Avengers-Sousa Thompson

Drive-by fanfic post

Popping in briefly: despite being on the road, I did write a little something for [community profile] fan_flashworks' current "Cheating" challenge. I was initially thinking I should do something with Neal for this one, but then I realized it would work perfectly for the Agent Carter boxing fic I've been kind of thinking about for awhile, so I went and wrote it.

Rabbit Punch [Agent Carter; PG, gen; 3300 wds; Sousa & Thompson]

It's posted only at [community profile] fan_flashworks for the duration of the challenge, as per community rules; it'll be crossposted in the usual places afterwards.

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Oh man, that is AMAZING. I love how you show Thompson's little prejudices and still make him a vaguely decent human being. That takes skills.
:D :D Thank you! It's definitely a fine line to walk -- I'm glad he came down on the generally-sympathetic side, with his negative qualities still intact.