Ray Vecchio Squee Party

From now through the weekend (or 'til all the guests go home) I'm hosting a RayV squee party, for Ray Vecchio from Due South! Come on in!


1. No RayK or pairing bashing. Fans of all Rays are welcome, with the understanding that the emphasis is on RayV love this time around.

2. I've put up some top-level threads (linked below) but feel free to start your own thread at any time. Want to have a meta discussion about the ghosts in the show, talk in detail about a specific episode, or add a thread for a pairing I didn't mention? Go ahead and make your own! I'll update the list of top-level threads periodically as new ones are added.

3. Linking is fine -- encouraged, even! The more the merrier.

Also notice there is a newbie Q&A thread for people who aren't familiar with the show. If you'd like to ask questions without risking a bunch of spoilers, you can do so here! (DW version) This is also the place for general questions, if you have any.

That's it! Have fun!


General show discussion/squee: LJ | DW
Pictures & gifs: LJ | DW
Recs: LJ | DW
Commentfic prompts - Gen: LJ | DW
Commentfic prompts - Fraser/RayV: LJ | DW
Commentfic prompts - other RayV pairings (OT3 welcome): LJ | DW
Quotes: LJ
Episode Rewatch reaction posts: LJ
Vecchiofest info, links, & some recs: LJ
Some more vid recs: LJ
And another fic rec: LJ

Newbie Q&A thread: LJ | DW
No spoilers here, just answers to your questions, such as "which episodes should I watch first?" or "I like [x] in my shows, does Due South have [x]?"

Episode rewatch:

You can watch episodes at vidzi.tv, Youtube (Season 1 playlist; all seasons playlist), or buy it on Amazon (where it is currently only $9.99 for the whole thing!).

Episodes for rewatching:
(You can watch some, all, or none of these.)
1. The pilot
2. 1x17, "The Deal"
3. 1x20-22, "Victoria's Secret" parts 1 & 2, and "Letting Go" (3-parter)
4. 2x01, "North"

For first-time viewers, 1x10, "The Gift of the Wheelman", is also recommended before watching "North", as it sets up a few things that are important in the latter episode. "North" is basically an h/c episode extraordinaire, but it DOES rely on a certain amount of character context.

Guys, feel free to put up threads for some or all of these, if you get to it before I do!

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General show discussion/squee
Talk about your favorite episodes, scenes, etc here! You can also start individual threads below for anything you want to discuss in particular detail.
Re: General show discussion/squee - How did you find the show?
I'm just going to start this off by asking everybody to wax nostalgic about how you found the show! Are you a relative newcomer to it, or a fan from way back? Were you actively involved in the fandom, or just a viewer? Did you go through the Ray Wars(TM)? XD

I have actually been watching the show on regular network TV since the pilot! I was still a teenager, living at home, back in the days when there were no spoilers (unless you could maybe catch a sneak peek on a talk show or in a magazine) or DVDs. You had to watch shows from week to week -- if you missed something, you'd have to catch it on reruns or not at all.

... all of which is leading up to the fact that I still remember what an absolute NIGHTMARE the elapsed time between "Victoria's Secret pt 2" and "Letting Go" was to suffer through in real time. Checking the episode guide on Wikipedia, it looks like it was only a month. I thought it was the entire hiatus, looking back on it! RAY SHOT FRASER AND THAT WAS THE END! Augh!

(I don't think cliffhangers were quite as common back in those days, either, so it wasn't something you expected.)

How about you guys?
Fic! Vids! Tumblrs! Self-recs are very welcome, if you would like to link to anything of yours.
Re: Recs
Starting us off with some vid recs! These are the ones I know about. Does anyone have more?

You Can Call Me Al by sdwolfpup - both Rays + Fraser: https://youtu.be/jmPEeCohTXY or http://sdwolfpup.livejournal.com/337632.html
(I recall sdwolfpup likes RayV and has several other vids including him; however, I can't find a comprehensive list of their vids. Their Due South tag also includes fic and reactions and so forth; worth going through if you want to find more RayV fan stuff!)

Ordinary Day by scribe - RayV + Fraser: http://archiveofourown.org/works/748024

Roll to Me by Sandy and Nicole, remastered by Gwyn - RayV/Fraser: http://www.relative-obscurity.org/belles/cb.html (it's about halfway down the page; there's no direct link)
Prompts - Gen
Prompts for commentfic! Vid or art prompts/fills are equally welcome. You do not need to fill a prompt to leave one, and you can leave as many as you like -- each prompt in a separate comment, please! Prompts can include any other characters as long as RayV is there.

Gen prompts in this thread -- see below for pairing threads!
Re: Prompts - Gen

If anyone's interested: Ray and Fraser telling the story of their hijinks in "North" once they get back home (i.e. Welsh, Frannie, other Ray and Fraser's coworkers etc reactions to what they got up to).

Also: After Victoria Secret, while Fraser sleeps in the hospital and Ray goes to work, Ray dealing with the Internal Affairs, his house that Fraser completely trashed, his mortgage that he used for bail, and the entire fall out. This fic must exist.

