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Things friends are up to lately

slhuang's latest novel, Root of Unity, came out at the end of September - I was traveling and neglected to post about it then! I've enthused about this series before; it's fast-paced and fun and unusual (a little bit urban fantasy, but with highly advanced math in lieu of magic) and now, in the third book, is starting to delve deeper into the character relationships and the mysteries of Cas's past. I think it's my favorite of the books so far, though I also feel like it stands on its own somewhat less than the other two did -- you can read it as a stand-alone, but really you need the emotional setup from the first two books to get the full effect from this one.

There's also a short story, Ladies' Day Out, which bridges books 2 and 3.

ellenmillion has a new Kickstarter for a nifty new service: Monthly coloring book subscriptions. You can choose between 6-month or year-long subscriptions, and digital or print books. (The video for the Kickstarter was done by me, under Ellen's art direction.)

Ellen and I are also doing a coloring book together, which will debut locally at the UWA bazaar in November, and which I am super excited about! \o/ I get to see proofs tomorrow! We've been working on the art since July, and I think it's going to be very pretty. Here's a sneak preview of the cover, laid out beautifully by Ellen using one of my art pieces from the book:

alaska wildflowers cover

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Now that I've seen the proofs, I'm even more excited about it! I think it's very pretty and it's something I'm happy to be a part of. :D
Love the cover of the colouring book, so excited that you're making one of these! :D
Thanks! :D I got to see the proofs (preliminary copies) today and they look DELIGHTFUL.
fun coloring book. I need to go look up that series. I have a math prof friend who would probably love it