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This is not an flocked post

... but you wouldn't know it if you're reading this on LJ, because apparently flock icons have now disappeared from some(?) older Livejournal styles, including mine. I suppose this is not so huge on the Livejournal Inconvenience Scale, but ... really, LJ?! I think I might end up switching to the default style, anyway. Years spent on Tumblr and other mobile-friendly sites has gotten me used to the Big Friendly Button school of web design and made it less eyebleeding for me, and while I had trouble with it in the browser on my old computer, it runs fine on the new one. Also, I didn't realize 'til I started checking LJ on a phone how difficult the old styles are to navigate on mobile. Change and progress, progress and change ...

(ETA: Switched site styles; flock icons now showing up again. I needed to change up my style anyway.)

For you Vorkosigan readers, the e-ARC of Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen is out! You can buy it for $15, or read the first four chapters online for free. I know some people are avoiding it because of certain aspects of the storyline, which is fine, but if you want to read it, thar it be! (GUESS WHAT'S LOADED UP ON MY KINDLE RIGHT NOW. :D)

And finally, here is a neat meta post I ran across on Tumblr on the symbolism of the wine bottle in the first and last episodes of White Collar. Thoughts? (May be construed as slightly Kate-unfriendly, though I didn't find it particularly so -- more that it's a snapshot of where Neal was at a certain point in his life, rather than a criticism of Kate or her relationship with Neal -- but depending on how one's shipper-tastes run, that aspect might be offputting to some.)

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Don't quote me on this, but I -think- you can still use the old look without using the old style. Meaning, I still use LJ with the big blue side bar on the left with all the menu items, but I think I'm on S2?

p.s. Oh and I do have flock icons on my style.

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Oh hmmm, so you do. :D Let me play with my style a bit. Perhaps it's time to change it up anyway. I used to change it regularly, but at some point I stopped. Wouldn't want to get stuck in a rut!
Heh, I just like to have navigation readily available to me rather than flashy "oh you don't need to find that functionality" style.

Oh, and separately, about WC and the wine bottle, I had actually flashed to that scene in the first episode myself when I saw the bottle, and I thought the symbolism was quite glaring. So I agree with that tumblr user on the empty-vs-full bottle.
I had noticed the recurring presence of the bottle (and it makes me really wish they'd kept the deleted bit from the extended version of the pilot where Peter hands Neal back his bottle in prison by way of accepting his anklet offer, because that makes it even MORE deliciously symbolic when Neal gives Peter a bottle at the end!). I hadn't gone ahead to the empty vs full comparison ... actually, I had been kicking around the idea that the first bottle meant "goodbye", so maybe the last one does too ... but I like the more optimistic version take on the empty vs. full bottles. :D

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p.p.s. I looked through your LJ and I see one entry with a lock on it (Oct 7th)...

But I tried to skip backwards in my friends list, and is it just me or did it used to go a lot further than it does now? I only got to friends?skip=40 before LJ said there's no more entires, but I -distinctly- remember going back as far as 100 or more entries in ages of yore. (I just tried it on your LJ and you can see entires on flist that are 40+ but on mine I can't O.o)
I just changed my journal style, so now the lock icons are showing up. :D They weren't before, at least not for me.

But yeah, I know you used to be able to go back to at least ?skip=200, because I've done it!
I still can on your journal's flist and it works fine, but on mine it shows 0 posts for anything more than 40...Bizzare!
TOO WEIRD. wtf, LJ?!

Also, I now have a new site style and I really like it. :D I also chose it from the "mobile friendly" selection of journal styles, so hopefully this one will be less of a pain to navigate on my phone.
Oh, maybe it's the 2-weeks cut off. Last time I had to browse back 100+ entries it was probably still 2005 or something, so I hadn't noticed it. Thanks!
Huh, new lj style! Doesn't look half bad either...

Hmm, if we're getting that close to the actual release date of Gentleman Jole, I guess I should finally bit the bullet and read Cryoburn...
I like my new style! :D There are all kinds of pretty new styles since the last time I switched it. (Which was, uh ... like five years ago or something ...)

Welllll ... reading Cryoburn first is necessarily because of only one spoiler, and I suspect you already know that spoiler (I think everybody knows that spoiler), and if you do, then Cryoburn is totally optional and you can skip straight ahead to the new one.
Eheh yep, I know that spoiler, and it's why I haven't read Cryoburn (even though I know it's only the very end and not really related to the rest of the book but stilllll~)

...and Gnine just read the first free chapters and OMGGGGGG yes I am going to need to read this (it sounds like Bujold made the one Vorkosigan fanfic series I love into canon, waaaaaaaaah~~~~!)

--Also this has nothing to do with any of your post, but if you haven't seen it yet you need to!
Do post on how Gentleman Jole is! I think I might wait for the final version to come out before I read it-- there were some errors in Captain Vorpatril last time and I keep wanting to buy the final version so I get a good clean copy but then I can't bring myself to because I already paid for it-- and also because I have to admit I'm a touch hesitant about the plot. (Fully willing to be convinced if it's done well, but after Cryoburn... well, I was kind of disappointed in Cryoburn.)
I haven't gotten around to making a proper post about it, but I guess my general reaction overall is .... it's a step down from Cryoburn? And I agreed with the general consensus that Cryoburn was a weak book. I enjoyed it because it was a Vorkosigan novel and it is always a lot of fun spending time with these characters, but I didn't feel it was one of the better books in the series.

(personal opinion, purely subjective, etc)
Hmm, might have to do a test on my own LJ, though I like my current style even if I've had it for years!! (I love the orange colour - the only thing I would change if I was talented enough to make my own style sheet would be to exchange the elephant for a cheetah!)

Your new one looks great, btw! :)
I am very happy with my new one! :D But you shouldn't feel like you have to change styles if you're happy with the one you have.
Fortunately it looks like the locked icon appears on my style, so no need to change! (and I might not have anyway)!
I don't agree with the blogger that Neal was trying to be what Kate wanted him to be (if anything it was more the other way round), because the reason they broke up was because Neal couldn't stop being Neal and chasing dreams (and music boxes).

But I do agree on the empty vs. full bottle symbolism. I caught it immediatly (the label is even the same. The only difference is that this one is full - though nothing says if it's a new bottle or not... Actually it could even be the same bottle).

The bottle Neal sends Peter is *not* a good bye. It's the clue that he is alive. If it had been a goodbye, he would have given it to Peter before the sting, like he gave Mozzie the Queen of heart. On the contrary, it's Neal reaching out, telling Peter he's not dead and it's not over.
I had noticed the thematic mirroring of the bottles, but I hadn't thought about the empty vs full bottle, and the symbolism of that. I'm glad to have noticed it now. :D

I ... still go back and forth on whether the final bottle means goodbye or not. He couldn't properly say goodbye before, because he had to maintain the fiction that his death was sudden and unexpected. So I could see the bottle being a "goodbye" now that he can properly close the New York chapter of his life. Could go either way on that, though!
I would argue that "you're the only one who saw the good in me, you're my best friend" was Neal's goodbye to Peter.
Yeah, that was my take on it too -- to the extent that he could get away with.
THANK YOU! for the heads up on Lois' new book; I'd no idea it was even forthcoming, and a good Vorkosigan read is something I could really use right about now. Especially Cordelia, as she's one of my favorites.