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So, okay, FINE, I broke down and watched the trailer for the new Star Trek movie ... and it looks AMAZING. Dammit. XD I just happen to have an enormous weakness for the particular trope they appear to be doing in this one, as anyone who's ever read one of my fanfics can probably tell. I didn't see the last one (and everything I heard about it sounded terrible) but this one, uh. Yes. I'm there for it.

... and I haven't seen Star Wars yet! I'm dying to see it, but I think we might let the crowds die down a bit first. So interesting to be getting both a new Star Wars and a new Star Trek within just a few months of each other!

It's always hard to tease out which are formative influences and which are things I liked because I already liked those narrative tropes, but both of these things were big for me when I was a kid. I think Star Trek a little more than Star Wars, because I saw it much younger -- Trek is one of the first things I remember ever seeing on TV (long before we had a TV at home; I only ever got to see TV at my cousins' and at family friends' houses for quite awhile due to lack of electricity at home), and my sister and I used to play "Star Trek" exploring-an-alien-planet games and draw fan comics at a very young age, whereas I don't think I saw the Star Wars movies until I was an older child. I remember very clearly watching Star Trek III at my cousins' house and being so shocked and horrified that they blew up the Enterprise; I reacted to it more strongly than I ever would have to an individual character's death! THEY CAN'T DO THAT! I was so indignant about it. (My mom had to reassure me that it would be okay. Which of course it was.) Whereas I don't have similarly vivid memories of the first time I saw any of the Star Wars movies.

On the other hand, my imagination was caught harder by Star Wars than Star Trek, as far as the kind of things that it made me want to imagine and to write -- I think I was (and still am) more into gritty, slightly dystopian futures than bright, optimistic ones. And the Star Wars character dynamics, the whole awkwardly-becoming-friends thing, hit me hard. If I had known fanfic was a thing, I would probably have written a million tags/missing scenes for the lost-on-Hoth sequence at the beginning of Empire Strikes Back.

They were both strong influences, though, along with about a million space-adventure and fantasy-adventure kids' cartoons from the '80s. (This 80s cartoon intro montage I stumbled across the other day was not only a fun blast from the past, but also a sort of a window onto my formative space-opera tastes.)

I also realized today that it's ONE MONTH 'TIL NEW AGENT CARTER EPISODES. Not that I'm looking forward to it or anything.

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The new Star Trek movie is directed by Justin Lin, who directed most of the later Fast & Furious movies, which I love, so am really looking forward to it even though I hated ST Into Darkness. I'm not expecting it to have anything to do with Star Trek but it looks like it's going to be so much fun!

For me, Star Trek (the real Star Trek, not the reboots) is the universe I want to live in, for humanity to aim for, while Star Wars in the universe I want to play in. (and oh man, if I had been online when I was 10 I would've been posting so many Star Wars Mary Sue fics about my Jedi-smuggler with the dragon-ship...)
It looks SO GOOD! Different director probably explains a lot of it ... because, yeah, I didn't even watch Into Darkness because literally everything I heard about it was awful, but I may be dragging Orion to see this one on the big screen. :D Agreed that it will probably be Star Trek In Name Only, but it looks like a rollicking good time.

Agreed, too, about wanting to live in the Star Trek 'verse, and play in the Star Wars one! I find it quite silly that some people feel one has to be either a Star Trek OR Star Wars fan AND NEVER THE TWAIN SHALL MEET, and I love and have fond memories of both, but Star Wars is the one that I ... hmmm, line up better with, I guess. (And now I desperately want to rewatch the first trilogy! For reasons. :D)

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Different director (btw if you haven't seen the Fast and Furious movies, at least the later ones, you should put them on your list? They're completely ridiculous but also ridiculously found-family!) and also a different writer - and Gnine was just telling me that apparently Simon Pegg (who is the co-writer and also a major Trekkie) is pissed about the preview, because he was trying hard to make an ACTUAL Star Trek movie that was truer to the chars etc, as fans want, which the preview didn't reflect at all. So I'm tentatively hopeful it might actually be more Star Trek as well as more fun...

