with you. >_> We could easily have lost that many minutes of Ewoks if time was really a problem!

But yes, that's what they are to him, and what he is to them, and it was so much fun to wallow around in these characters again in the making of this vid. I'm so happy you liked it!
Aww:) I was never really a fan of Star Wars, but this made me want to rewatch the original trilogy.
Thank you! :) It wasn't one of the things I ever thought of myself being hugely into, but my current resurgence of Star Wars feelings is reminding me just how into it I actually was at one point.