Christmas ornament

Christmas icons

Posting at least as much for my own benefit as for others ... but I wanted more Christmas icons than the ones I had, so I went on a hunt, and found some absolutely beautiful ones linked from christmasicons.

Ornaments in different colors
Ornaments, cookies, miscellaneous

And I want to be able to find them again if I want more. It's getting harder to find icons than it used to be.

I really need to get some decorations up around here ...

ETA: leesa_perrie has some Christmas icons too, if anyone is interested! Links to more in the comments.

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Lots of great icons, I may be checking that out tomorrow (it's bedtime now)!! :)
Happy to help! :)

I think you've done Christmas icons in the past too, haven't you? Feel free to drop me a link if you have any that are still up I should check out. :D
Yes, I've done some in the past. My website isn't up to date, but here's most of my Christmassy non-fandom ones with a few more on my LJ here and here.

I've also got some to post for the newest round on free20in2, hopefully in the next day or two, so keep your eyes peeled. Or not, as that sounds painful! :)
Thanks!! I really should try and update my website before fandom stocking starts and I go mad making more, or else I'll never get around to it due to icon overload!!
Those are lovely! I don't have many Christmas icons, either, so I'm glad to find some more!
Oh yay! I love Christmas icons! I have more Christmassy icons than I can possibly justify, but love the excuse to trot them out at this time of year. :-)
I'm proceeding on the assumption that one can't have too many Christmas icons. :D
These are awesome icons! I wish I wasn't already at the limit of allowed icons or I'd snag a few for sure. Hmm...maybe I can do it on DW instead of LJ.
I'm at the point where I have to delete a few in order to add new ones. I was seriously contemplating an icon add-on package today (but I managed to restrain myself ... this time!).