The Star Wars vs Trek conflict I always thought is either overplayed or else only in certain areas of fandom, because for me it's always been both; I love both fantasy and scifi, why do you have to choose!

And heeee, watch it with the rewatch - the sibs and I put on the trilogy a couple of years ago, thinking it would be good background playing while we got other stuff done, but within half an hour of A New Hope we were all just sitting on the couch staring at the screen. I can't judge if the movies are actually any good, they're just, like, my fan bible or something...
... okay, now I've been looking up behind-the-scenes pictures of the older SW cast members goofing around with each other, and I DID NOT KNOW I HAD ALL THESE FEELS. oh no. XD

There's something about seeing the much older cast together that gives me massive amounts of feelings for their characters all still being friends after all these years, if that makes any sense? I mean, even though they're wearing regular clothes and just, like, onstage at Comicon or whatever, seeing them all TOGETHER ... my brain still goes "OMG it's Luke and Leia and Han as old people" and then falls over in a pile of 12-year-old me's squishy feels for them. XD

Re: Star Trek - I have loved almost everything Simon Pegg had a hand in writing, so that's fantastic to hear he's involved with the creative side of it!
Ahhhhh I haven't seen almost any of the behind-the-scenes or interview stuff for the new SW film - I've been pretty much avoiding everything about it, both to miss spoilers and because I didn't want to get too worked up about it. I saw the prequels, I've been burned before! Now I want to see all that stuff. And I know what you mean - one of the best parts of seeing the movie in the opening-night crowd was the cheers whenever our beloved favorites appeared. :) The movie really managed to make them all look like them, with the costumes and makeup and everything, they look like older Luke and Han and Leia - not like they're trying to make them look the same, but how you'd expect them to age.
I haven't seen Star Wars yet, so I'm avoiding spoilers like the plague. :-)

I grew up on Star Trek. I watched the original series as a very small child and then in endless re-runs as a teen. I couldn't get enough of it, I read all the novelizations of the show, and then all the tie in novels too. I'd heard of fanfic but didn't know how to get my hands on it so I wrote my own and published it to an audience of one. Star Trek fostered my love of sci-fi, causing me to reach for Heinlein, Clarke, Bradbury, and Asimov when I ran out of all things Trek. From there I fell in love with Star Wars, walking out of the theater awestruck by what I'd seen. Watched all the sequels, read all the tie-ins. And from there, Battlestar Galactica, and B5, and all the Star Trek televisions series, and all the movies, and Firefly, and Stargate, and the Avengers... and there is nothing out there that compels me to write my own stories the way sci fi does. Nothing fires up my imagination and grabs me in the same way.

I even love the Star Trek reboots in their own fashion. I can compartmentalize things nicely and I have no problem saying, 'alternate timeline'. I think it was a smart direction for the franchise to go, though it remains to be seen if they can tell new stories or just recycle old ones. For me, the biggest different in Gene Roddenberry's world and everyone else's is that Roddenberry's is the only one I know of in which I'd actually want to live. His vision of the future is that we'd be better than I think we are--and by setting the bar as qualifying to be a crew member of the Enterprise--his vision makes us want to be that better person. That's how I see it, anyway. :-)

Most of what I've heard from people who've already seen SW is along the lines of "I loved it!", though I've heard a few naysayers. I've heard a lot of people express disappointment at the ST trailer for not giving them more information, which I think is ludicrous. I think it's about time we stopped getting trailers that give away the entire movie in 90 seconds! :D
to be honest I didn't think the 2nd ST reboot was horrible. It just wasn't that good. They don't know what to do with Uhura so she's in like every scene kicking ass and it looked ridiculous. I'm like just make her security then if that's what you want her to be doing. It would make more sense. And I read an article the other day that said the problem with the reboot is it's lost Roddenberry's hopeful future and that might be it. It's too dark.

I think the third one looks good judging by the trailer.

