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This is too amazing not to share

First use of my Christmas icons this year! \o/

Santa Claus wins seat on North Pole City Council.

You may think this is from a joke website, BUT NO. It is actually from our local newspaper.

North Pole is a town about 15 miles south of Fairbanks. The municipal elections around here are the first week in October, and ... WELL ...

After no candidates officially filed for the two open council seats, Claus launched a write-in campaign two weeks before the Oct. 6 election and took to the streets of the city “Where the spirit of Christmas lives year round” in his red velvet outfit and campaign sign.

The votes were tallied and released Tuesday.

Claus, who legally changed his name to the jolly gift-giver from Thomas Patrick O'Connor, received 58 write-in votes from the 2,200-person city and will join the six-member City Council.

And people wonder why I live here.

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That is hilarious, I love it!! Fact, indeed, can be far stranger than fiction! :D :D
I don't know if you saw the "Late, Late Show" the other night when Matt was on, but James Corden talked about this -- it was hysterical, and my daughter was dying laughing, and asked, "Is that REAL?!" I assured her that it wasn't the 1st time I'd heard of it, and yes, it was true ;-)

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haha, I did not; thank you for telling me! I love that we ("we" = local politics, I guess) have made the national talk show circuit. Too much fun. :D
Glad to share! That's the kind of news that's fun to see spread around -- much better than a lot of stuff that makes the "news" ;-)
There's this segment on a local radio station I listen to in the mornings called Jay's World of the Wacky, Weird and What? The guy on the radio gives short blurbs of three stories Monday through Friday. I think I heard about this on that segment.
Ha! I think someone local on Facebook mentioned they'd heard that too. WE'RE FAMOUS! XD