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My new favorite inappropriately hilarious Alaskan news story

Nov. 24: art installation consisting of 85 incredibly disturbing and painstakingly constructed human figures is installed on the beach at Cook Inlet, near Anchorage. Official opening is set for Dec. 5. I should note that the Alaskan ocean coast, as you might expect, is known for terrifically destructive winds, tides, etc. This is also just about the creepiest piece of art I've ever seen, omfg.

(Orion and I, watching the video of the installment of the figures, as the tides visibly cause them to wobble and tilt even while they're being put in: "Wow, that's not going to last long.")

Nov. 25, i.e. the very next day: All but 11 of them have been completely demolished.

Even 11 statues erected at the top of the bluff, high above the water, were affected. Of the four closest to the Point Woronzof Park parking lot three had pitched forward, their rebar supports bent at 30 to 40 degree angles. One’s first reaction was that they had been vandalized, but as this reporter and an Alaska Dispatch News photographer watched, the fourth, touched only by wind, slowly leaned over and joined its companions on the ground.

I am laughing so hard right now. I know I shouldn't be dying of laughter at the wreckage of an artist's hopes and dreams, especially a ~serious art project~ about depression and mental illness, but ... THE VERY NEXT DAY. They didn't make it to the exhibit opening. They didn't even make it to the end of the week! Alaskan weather does not mess around. And apparently it's an art critic.

My hopelessly inappropriate laughter is not being helped by the photo they used to illustrate the second article:

oh the humanity

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Oh dear, poor artist! Alaskan weather is such a harsh art critic, showing no mercy, lol!! That photo doesn't help, does it? *shouldn't laugh, but can't help it* :D
*shouldn't laugh, but can't help it* :D

That's pretty much where I am, yes. :D
Yeah; I feel bad for her and don't want to laugh, but ... I just can't help it.
Oh dear. On the one hand, what a grand metaphor, even if unintentional, for the way mental illness can be so destructive and drain so much time and energy to try to mend, but on the other hand, *facepalm*
I agree with you and the other comments thus far: it "shouldn't" be funny, but you can't help but laugh, but... oh, my heck, what a mess!!

I have to wonder, too, though -- why on earth put up something like that at this time of year? Not that the winds and the water are ever "easy" up there, but wouldn't it make more sense to put them up in the spring/summer, somehow?? I'm just... wow. o.O
I have NO idea. Possibly because people use the beach in the summer, and they didn't want a bunch of creepy figures around? It was supposed to stay up until spring and then come down. It ... didn't quite make it that far. ;D
Hahahaaaa wow. I mean, I assume the ephemeral nature of it is part of the point, but... one day!!
I gather it was supposed to stay up until spring and then get taken down, because people use the beach in the summer. It ... didn't quite make it that far. :D Doing a test beforehand might have been a good idea ...
I find them fascinating. I'm not at all surprised the weather tore the crap out of them though