Star Wars and Star Trek made up my childhood too. I was born during season two of OST. I saw Star Wars for my 10th birthday. I remember my entire sorority trucking out to one of the sister's homes because her parents had a big screen TV which was a big deal back then so we could all see the premiere of Next Gen.

I'm very happy to be seeing both of these within the next 8 months!
I didn't mind the last Star Trek movie. It definitely had its fun parts despite its failures. I need to see the preview for the new one. I'm super excited to see both Star Trek and Star Wars. I won't see the latter until Sunday and I'm hoping to dodge all spoilers!

Agent Carter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) (Yeah, I'm not psyched for it either. Not at all.)

I saw your comment on another thread that you have Steven Universe on the back burner. I hope you do get to watch it some day. Every time I see it I actually think of you. It reminds me a lot of what you like to write and watch. Be sure to let me know when you decide to watch it.
I enjoyed the second ST movie, actually. It was definitely not perfect (humans in torpedoes WHY), but the end scene hits my h/c buttons hard, so... y'know. Def looking forward to the new one.

New Star Wars is GREAT. I enjoyed it so much. Go into it unspoiled, seriously.
There is a new Star Trek Trailer? Oi, now I know why suddenly is talking about Star Trek again. *facepalm*

Thank you for that video of th 80s cartoons. Reminded me of some of my favourites. :)
I'm a big fan of both series and I couldn't tell you which one I love more. In terms of fandom, I definitely participated in the ST fandom more so I guess you could say it hit my buttons harder. I don't think I've ever read a single SW fic; somehow this was one of those fandoms where canon was enough for me, it felt "complete" in a way that ST didn't because I still wanted to read so much about these guys.

I've been hiding under a rock from Civil War and SW spoilers so succesfully, however, that I had not actually realized there was another ST movie coming!! I loved the first reboot and I couldn't get through the second at all (hate is a strong word but it felt so wrong that it was like watching an unrelated movie so I quit early) and I'm worried about what the third wil do because, as somone mentioned, I want it to be slightly more hopeful than this new version of the universe has been so far. We shall see. I still haven't seen the SW movie (which is apparently universally loved) -- so that first. :)
I haven't seen the ST trailer yet, but there say I will sooner or later. Though I seem to be one of the minority, ie I enjoyed the second movie. Not as good as the first, but I don't get the hate for it. *shrugs*

Not seen SW yet either. Probably after Christmas now, as hubby will be off work and we can grab a matinee or early evening showing.

I think ST didn't fully impact on me until the movies and ST:TNG. Even now, I struggle with the original series. It's Kirk, you see. I really don't like him in the TV show, though he's better in the movies. I think I was one of the very few who wanted to cheer (but didn't) when he died in that TNG movie!! My main sci-fi influences as a kid would be Blake's 7, Space 1999 (which had the most wooden acting EVER, not that I realised it at the time) and, of course, Dr Who! Oh, and Logan's Run, the TV show, NOT the movie (I never really liked the movie for some reason), Thunderbirds and other such shows, and all those 50's and 60's sci-fi movies that were on BBC2 when I was a kid/teen! :D
I grew up with Star Wars being a big part of my childhood. I wasn't old enough to see New Hope or The Empire Strikes Back at the theater, but was able to see Return of the Jedi when I was eight. Like you I prefer the dystopian of Star Wars to the Utopian of Star Trek. In the 90s we had all the Star Trek spin-offs, but then Babylon 5 premiered and I loved its darker grittier sense.

I liked the original cast Star Trek movies, but not the original series. I've also liked the reboot movies, but agree Into Darkness isn't as good. But I enjoyed the second well enough. I think it's just I don't have as much emotional investment in Star Trek. Also like some of the spin-offs, but nothing I absolutely love. Although I don't think Star Trek The Next Generation should have ever done any movies. I just think the series was too much of an ensemble for it to work as a movie.
BTW, thanks for posting that montage of 80s cartoon intros. It has been so long since I have seen any of them.