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Werewolf Peter AU timeline

I am dealing with my incipient departure and total lack of packing like a GROWNUP ... by faffing around on the Internet and thinking about werewolves.

Remember the White Collar werewolf Peter AU? I have about 14K of an unfinished story in that 'verse, and one of the reasons why it's unfinished is because it ended up covering about 4-6 months of story time ... which made me realize that there is probably no point in actual canon where it could fit.

Or, I should say, the problem is that I started writing this AU with no real idea where it diverged from show canon, and up to this point I've been able to get away with it because the events in the various stories could happen at just about any point after season one, but for this one I actually need to have some idea of how differently things play out in werewolf world.

And it matters WHEN all of this started happening because certain events in the series (such as the estrangement between Peter and Neal over the U-boat treasure and Keller kidnapping Elizabeth, or Neal running off to Cape Verde) probably went down rather differently if they took place pre-werewolf-reveal or afterwards.

So, those of you who have an interest in this 'verse, what are your thoughts? I suppose my biggest question mark is whether I should set the first installment in the series during season two, or after season three, because it really doesn't seem to be DURING season three. Advantage to season two: this gives me a whole lot more anklet time to play with, and the possibility of writing a werewolfverse take on Elizabeth's kidnapping. Advantage to setting it afterwards, though, is that the timeline overall would stick closer to the canon timeline, so there would be less divergence to deal with.

Once I figure out that fundamental point, I can proceed to plot out how things would've gone differently, but first I need to get that nailed down.


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Season two! Just because ... it would seem to work better. :)
That is definitely the direction I'm leaning! Of course, that also means I have to figure out how this is going to change season three. :D
I am so glad to see you are going to add another chapter to this AU, it is one of my favorites. (I went back and reread the stories yesterday :D)

I like the idea of the storyline being during season 2 – would be interesting to see Werewolf Peter’s reaction to the Neal stealing the treasure (betraying the pack). I would love to see a scene where Werewolf Peter catches up with Keller after the kidnapping.

Looking forward to your story.
I adore that verse. Season 2 would work beautifully.It is my favorite season. Keller kidnapping El in season 3 would be great to explore.
Yes, I am also leaning towards season 2 and I love dennih's idea of Peter seeing this whole stolen treasure as Neal betraying the pack.
i am so pleaded you're continuing this AU! but that's just what it is, an alternative universe; you can verge as far (or near) canon as you'd like.
personally, I'm too elated you're adding more to this 'verse to even be concerned about canon. I'm too excited to learn more about what adventures Peter, Neal, and Diana will quest after!
thank you!