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Fandom stuff

This month's commentfic prompt round is up at collarcorner: No theme this month; anything goes. I am planning to be a bit more involved this month, and try to write a few things! So I want some nice prompts to write! HINT HINT. :D I'm also allowing one repeat prompt per person this month, if you have a nice one from a past round that no one has picked up yet.

(Also, I DID get my Due South DVDs from my mom, so there may be rewatching in my future!)

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Well, it is probably also worth pointing out how slowly I watch stuff, unless I happen to go on a marathon binge. I started rewatching Heroes in June -- or possibly May -- and I'm only halfway through season one. XD
It's all good. I think I rewatched the first episode and "North" like 5 times this month, so I will probably rewatch it again then ^_~