Infinite Squee

... I saw Star Wars

So, that thing I said yesterday about waiting 'til the crowds die down? That lasted maybe 12 hours tops. And I am SO GLAD I saw it unspoiled.


Guys, this was the Star Wars sequel of my heart.

I agree wholeheartedly with xparrot's post and naye's post: I am not entirely sure if I'd say it was a good movie, but I don't fucking care because it was THE MOVIE OF MY 12-YEAR-OLD HEART and it was OTT and ridiculous in all the right ways, and it felt like Star Wars in every way I care about. I am pretty sure the way a lot of people reacted to Jupiter Ascending is the way I have fallen for this movie: like, as a movie, I know it's probably not that great, but THIS is the movie of my teenage id, and Rey is the heroine of my teenage id. This is the movie I've been waiting for for 25 years. I literally teared up at the opening theme music and text scroll.

I am in serious denial on Han's death, though. I'm not seriously holding out for a canonical death fakeout, although if they actually do that I will love this franchise FOREVER, but I am headcanoning fixits in a million different ways, because the idea that the trio broke up in anger/sorrow and went their separate ways and never got a reunion is too terribly sad. That said, if that WAS Han's death scene, for real, he got to go out in a really cool way, and he got to die as Rey's ~Big Tragic Mentor Death~. (Side note: have I mentioned how one of my big narrative kinks is crusty aging mentor + awkwardly distrustful teenage girl protege? BECAUSE IT IS. Think Katniss-Haymitch, for example. I never expected to get it in this movie! I was so delighted! And now the Millennium Falcon is Rey's and IT IS AWESOME.)

I also feel like, in a way, if this was indeed Han's death, he went out in a way that indicates just how much of an impact Luke and Leia had on him -- because he died unarmed, trying to win back Ben/Ren to the light side; the guy who started out the series firmly convinced that he lived for money and didn't care about other people ended up dying because of love, and while I very much don't want him to be dead, I also feel like he lived a good long life before that, and he was loved, and he died loving someone, and that's worth something, don't you think?

And ... I love the new characters too! And THAT was a source of infinitely huge relief for me! Rey is the scrappy post-apocalyptic scavenger of my heart, and Finn is adorable and also a really lovely bad-guy-turns-good story (not that he was ever bad, but you know what I mean), and Poe was the breakout character that I had no idea even existed and then spent the whole movie expecting to die. I don't really OT3 them because so far, they're missing one of the critical ingredients for an OT3 for me: I don't really OT3 characters unless they all love each other and have individual relationships with each other, and Poe and Rey haven't even met yet! (I have been looking at OT3 fanart and finding it pleasing, however. :D)

Basically I have a feeling my Tumblr is going to turn into all Star Wars all the time for awhile, and I want all the old and all the new OT3 on there, which is really a delight for me.

I also love how this movie left us with some pretty major unanswered questions that the Internet is already deep in fanperson discussion over. Such as: is Rey Luke's daughter? (I lean strongly towards "yes", but I think it's interesting it wasn't confirmed in this movie, thus leaving the question open.) And "Is Han really dead?" is apparently a topic of discussion as well. I'm leaning "no" there, but we didn't have a body and Harrison Ford has apparently been confirmed to have some role in the next movie -- which could easily be a ghost or a flashback or who knows, but seriously, if they bring him back, you will be able to hear my shriek from SPACE. Anyway, I don't remember having that feeling after any of the prequel movies: the sense of a whole world of unanswered questions and a desperate desire to see the next movie to know what's going to happen.

This movie was gloriously beautiful, too, in a not-overly-CGI kind of way. Everything from the old battlefield of scrap parts where Rey grew up, to the big final duel in the snowy wilderness, to the chase scenes with the Millennium Falcon, was a visual feast that never made me feel like the movie was trying so hard for spectacle that it lost sight of the underlying layer of story. (PETER JACKSON I'M LOOKING AT YOU.)

And the humor! I laughed a lot, which was another thing that made it feel like original-flavor Star Wars to me. Everyone spending half the time being adorable failboats! I mean, this IS the series that started off by having its heroes fall into a trash compactor. Oh, and "That's not how the Force works!" I LAUGHED SO HARD. eeeeee. So much love. Even the new little robot was wonderful -- more Wall-E than R2, and definitely its own thing. I will take two, please!

