Christmas ornament

Fandom Stocking!

gaaahhhh, I'm sick AGAIN. My immune system is hereby on notice.

But in much better news, [community profile] fandom_stocking stockings are still being hung, and mine is up now!

Requested fandoms: Agent Carter, White Collar, Shadows of the Apt (Adrian Tchaikovsky), Dark Matter, Rusalka series (CJ Cherryh), Alliance/Union (CJ Cherryh).

Of course now that it's too late to edit, THIS is when I think of other things I should have included. For example, I forgot to mention in my likes that I absolutely love AUs, of either the total-AU or "turn left at canon" variety. :D

If you have a stocking and would like to link it in the comments, please do! If you posted a holiday wishlist, as some people do (as I used to, once upon a time, but didn't this year), please feel free to link to that, as well.

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Oooh, that's awful to be sick again! I hope you feel loads better really soon!!

I've got a stocking, too. It's here:

I've never done this before, and I'm not really all that gifted at art or fics, but I figure I can try to do *some*thing for friends with stockings!
*offers gentle hugs and tea/cookies/whatever you prefer*
Awww, so sorry you're not feeling well. Lots of hot tea with lemon and honey is much advised! *hugs*

And yay for fandom stocking :D I won't have a stocking up but I sure will be stuffing other stockings, hee :D
I'll try my hardestest to put something in your stocking!

And I'll (hopefully remember to) link to mine when it's up C: Here it is!

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