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Dark Matter episodes 1-2

We watched the first two episodes of Dark Matter tonight (it feels like SO LONG since I've had a sci-fi spaceship show to watch!) and I figured I'd make some comments about it.

I think I'd like it better if it wasn't so obviously ripped off from other space shows, not in a vague way but in a "Hey, that character is an obvious expy of [other space show character]" kind of way. It also suffers from that incredibly frustrating thing where spending about 10% more of each episode on character development would make it a 90% better show. Like, you know what would have been really neat? Watching the amnesiac characters explore each other's quarters and discover interesting personal things and not know who they belong to -- or, worse, finding their own personal effects (family photos, say) and feeling no connection to the people in them. Instead, the whole ship, from quarters to lockers, is weirdly devoid of personal touches (with a couple of exceptions, like the puzzle box) and so, their absence of past is not quite what it could be, since the whole show is kind of superficial on that level.

On the other hand, it's fun and actiony, the basic concept is great, some of the lines made me laugh ("Humor. It's my coping mechanism. ... also killing people, apparently.") and I'm looking forward to seeing the character dynamics start to click. I've really missed ensemble/team space shows, and while I didn't have a falling-in-instant-love reaction like I did with, say, Orphan Black, this show is definitely enjoyable enough to watch the first season and see how it shapes up.

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I really wanted to love the full on return of Sci-Fi friday but the only one I liked was Killjoys and even that started getting on my nerves by the end
I enjoyed the first few eps, though I did end up preferring Killjoys and then got distracted by other shows too. I really do mean to finish the series though!
I'm looking forward to Killjoys too! We're watching on Netflix and they don't have it yet. And heh, yeah, I'm very guilty of that thing where you start watching a show and then wander off to something else and never get back to it. (I have several that I've been MEANING to finish watching for years now ...)
I think it gets better as it goes. It is like a huge mash-up of fandoms, though; we kept trying to count them off and losing track.

I like that women are important and talk to each other (Bechdel-Wallace win in every episode!). I love the android; the actress does a great job.

I don't love the stereotyped Japanese character and his Japan-in-space society, which you'll see more later. He feels flat compared to the others.

We do learn a little more about at least one character every episode, and it doesn't feel as if it will take forever to learn anything significant; we learn a lot significant about some people.
I'm looking forward to learning more about the characters! That was my favorite thing with Lost (season one, anyway) -- the slow unfolding of everybody's past.

And, yeah, when the Japanese guy picked up the sword and is all "huh, I guess I'm totally badass at this" I was like, really? That's where we're going with that character, is it? Actually, I'm a little frustrated in general, so far, with the way that all the characters are largely playing out according to type; I'm hoping for more depth and variety as the show goes along.

Most of them are enjoyable enough I want to get to know them better, though. The android is really fun.
There's a space show? :D Okay, I gotta check this thing out!
There are actually TWO, Dark Matter and Killjoys! :D Both just have one season (so far?). Dark Matter is streaming on Netflix; Killjoys is not, which is why we're watching the first one.

And I just read on the wiki for Dark Matter that it has David Hewlett as recurring cast :D
Ahaha, really? Something to look forward to! :D

It also had the actress who played Weir in the last episode we watched.
I watched a few episodes, but couldn't get into it. Made it to Torri Higginson's (Weir, SGA) appearance, but not for David Hewlitt's. Only watched a few episodes of Killyjoys too. I think part of it I wasn't really feeling like watching a space show at the time. Plus with the amnesia I just wasn't into the characters.
I'm tentatively liking it, but I agree that there is a general emotional distancing effect -- for me it's not the amnesia so much as the characters all feel rather flat and stereotypical (so far). I'm hoping for more nuance as the show goes along.
It definitely gets better and I was very invested in it by the end of the series. Killjoys is way better, but I am looking forward to more of both of them.
We haven't watched any more episodes yet (husband is very busy right now with work) but I'm looking forward to getting further along. :D