Oh, and there wasn't a canon romance in sight (aside from the obvious legacy pairing of Han/Leia, which was of course very welcome) -- it could go any number of ways in the future, with Finn/Rey being the most obvious, but their big reunion scene was a hug when it could easily have been a kiss, and that meant a lot to me.

And finally: this movie feels about as close to a reboot as it can get without literally recasting the characters. And, especially as this is JJ Abrams, i.e. he of the Star Trek reboot, it would have been very easy for them to do a reboot that is demographically just the same as the original. BUT THEY DIDN'T. This is a movie with a girl as Luke, and two nonwhite actors as her Leia and Han, and female pilots and generals and baddies all over the place, and it never feels forced or strained; it just is. As with last summer's Mad Max movie, this felt to me like a Star Wars for the 21st century, when it could very easily have been so much less. And I truly, deeply appreciate that.

So yes, this movie has slain me; I am dead of fandom feels for a fandom that's been with me for thirty years, but I've never actually been that way about before. And now apparently I am.

... btw, I don't mind if you point out things in the comments that were not that great about the movie. I know it has flaws and I don't mind people talking about them. But I'm lost in a whole world of squeeful love for this movie and this franchise right now.

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Your review is my review! This is pretty much exactly how I felt about everything, and I really like what you said about Han's death(?) and life.
So fuuuuun. :D And yeah, I have been thinking WAY too much about Han Solo over the last 24 hours or so.
I love that there's active OT3ing already even though Rey and Poe have yet to meet - I love that there's a fandom at all, I mean, it's Star Wars, of course there is; but the movie deserves it! I'm not sure if I'm going to get into it myself, but it's just so thrilling to have it back and out there and joyful!

--and the lack of CGI was so great, too. BB-8 was real! Spread across 7 models, but real! because they could've made it CGI but actors act better with a physical presence, and it pays off...
Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm pretty sure the use of actual models and constructed sets is one of the things that made it look more like the old movies. They did a good job of making the whole world look dirty and lived-in, which was something the original movies had as well.

And yeah, it's wonderful to see the fandom take off -- wonderful, too, that the big pairings right now seem to be the OT3 and the Finn/Poe relationship. It is really weird to be having fanfic-feelings about this series, because it's been a part of my life for 30 years and I never have before. But I might actually write some tags! :D
To quote killabeez "your review is my review".

(Also, it premiered on my birthday, and I got to see the premiere as a birthday gift from my SO!)

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My poor little fangirl heart is broken about Han! I've been in love with this character since 1977! I knew he shouldn't step out onto that bridge. I knew what was going to happen, and I kept hoping it wouldn't, and it did.

I expect he'll be back as a ghost, which is some small consolation.

I love Rey, and I love Finn, and I really don't have any more to say right now except LOVE.

Oh, and I SO FEEL FOR LEIA. She lost Han, she got him back briefly, they hugged, they said goodbye, and then she felt her son kill him.

But yes, Luke and Leia made a huge difference in Han's life, and I expect in the end Ben will come back from the dark side, but I'm not so interested in him.

I'm completely broken up about Han, too. I think the only thing that's keeping me from being a total mess about it is thinking about how everybody has to die sometime, and at least he didn't die young with his whole life ahead of him; he had a good long life and people to love him. Well, that and the fact that of all the various major character deaths in the series, his is probably the easiest to work around in fanfic. Obi-Wan got beheaded; multiple other characters (Qui-Gon, Anakin, Yoda) died in someone's arms. It's tough to come back from that. Falling off a bridge, though ... even though there is one big hard-to-work-around detail (Leia apparently feeling his death) it's WAY easier to fixit without going total AU.

BUT DAMMIT. They couldn't have given us one scene with the whole OT3 together again?!

And yeah, poor Leia. :( It just gets worse the more you think about it.

But I adore the new characters, and I'm really looking forward to seeing more of them! And getting more Luke. Aging Mark Hamill turned out to be unexpectedly hot.
He didn't die falling off that bridge, though. He died when his son put a lightsaber through him! He was just dying surprisingly slowly considering that he was completely transfixed by a lightsaber. I don't see any way out of this for him, even though I really want to.
Shhhhh, there's always a way out if you try hard enough. XD THERE IS NO BODY AND I'M CLINGING TO THAT.

.... In all seriousness, I really don't believe he's coming back in canon -- although there is still that one teeny part of me that isn't 100% convinced -- but I think it's definitely possible to find ways around it in fanfic if one is so inclined. I'm surprised by the lack of fixits so far. Maybe people are still too traumatized to want to write about it. (I think I'm getting *more* traumatized as time goes by, not less ...)
I know I'M TRAUMATIZED. I grabbed Brilliant Husband last night and said, "What year did the first Star Wars movie come out?" "1977," he said.

