Due South-Vecchio

Squee Party update (the last? or not?)

Thanks to everyone for participating in the RayV squee party (DW) - and you're welcome to continue chatting as long as you like! Apologies for not being around more; I'm having houseguests this week and then I'm going out of town, so I have been in do-all-the-things mode the last few days. Anyway, I really appreciate the enthusiasm, discussion, and recs, and while I didn't manage to get around to rewatching anything this weekend, I am going to reclaim my DVDs from my mom and then hopefully watch some episodes this winter. :)

I went ahead and added some more threads to the Squee Party masterpost, so it should be up to date now.

Also, there was a fandomwide Ray Vecchio fest yesterday (which my post incidentally coincided with; I didn't know about it beforehand) and the master post for all the offerings is here.

Thanks again for participating, and don't feel like you need to go home 'til you're ready! It was fun to dip a toe back into a new-old fandom -- my fondness for the show goes back a very long ways, but it's been ages since I thought about it, and I've never really done "fannish" type things for it (reading or writing fic, talking about it with people, and so forth). And as noted above, I'm hoping to rewatch some episodes this winter, so I may be talking about it some more then!

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♥ ♥ It was fun! And I'm hoping to rewatch some episodes this winter.
Thanks to your squee party I'm actually writing a DS fic now! :D I was already rewatching, as you know, but seeing so much squee pushed me over the edge into actuallyw riting a ficlet hehe, So thank you :D I hope I can finish it this week.
Yay! I'm very happy to have (accidentally) given you a push to write. :D Good luck with it!

And I was really delighted to see so much activity in the squee party post, even if I didn't end up joining in all that much. It made me think I should do some more "parties" like that for other characters in the future!