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RayV squee party planning

It came up in the comments to a recent (locked) post that there are at least three people on my flist, aside from me, who are RayV or Fraser/RayV fans (in Due South). And I said "We should have a party!" And so we should. :D

All Due South fans are welcome, of course -- there would be no RayK bashing -- in the understanding that it would be RayV focused, because that is the point!

(Explanation for anyone who is now confused: the '90s show Due South switched its secondary lead halfway through. Both versions of the character are named Ray. A lot of people have a very strong preference one way or the other. I've never actually been in the fandom for the show; I just watched it, and didn't even know there was a pretty strong schism in the fandom until a long time later. But I still have a preference. XD)

Okay! Questions! For those of you who might be interested:

- Does it sound okay to do something informal where I put up a main post with subthreads for discussion/squee, commentfic prompts, etc, and then just have a cheerful free-for-all in the comments? I think that'd be my preference; I don't really have the ability to run something right now that's going to involve a lot of planning or modding.

- Would it be too soon to put put up the post around the middle of this week and "party" over the weekend? (I'd really like to jump on this while I'm enthusiastic about the idea, and the following couple of weeks, I will be out of town. On the other hand, if everyone ELSE is going to be gone this week and/or is much too busy, then that won't work, of course. And I know this is a very busy time of year for a lot of people, with school starting and so forth. If not this weekend, it will need to be mid-October.)

- Should episode rewatches be part of it? It looks like it's not streaming on Netflix or Hulu (sigh), but Youtube has a bunch of episodes. Obviously there's no time for anything organized if we do it soon, but we could maybe pick an episode (like "North") to watch and discuss, or we could just have a general episode discussion thread and rewatch an episode or two over the weekend if we feel like it.

- Any other suggestions? Anything else I'm not taking into account?

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That actually sounds like a great thing :D The main post with comment squee is more than fine and weekend is definitely the time to throw this party :D It's been a while since I've watched Due South but I've seen the whole show a couple of times, so I think I'm good, heee :D
Yay! \o/ I just think it would be fun. I haven't been doing much lately that's fandom focused. I would love if you could drop in. :D
I just adore Vecchio. I participated in a re-watch with some LJ friends a few years ago, but it kind of fizzled out after a few episodes.

I have the first two seasons on DVD so I've watched them over many times. :D I'm happy to participate with some squee.
Yay! \o/ The more the merrier -- I think I'll put up a post and get things rolling a bit later this week.
I think having an episode rewatch be part of it would be great, since it's been... uh, like ten years since I've seen the show. Well, I've watched the pilot a couple times since then, but haven't gotten any further in my attempts at rewatching.
Let's! :D Participation would be 100% optional (or people could discuss even if they weren't able to watch), but we could include some rewatch threads or posts along with the rest.

How do you think we should pick episodes for that? We could either do it chronologically and start with the pilot or the first few episodes, or pick a couple of "best of" eps (like "North" and the Victoria's Secret ones). I think personally I'd rather do the latter, because I've seen the pilot more than the rest of the series too. And I can always rewatch "North". :D
I think people who haven't rewatched it recently should definitely get to see the glory that is the first episode, then we could skip around :D
Best of, definitely! Mostly because it's been so long that I don't actually remember what happened in North, and that means I get to watch it totally fresh. :D

(I can give a link to where to find them online, seems to have them all)

I have not much input other than I am full of squee and ready to party. I'm watching another episode right now. RayV & Fraser friendship is my absolute favourite.
Yay! Thank you for the link. :D COME FORTH AND BRING YOUR SQUEE. There is definitely interest, so I'll get this party started later this week.

I just don't have the time and energy to host a full rewatch right now (and I'm definitely not the person you WANT hosting a rewatch anyway, given what happens to every one I try XD) but we could maybe have rewatch threads for a handful of episodes over the course of the weekend.
Haha, I think this is an easier show to rewatch, plus I think the idea above to do a best-of definitely has merit.

I already started taking some notes as I rewatched a few more eps, of my favourite Vecchio & Fraser moments *g*
Informal is good.

This weekend is fine! I won't have time to rewatch, but if other people do, that's great! (And if new people want to see what all the fuss is about, even better!)
Excellent! :) I'll put up a post later this week -- it will definitely be the sort of thing where people can just drop in as time permits.