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All the TV (non-spoiler, general reaction edition)

Instead of watching TV like normal people, we didn't watch anything for a month and then marathoned a ton of it tonight.

We finished watching Dark Matter, and I was really happy with it. Non-spoilerishly, I will say that I felt the resolution to the season's main mystery was handled much better than I was expecting; it was a plausible solution to the clues we were given, without being terribly obvious. (I did actually figure it out before the reveal, but less than half the final episode beforehand.) There were definitely a few WTF things this season, but overall I thought that it was a nice solid debut season and I'm really delighted there's going to be another one.

Somewhat more spoilerishly, I'm really happy that none of the reveals on the characters completely ruined my ability to love them, or utterly blew up the team dynamic. (Er, more than they blow it up themselves on a regular basis.) It was pretty obvious that there had to be a traitor, or more than one, but they had good reasons for turning traitor, so I ended up feeling like the group could eventually be okay, rather than having things blow up completely.

Also, Android.

And we watched the first few episodes of Jessica Jones, which I completely love. It is very dark (SO DARK), but in a hopeful, rising-above-the-pain kind of way, more than a grimdark kind of way. I'm really happy with the characters' transitions to the screen, and pleasantly surprised that Luke is a major character. I was expecting occasional appearances, more like Claire in Daredevil, rather than having him as one of the main set of characters from the beginning. Not that I am complaining! Also, aside from Luke, nearly the entire cast is female, including what I'm pretty sure is the first canonically queer couple in the MCU. There is very little crossover with the other Marvel shows/movies, even with Daredevil, so if you aren't familiar with the universe and want to watch this on its own, it stands alone just fine. (So far, anyway.)

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I was hoping to watch Jessica Jones this weekend but I kind of got sidetracked by other stuff. -.-

But, I'm happy to hear that it is good. I have no clue about her comic book storyline but what I saw from the trailers intrigued me. A lot.
I enjoyed Dark Matter and am curious where they'll go next with it. I hated Three when it started and really didn't like One, but I find I have some sympathy for each now. I still like Android, Five, and Two best. I wish Four (and his whole culture) weren't so stereotypical!

And I insisted that I could never remember their numbers, but now I can't even remember the names we've learned for them.

I want to watch Jessica Jones but don't know how I'll find the time!
And I insisted that I could never remember their numbers, but now I can't even remember the names we've learned for them.

hahaha, same here! I also love how no one has a name on the show; they haven't even bothered to give the Android one. It gives it a unique feel.

At this point I think I'd say everyone except Four and One are my favorites (I can't believe what a total 180 I did on Three during the course of the show). I still find Four and One pretty bland, and agreed on the Space Samurai thing with Four. But I like the dynamic the group has overall, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops in season two!
Finished Dark Matter a few days ago, and quite love it. I was sort of meh about the casting in a few places (I didn't feel like River - I mean 5 - was really as young-looking as they kept acting like she was), but they grew on me. I also thought there were a few episodes where they (especially 4) acted like they had all their memories back and I couldn't figure out why... (and that's my least favorite of the plot threads) Android is by far my favorite. <3

Looking forward to Jessica Jones, but have Arrow and Flash to catch up on first!

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I still haven't seen Arrow and Flash AT ALL yet! Which is funny for me, because usually if there are superheroes in it, I'm so completely there. But there is SO much superhero stuff right now that I'm a little overwhelmed.

But yeah, I really enjoyed it, especially once we got through the first couple of episodes and the characters started to emerge as something other than a bunch of knockoffs from every other sci-fi show ever. Android is really great; I love how she comes into her own as a character over the course of the series, and how all the different characters get lots of time devoted to their character arcs and respective pasts.
I've been thinking of watching Jessica Jones...without spoiling things is it possible for you to answer the question: does the first season end well or badly? I hate unhappy endings....
I started watching it last night. It's basically un-putdownable...I feel like it's hitting all the typical "fanfic" tropes that I enjoy haha. I ended up marathoning the first four episodes and now I have Thoughts. (And not enough time to write them down)
Hmm, sounds like Dark Matter should go on the to-watch list! (If you're looking for other SyFy shows, we enjoyed Killjoys, it's not fantastic but it has enjoyable character interactions. Its small-cast focus feels rather like an early-2000s show...)

We also watched the first 3 Jessica Jones last night - enjoying it so far, though I am curious where it's going, whether it will continue to be more uplifting or fall even darker. (so far it's near the limit of what I can take but hasn't crossed over. I haven't seen Daredevil, am wondering how it compares - I had the impression Daredevil was even more violent which is why I was avoiding it, but if it's at this level I've only covered my eyes a bit...) Especially loving her with her best friend, just, yes more of that please.

--Also, after being familiar with the guy playing Luke Cage from his role in Good Wife (in which he plays an incredibly suave and terrifying drug kingpin), I've been looking forward to seeing him play a good guy for a while, so far he does not disappoint!
Haven't seen Killjoys yet, but it's definitely on the list!

Re: Daredevil - it is somewhat more graphically violent, or perhaps I should say more relentlessly violent, as JJ does get somewhat more graphic than what you've seen so far. But it's a lot less emotionally disturbing, imho. Like, there are a lot of scenes in Daredevil involving people getting beat up and tortured and so forth, but it's a more over-the-top kind of superhero violence, as opposed to JJ's psychologically horrifying violence. You should know within the first couple of episodes if DD is going to be too much for you (I don't remember that it gets any worse than what you get in the first 2-3 episodes) and I definitely think you should watch it - knowing what you like, and that you enjoy guy-guy-girl OT3s, Daredevil has a FANTASTIC one. I really love them and ship them. :D

We are up to episode 8 now on JJ, and therefore I have to be careful about spoilers, but still really enjoying it!
We haven't had the chance to watch more JJ but hopefully this week - glad it's staying entertaining!

Yeah, I'll have to see about DD - I have a low tolerance for blood and gore, but the advantage of superhero-type fights is that it's usually telegraphed so I can block the screen or not watch (unlike horror movies that can spring it unawares). And a possible OT3 does interest~ ;)
Uhhhh ... you know what I said about DD being more violent/gorier? I TAKE THAT BACK. So be prepared.

(But if you can get through JJ, I now realize, you can definitely handle DD!)

ETA: I don't know if you want a more specific warning, or to know which episode you'll be wanting to watch with your hands over your eyes, but ... yeahhhhh. It gets pretty gory in places.

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Hmmm, okay, I consider myself warned (is it one episode in particular, or a general escalation?)
It's one particular episode, but that's the last one we watched, and it's not just one incident but a bunch of different stuff, which makes me feel that it might be part of an escalation rather than just a one-off bit of gore.

I can report back when we're farther along. :D