"I've been in love with Han Solo since 1977, and now he's dead!" I wailed.

I have a very understanding husband.

Maybe they'll bring him back with some cybernetic organs. Yeah, that's the ticket.
I may already be planning an epic post-movie fixit, though I don't know if I'll ever actually get around to writing it ...
People can survive stab wounds! And Luke survived getting his hand cut off and then falling a long distance. It is totally possible.

However, here's what I think is not survivable: being a wise old mentor.
Does Han now qualify as "wise"? I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, he totally seemed to be positioned as a mentor to Rey.

On the other hand, he said to Leia that they'd both gone back to doing what they were good at, but he wasn't a wholly successful smuggler! He lost Jabba the Hut's cargo and was captured and frozen! When Rey finds him, he's being boarded by two different parties he has managed to honk off—and for one of them, it's Han's third strike!

As a smuggler, Han makes a really good resistance fighter. As a wise old mentor—actually, Han makes a pretty good wise old mentor, as long as you aren't aiming to be a smuggler.

I need a Han icon. I need a Rey icon. I might need a Han and Rey icon.
As a smuggler, Han makes a really good resistance fighter.

Literally laughed out loud at this.

Not gonna lie, one of the reasons why Han's death crushed me (beyond the obvious) is because I would have LOVED the further adventures of Rey and Han Solo, reluctant mentor. My favorite character relationships are often the ones that come out of nowhere and surprise me, and I really didn't see that one coming.
I would have LOVED the further adventures of Rey and Han Solo, reluctant mentor
I was right there with you! I was already envisioning two more movies where they worked together! AAAHHHH! I didn't actually cry until the last scene with Leia, and then I cried for her more than for him.

I didn't know what to expect when going in.  I hoped it would be engaging and it was.  Humor, action and rich visual landscapes.  I was entertained.

Yes! It was very fun, possibly my favorite movie of the ones I've seen this year. :)
We had a huge party and saw it in a group of 30 people. It was so much fun and amazing. It felt like Star Wars!
Thank you for your review. You've basically said all the things I felt, but couldn't articulate. It was such Ana amazing movie! It's not great art, but it is a fun movie that so follows in the footsteps of 4, 5 & 6.
I also teared up when the music started and the crawl began.

I never even considered them retconning Han's death because they showed Leia feel him die. *sob sob* I would love that. It would be like The Walking Dead but a million times better.

And now I'm tearing up reading what you wrote about Han and how he changed. Love that.

We are on the same page re: this movie. I can't wait to see it again.
Yep, you pretty much said it all for me.

My jaw just about hit the floor when Han was killed. The saddest part about that for me was that we didn't get to see Han, Luke and Leia all together in a scene.

It was really and truly the Star Wars of my childhood. I felt like JJ had returned the soul of Star Wars after the terrible prequels had ripped it out.

Visually and musically it really was Star Wars. The new characters were wonderful and the humor too.
THIS IS THE STAR WARS I REMEMBER!!!! Hubby and I loved it, from beginning to end!! Though I'm also gutted at Han's death! I've always loved Han, and yes, Harrison Ford too, but I guess it's the way it is and I'll get over it - and won't let it spoil an amazing movie!

(Okay, yes, I'm sure there's a lot of nitpicking that can be done, but to me, I don't care - this is Star Wars, the way it's supposed to be, and it's BAAACCK!! Though Hubby does wonder why there's a long, thin walkway over a massive drop with no railings though. I mean, where's the common sense? And clearly, there's no Health and Safety in that galaxy, far, far away!! :D )

I want the next movie NOW!!!

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Now thst i have seen it i can come back & read all the SW posts.   I liked SW  but Star Trek (original series)  was always my thing.  So it surprised me how much i loved this movie.  Finn & Reye are Great new characters &  and all the Scences with the original characters made me so happy. Afterwards i was thinking why couldn't JJ have done something this awesome for Star Trek.  I wish I could have had the same experience with it. 

I don't see movies twice in the theatre but this time I think i will.   :) 

I had a bad feeling as Hans was walking out to meet his son. I was so shocked  when Hans died i exclaimed  outloud "NO!!!!!" 

I also like how it ended. It was quite a surprise to see Luke for such a short time but it left me feeling excited to see the next movie.