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Prompts - Fraser/RayV
For all your F/V slash needs. Each prompt in a separate comment, please. See above thread for gen prompts.
Prompts - Other RayV pairings
Ray/Ray, Fraser/Ray/Ray, RayV het pairings, etc
Newbie Q&A thread
If you are not familiar with the show, ask your questions here! No spoilers (except as necessary to answer questions).

This is also the place for any general questions you might have.
Actually I've never heard about a squee party, but it sounds great!
I'm not entirely sure if it is actually a thing or if I just made it up, but it sounded like fun! :D
By the way
Hi! I don't know if you already know about it or if you just have really amazing timing, but we're actually having a RayV fest on Monday, as it is semi-canonically his birthday then! If you're maybe interested in extending your celebration by a day or two, we'd love to include you in our own festivities, if you wouldn't mind!
Re: By the way
Oh wow, I did NOT know! (I was never really in the fandom, so I don't know a lot of these things.) What awesome timing - I would love to participate!
Favorite quotes
I didn't see a "favorite quotes" item—hope I didn't just miss it.

Brilliant Husband and I loved Ray and Fraser so much that we still repeat a few lines from the show. We've botched some; it was a lot harder to look up quotes in the 90s, and by the time it was easy, we'd been saying them for years.

From "An Eye for An Eye": Ray has driven into a park after a suspect.
Fraser: Ray, sapling! [points]
Ray Vecchio: Where?
Fraser: Twelve o'clock.
fwump [tree goes under car]
Ray: Got it!

One of us will sometimes say, when the other is driving and an obstacle appears, "Tree. Twelve o'clock" (or "Cone. Twelve o'clock"). The other will usually reply "Got it." Daughter has heard this exchange a number of times, and I don't think she has ever questioned it. It's just her parents being Weird and Nerdy again.

We never actually have cause to say "Runamukluk," but that hasn't stopped us using the second half of the exchange over and over:
Ray: Tuktoyaktuk, Runamukluk, what's the difference?
Fraser: Well, about two thousand kilometers.
Ray: Is that necessary?
Fraser: Not entirely, no.

Dinner with the Vecchios:
Fraser: [clears throat] Perhaps I could get the polenta.
Tony: Would you bring the pan please?
Mrs. Vecchio: He's very nice . . . so polite.
Ray: He's Canadian, Ma.
Mrs. Vecchio: Oh, I thought he was sick or something.
Francesca: Is he married? What?!?
Fraser: Ray? Polenta?
Ray: Uh, sorta like a yellow pemmican.

You wouldn't think we could use that one, but "Ray? Polenta?" turns out to be surprisingly useful when one does not know what one just got up to get.

And "That's just silly, Ray" is often apropos!
Re: Favorite quotes
Yes, quotes thread! :D Reading these made me laugh out loud, especially the first one.
I have friends visiting and also no access to any episodes (well, legally), but I just wanted to say HAVE FUN YOU GUYS I am totally with you in spirit! (I am bi-Rayual and love both Rays equally which means I love Ray V a LOT).

(Though if you have a known source of dueSouth goodness I might be able to get Skuld onboard with a bit of fannish learning - she's never seen it!)
YAY DUE SOUTH! \o/ (I really do want to give the RayK episodes another shot one of these days, because I think I would love him once I got to know him! And I'm borrowing the DVDs back from my mom at the end of this month, so hopefully I'll do it this winter.)

Sadly there are not very many good sources streaming or downloadable, at least not that I've found yet. Youtube has the episodes (in parts, though) and someone else pointed me to http://vidzi.tv, which I have not tried yet.
Episode Reactions
...Are we doing these? Because, like, I wrote some stuff up assuming we were, but now I don't see any threads. So, I'll create my own! (Though I'm not rewatching the Pilot at the moment, so I'll create a thread for that but not post anything in it, I guess?)
Re: Episode Reactions
Oh yes, please do! I wasn't sure when (or whether) I'd get around to rewatching, so I was figuring whoever managed to get to watching an episode first could start a discussion for it. :D (Or whoever was motivated to do so, basically.)

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Ray Vecchio Squee!
http://vecchiofest.livejournal.com for The Vecchiofest comm in LJ.

RayV long!fic: the 219,126-word Vecchio-in-Vegas masterwork: http://archiveofourown.org/series/30073 .Shadow of the Bookman by bghost.

RayV short!fic: self-reccingg my Ray-as-Armando flash fic : http://archiveofourown.org/works/475121. One Last Train Ride and It's Done Over.

Here's F/V fic that I dearly love and believe: http://archiveofourown.org/works/375970?view_adult=true. If You Want to Be Polite by belmanoir.

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Re: Ray Vecchio Squee!
Thanks for the recs! It's so awesome to discover all the fanfic I never read in this fandom despite first having seen the show almost 20 years ago!
My RayV memorabilia
I am the keeper of several of what I call "sacred relics of due South". One of the relics I have is the compass from the episode North (and although dented from being dropped over the cliff-side, it does still work properly).
Re: My RayV memorabilia
Oh, that's an awesome one to have! Lucky you. :D

(So they DID actually drop it off a cliff?)
Re: two more of SDWolfpup's RayV and Fraser vids
Alas! I don't have permission to watch the first vid. I don't know if the link is broken or what. Hmmm....