Christmas ornament

I have to use my Christmas icons while there's still time!

Okay, so first of all, another of my Lauren Esker books is published FINALLY. This is the "werewolf puppies + evil scientists" book: Guard Wolf. It is also the sequel to the very classily named Handcuffed to the Bear, and various characters from that book appear in this one as well.

Guard Wolf is only 99 cents, but for you guys, if anybody wants to read it, I'd be happy to email it to you. :)

(And it doesn't hurt my feelings AT ALL if you aren't interested, trust me.)

Thank you to everyone who provided suggestions on how to fix my "getting my characters caught without having them be stupid" conundrum, by the way. Your suggestions were incredibly helpful, and the final scene is vastly improved!

Meanwhile, the full list of Yuletide requests has been released for people writing treats. Now that I've got the book cleared off my to-do list (\o/) I plan to write a couple of treats ... actually, I have already written one, though I'm waiting 'til after the regular Yuletide deadline to upload anything. Now I just need to find another prompt that catches my fancy ...

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Congrats on getting the story out there!

I'd be happy to read Guard Wolf (with the understanding my tablet is currently possessed and the battery doesn't last long so it might take me a while to read and review)

w00t -- congratulations.

I think that Guardwolf sounds awesome and would love to read it. I would buy it but (I have no idea why) doesn't like me: it automatically sends me to my regional site and your books aren't there; when I've tried to download books from the site -- I've no freakin' idea where they go, but they're not accessible, and I can't get them onto my computer so that I can read them.

I'll pop a donation in a charity bucket?
I would be happy to email to you! Eh, it's only a buck; I'm not fussed about it. :) Though I appreciate you making the effort! I don't know why it doesn't work, because the book should be available on all of Amazon's sites -- does this link work for you?

In any case, if you PM me an email, I would be happy to send it to you. :)
Thank you so much! ♥ And thank you again for doing such a good beta job - your comments were hugely helpful!

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Congratulations! I haven't had time to read either of your Lauren Esker books yet, but they sound fantastic, and I'm looking forward to it.
Thank you! ♥ I hope you enjoy them when you get the chance (and heh, yeah, I COMPLETELY understand the issue XD).
Congratulations on your new book. I enjoyed Handcuffed to the Bear and looking forward to learn more about Avery's character. I think I'll plan on reading Guard Wolf over my Christmas holiday --- sort of a Christmas present to myself :D

Looking forward to reading the book.
Thank you! ♥ ♥ I'm really delighted you enjoyed Handcuffed, and I hope very much that you like the new book too!
Congrats! :)

Also, [Just in case]
werewolf puppies ♥

I'd love to read/buy it but I don't have a Kindle. :/ Sorry.