Winter Sunlight

Finished Jessica Jones!

... and I am MUCH happier with it in the end than I was when I complained about it before. I still stand by my issues in this comment thread (nothing in the final episodes really fixed it; actually it just drove me EVEN CRAZIER that nobody ever tried to shoot Kilgrave from a distance ... or use superstrength to throw things at him ... or come up with a functional PLAN) -- but the final two episodes were pretty much a pure idfest for me. Being forced to try to kill your loved ones! Hurt/comfort! CLAIRE! Trish and Jessica's "I love you" code! Jessica's final fakeout to Kilgrave, and the final scenes where the "become a monster to take down a monster" theme is actually made explicit, and yet it still ends on a note of hope -- ahhhhhh. Very pleased.

So yeah, still have my reservations about certain aspects of the show, but it REALLY nailed my buttons in the last couple of episodes, and went out on a high note that made me look forward to eventually getting more.

And, after the "I love you" scenes, I sincerely hope there are tons of Jessica/Trish out there.

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Yeah I watched the last episode out of order to see if it's something I'll enjoy. I think Jessica&Trish's relationship is basically why I'd continue to watch the show. I was happy they finally offed Kilgrave but it still amazes me that it took them that long. Forget sniper rifle, how about slipping him some poison in his food? Or, IDK, dropping something heavy on him from above (Jess CAN jump!). There's just so many easy ways to kill one person! I kind of bought it before when Jess had awful PTSD at the mere thought of him that she wouldn't be able to execute her plan because she was too traumatized, but after she was in his presence without freaking out numerous times it really made no sense why she wouldn't be able to kill him.

Oh well. It's an issue with the show that I guess I'll just have to live with. I -am- happy you enjoyed it, especially the end. I like how the important people survived.
Yeah, there were a lot of things that made me facepalm. ANY of these would be better plans than anything they tried! I hate it when the good guys just walk into Team Bad Guy HQ flailing in the hopes they win. (Though, having said that, Jessica's fake-out with Trish and the headphones at the end was actually pretty good. If only she'd had a better plan for getting the drop on Kilgrave than "sneak in from the opposite end of the building where he can see me coming"!)

In the end, though, the show delivered emotionally, and that's mostly what I want anyway. :D