Winter Sunlight

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Back in Fairbanks! And I managed to dodge most of the goddawful rain/snow/ick and squeaked through in a comparatively stable spell. Except for a heavy fog between Wasilla and Trapper Creek (which is about an hour and a half of a 6-hour drive), the pavement was dry and I cruised through most of it at 75 mph.

It's definitely winter in Denali now:


And a walk with the pets (doing their "Incredible Journey" impression) in the melting driveway this evening. So springlike!


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Heh..."incredible journey"...I saw that when it was in the movie theatre (kinda dating myself there, aren't I).
Ha! I did not see it in the theatre; I just remember watching it on TV in the 80s. :D
Wow, the first pic looks kinda intimidating and scary, but the second one really catches the light perfectly. And I loved the Incredible Journey:D
Thanks! :D There's a pullout right at the base of that mountain, so I often end up stopping there to stretch my legs when I'm driving that highway, and it DOES kinda loom over the road. :D
Glad you made it back okay!! And lol at the pets, that is soooo 'incredible journey'!! :D
I am amused that the cat enjoys going for walks with us. It's very cute. :D
There's so much snow! And to think that I was complaining because it's gotten down to the 50s here.
Even for us, this is a lot of snow for this time of year -- something like TWO FEET of snow fell while I was gone (though it's mostly melted off) which is just ridiculous.

Very picturous. Glad u made it back ok.

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I love both pics (I still love it so much that your cats goes on walks with you ♥) but the first one is currently pinging me more since I'm having a bit of a wanderlust case on my hands due to watching movies about snowboarders hiking up Alaskan mountains and then riding them down. /o\ So, anything with mountains will get the heart eyes from me at the moment... Sorry and sorry for babbling.

Also, snow! :) (I do wonder if we get any this winter.)
The top photo looks a bit intimidating.

I love the "Incredible Journey" one! I adored the book as a child and saw the movie on tv.
haha, yeah, I really liked the book when I was a kid! I saw the movie on TV too, but wasn't nearly as impressed.