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Fandom problems

oh god, the CA: Civil War trailer is out. I knew this was going to happen and I still don't know what to do about it. The options are, I suppose, watch it and spoil myself (hopefully not too badly), or hide in a cave until May. Although everyone on my flist has been excellent about cutting; it's mostly Tumblr and similar places that I'm worried about.

I have lots of things I should be doing, but all I really want to do is write EVEN MORE ridiculously self-indulgent h/c for a series only a couple of people on my flist have read, none of whom (I suspect) are into precisely the same subset of characters that I am, at least not in quite the same way. (Which, by the way, there is nothing wrong with; I just think it's hilarious that I've taken the world's tiniest fandom and basically managed to make it EVEN TINIER for myself.)

Maybe I'll go make tea and see if it's easier to be useful with caffeine.

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What kind / degree of spoilers are you worried about in the trailer? I've watched it just now, and could tell you how high I would estimate the spoil level to be...
Hmmm! Thinking about it, I think what I want to avoid most of all is getting the money shots (so to speak) of the Steve/Bucky relationship from the trailer instead of the movie itself. I really don't want to know under what circumstances they meet again, or see the highlights of their interactions with each other in the movie, or know what kind of relationship they are going to have in the movie. (All of which may be impossible to avoid from gifs and fic between now and May, obviously ...)

That's the big thing. I think the rest of my do-not-want is just not wanting to be able to anticipate major plot twists from what I've seen in the trailer (like, just knowing Vision was in AoU I was able to anticipate one of the biggest twists, and I wished I hadn't known that, but there was no way not to know it). And it's hard to say what exactly is going to be a big enough "clue" for a major twist that it'll make me wish I could unknow it when I watch the movie, so it's kind of impossible to anticipate.

I would really like to know your take on the spoiler level of the trailer, though! It would be a big help.

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I agree with sherylyn - it sounds like you should definitely avoid the trailer. They do hit a bunch of potential money shots, and strongly imply major plot twists (that may or may not turn out to work the way the trailer implies, of course, but still).

So: Avoid! :-)
Thank you! :D I appreciate it -- and I'll see how long my willpower holds out, heh. I suppose that even if I do get accidentally spoiled with gifs or quotes in places, it wouldn't be as bad as seeing the whole thing ... and last year, I DID manage to remain completely and utterly unspoiled for CA2, although I wasn't nearly as deep in the fandom then as I am now.
Glad to help. :-)

I actually watched the trailer out of fear, because there are some ways the movie might go that I wanted to be able to prepare myself for mentally in order not to explode with rage and frustration when watching the actual movie. To my relief, and as far as any trailer can be believed, the movie actually seems to be designed Just For Me. But we will see. If the movie fails to deliver, I will declare the trailer my canon. :-)
Ooh, that is nice to know! :D (And that is the kind of spoiler I don't mind! I'm nervous about the movie, too, though not with the kind of exceedingly gloomy "this is going to be the worst thing ever" doom predictions that seem to plague the fandom).
I'm in the same boat - I was worried, but from the trailer things are looking good.

Which, yeah, may or may not mean anything, considering how misleading trailers can be, but still.
From what you've said you don't want to know, I'd say that the trailer is semi-high (sorta like a steak that's border-line medium/well-done, if you wanna think of it that way! LOL!!) -- it's definitely got Steve/Bucky interactions, but of course -- what *seems* like it's going to happen based on the trailer(s) and how that actually plays out in the film may well be two very different things. Soooo ... take that for whatever it's worth, I suppose.

But mostly, I'm soooo torn about this film, in so many ways. I'm also thinking that there are going to be aspects of SHIELD that are going to play into this film, much like how "Winter Soldier" impacted SHIELD. I may be wrong, of course, and I don't know that they're going to *show* a SHIELD cross-over in any way in the film (esp. since the film universe still doesn't even know Coulson's alive!), but I can definitely see it impacting SHIELD, even if not so much the reverse.

GAH. They are messing with my heart-strings already, just from the basic premise of this filme!! o.O
sorta like a steak that's border-line medium/well-done, if you wanna think of it that way!

hahahaha. :D

I really appreciate the input from both you and rheasilvia -- it's very helpful! I will make an effort to avoid it, and see how that goes.

And yeah, I can't see how this movie could NOT bring in elements from Agents of SHIELD. As much as I like what they're doing with the whole interconnected MCU universe (it's so unique and creative; I can't remember anything like this in movies before), I do wish it wasn't getting quite so huge, where you need to watch all the different bits of it to pick up all the plot threads. Very much like actual Marvel comics that way, where you can never get a complete story in any one title; you have to buy a bunch of them to get all the parts. And that's really not my favorite thing about comics. :P
You're very welcome -- I'm not big on remaining spoiler-free for the MCU for myself, but I understand the issue: I didn't care much about spoilers for the earlier HP books, but by the time the last one came out, I literally didn't even look at the chapter titles in the index before I started reading! LOL!! I mean, I didn't want ANY clues *at all*. So, yeah... I get it! :-)

I like that the tie-ins are stronger (in some ways) with SHIELD than in the movies, at least, so that if a person doesn't watch SHIELD, at least they aren't lost in the film part of the MCU. But during Avengers 2, when Nick appeared with the Helicarrier, I was hissing at my hubby, "THAT's the Theta Project!" I just *knew* it was what Coulson had been so secretive about. LOL Yeah, I'm a nut ;-)

I don't think I could ever read the comics very thoroughly; there are too many storylines to keep up with o.O The film/TV versions alone keep me plenty occupied!
People are making gifs of the darned thing already! I've seen at least three different ones! I can't hide deep enough!
Augh! I knew that was going to be an issue. I can avoid the most spoilery places, but I know it's going to be all over icons and art and everything too, and probably a ton of untagged Tumblr posts, and it's not like I can just hide from all of fandom until May.
My cave can contain multitudes however it involves not following anyone on tumblr who has the potential to spoil me ^_^;

(I've actually done pretty good about most Marvel movies so far and enjoyed them more because I didn't follow the hype.)
I am way happier the less I know, really -- not just for enjoying the movies themselves, but maintaining my enjoyment rather than being dragged down by all the things people didn't like about them!

Not following spoilery tumblrs sounds like an excellent plan.
Oops, my apologies. I didn't even think about putting my LJ post about it under a cut because most of my flist aren't in that fandom and the ones that are don't care about spoilers and just want to discuss. I'll edit that one and be sure to put future posts under a cut.

No worries. <3 A few people have posted things uncut, but I've been pretty good about skipping over it as soon as I see the words "Civil War"!
If you're wisely avoiding Tumblr
...you'll have missed this lil bit of cracky gold re: shipping. It does have screencaps from the trailer, but only various neutral-expression closeups, which, as far as I can tell, spoil nothing in their radically new context. And if you want to play it safe, you can come back and check the link after you've seen the film in six months. :)

But yeah, it sounds like the trailer will be entirely too spoilery for your taste, though it's right up my alley. May the spoilers not cross you too soon!
Re: If you're wisely avoiding Tumblr
Thank you for the link! :) Yeah, I'm not avoiding tumblr 100% (I can't really, since I still post fic updates and comic pages there), but I'm trying not to do too much browsing.