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I have been slowly and without much fanfare adding stuff to Lauren Esker's website. EVENTUALLY I'll have free short stories and things along those lines, but right now it's just the books and whatever small extras I have to go along with them (such as a timeline for the Shifter Agents books).

Lauren also has a Facebook page. I can't remember if I've linked to that here before.

I am very pleased and gratified that the Lauren experiment is actually working out pretty well! I have books (three of them now), I have readers, I have actual signups on Lauren's mailing list. I'm making more money as Lauren than I was with Dreamspinner Press (though admittedly this is at least partly because a) it's a more lucrative market, and b) I'm doing a MUCH better job of writing to the market - if I do go back to small-press M/M, I think I'm probably going to launch a new pen name rather than limping along with the one I've got).

You might have noticed that, in spite of all my talk earlier this year about launching a YA or MG pen name and an F/F one, I have done nothing along those lines. This is mostly a case of only having so much time and get-up-'n'-go. Between Lauren's stuff, my weekly Kismet webcomic, the group-writing project, and a handful of other projects that come and go, I am literally up to my eyeballs in all the writing/promotion I can handle (or at least, all I can do competently -- actually I'm a little over-committed even now; I haven't been able to put as much effort into Kismet as I wanted to this year, for example). And I've realized that trying to add anything else would stretch me too thin. So that's why those projects are backburnered for now.

I do plan to write one non-Lauren, non-romance book next year, however. So we'll see how that goes.

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Congrats! \o/ It's really awesome, how well this has been going for you. (And your site looks really pretty, I keep thinking I should get a Wordpress, they're so lovely.)

And good luck on writing your non-romance book!
Thank you! :) I am very happy with the site, although it's the end result of a number of different trial-and-error Wordpress sites; I've finally figured out how to do it decently and make it look good. XD If you decide to do a Wordpress yourself, I'd be happy to give you tips or answer questions or whatever! (It's not actually HARD; I think the only thing that made it hard for me was figuring out a good, sensible way to arrange things, which is why my personal site is so much more of a mess than the Lauren one ...)
Thank you! ♥

... btw, I saw your post about Stephen Universe -- I haven't watched it yet, but it is definitely on my to-watch list!
You have great reviews on amazon! :) If only shifters were my thing. Mostly I just gaze at your book covers because they're yummy... XD
Thanks! :D Heh, I am having fun with these, but I know they won't be to everyone's taste.