Ray Vecchio squee party planning - cont'd

Looks like there is DEFINITELY interest, so I'll put up the post on Thursday! \o/ What I'll do, I think, is have a master post with comment threads for pictures, fic prompts, episode discussion, and so forth; people can also start threads for whatever they like.

There was also interest in doing a rewatch. This would be completely optional since it's short notice and people may not have time, "people" possibly including me (I've also just discovered that my mom has my DVDs, so I'll have to watch them online - woops!). But as far as which episodes, these are the ones that come to mind:

- The pilot (especially for purposes of introducing new people who would like to try out the show)
- "Victoria's Secret 1 & 2" and "Letting Go" (3-parter)
- "North"

... which is really MORE than enough episodes for one weekend, oh lord. Actually, if we narrowed it to just 2, I'd say the pilot and "North" are probably the ones to pick.

Thoughts? Any other episodes you'd like to suggest as must-watch Vecchio episodes?

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Oh, wow, I have so much love for the eps you picked ♥ And North is definitely a must :D Time to dust off the DVDs :D
North is one of those episodes that has stuck with me all the years since I saw it. :D I don't know how much rewatching I'll have time for, but I'll definitely try to make time for that one!
Definitely those you picked!

I would also watch 1x10 - The Gift of the Wheelman for some Ray background with his father and some nice moments of bonding.

I was watching it the other day, there's this scene around half way through, with Ray, driving through the oncoming traffic in pursuit of a criminal. Their car twists and turns around the traffic, mailboxes, poles. In the back seat, Fraser Sr. looking like he is afraid for his life even though he's dead. Fraser looks towards Ray with this expression of disbelief. Ray is utterly calm, swirling through traffic like it's parting for him. Fraser raises his finger, about to make a remark, then thinks better of it. They continue the chase.

The utter nonchalance (not to mention his ability with that car) that Ray displays in that moment is just completely awesome. XD

Oh, and 1x17 - "The Deal" for the way Ray has changed (Zuko episode).

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And also "Vault" episode because the whole "You know, the inuit..." "Oh god we're going to die!" exchange is perfect :D

It's hilarious in retrospect how many of the eps have classic h/c setups in them. That time they're locked in the meat freezer...that time they're locked in the bank vault...that time Roy almost drowns in the trunk of the car...ahaha. This whole series is catnip. XD
I almost suggested the vault episode for rewatch just because it's so much fun, but then I realized that I was going to end up suggesting all of them. XD

I loved the trunk scene, too! :D

... okay, I might end up doing more than rewatching a couple of episodes. It really HAS been awhile since I watched all of it!
I had absolutely no plans to rewatch the whole 2 seasons but I ...can't...stop.... XD
"The Deal" was also suggested on the DW side, so I'll put that on the list. :D I only remember the vaguest things about it, so that's another one I'm hoping to find time to rewatch!
The watchman ep is nice for first time watchers since that's when Fraser's dad first appears...North might be slightly confusing otherwise...
1x10 - The Gift of the Wheelman, it's got some really awesome moments between ray & fraser :) Including this heartbreaker. One cool thing is, I never realized that Ray's father also shows up in the car while Ray's alone! I only noticed on this rewatch.
I think all of this may be leading into me rewatching the whole thing this winter. :D
If you do, and you want someone to watch with, hit me up. (I need an excuse to rewatch!)

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Also, FYI, I posted notice of this to tumblr, so if you get any random commenters, that may be why. (Let me know if you'd like me to take it down!)
Oh, please do! :) I also put a notice on fandomcalendar on DW -- I should mention it on my tumblr as well. :) New people are more than welcome!