Winter Sunlight

More Shadows of the Apt fanfic

New fics posted lately:

Regroup and Recover (2000 wds, gen)
An h/c-ish missing scene for book 1. Can probably be read without much knowledge of the books (it spoils one character-related twist in Book 1, which is revealed fairly early, and you find out someone gets hurt at some point, which is not much of a spoiler in this series).

Daughters (3500 wds, gen)
How 8-year-old Cheerwell came to live with her uncle and his ward. Set pre-series; no particular spoilers if you haven't read the books.

War Memorials (2200 wds, het)
Homecomings are never easy. Set somewhere around the final scene in the books; major spoilers.

The last one is quite spoilery, but the first two can probably be read with little knowledge of the books. Y'know, if you want to know what h/c from me looks like for this series. /shameless

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