Autumn-frosted leaf

It is very autumn now

We had lots of wind today, so there were huge showers of golden leaves. The ground is carpeted with them:


In honor of the season, I decided to pick up a bottle of pumpkin ale (Southern Tier PumpKing). My thought so far is "... huh." It's not quite pumpkin-pie-in-a-glass like the one I sampled in Boston around this time last year, but there's a very odd mismatch between the smell and the taste that I don't quite know how to feel about. I think at some point I may have to admit that I just don't really like beer with fruit and/or spices in it. And yet I keep trying them.

Links! For anyone who wants to find more people to talk to on LJ and/or DW:

Friending Meme for LJ Survivors (LJ)
The No-Frills Multi-Fandom Friending Meme

FYI, the LJ one is more general (so if you are looking for non-fandom people to follow who post pictures or write about farming or whatever, it's better for that) whereas the DW one seems to be more fandom-focused.

(Thanks to [personal profile] naye for linking to them!)

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Awww, so many leaves ♥ I'll have to take a pic of the park close to my place when that happens over here. We definitely have the meh Autumn weather now but the leaves are still putting up a fight, heee :D

I have to say that this photo could have just as well been taken in Poland, I love it when you can travel across the globe and still find places where you'll feel at home :D
Yes, please do post pictures; I would love to see them! :D

I love how similar the north-polar parts of the world actually are. We have many of the same animals and plants as all the northern countries all around the pole. It's all the same world, after all!
Yeah, I'll do that, it's been ages since I've taken a pic outside :D

It's actually mushroom season right now, I wish I had someone to drive me to a good spot so that I could pick some and take pics of them, hee :P
Oh yeah, that's autumnal alright! Lovely colour the leaves have.

I decided long ago that mulled/spiced wine/ale is not to my tasting. But Old Mout's Kiwi and Lime Cider is very much to my liking, though I tend to share half a bottle with hubby, not being a big drinker when it comes to alcohol!
Yeah, I'm not that fond of mulled/spiced wine either, come to think of it! So not a big surprise. :D

If you do, I hope you enjoy it. I think it's more just not to my taste rather than being an objectively a bad beer; it gets excellent taste ratings according to the little informational tag on the store display.
Pretty image there. My yard and driveway and sidewalk are littered with acorns right now. I have a couple oak trees and near the end of August to early September the acorns are flying off the trees. I swear one of these days one of them is gonna come flying through my front window. And when I go outside I feel the need to wear a helmet. :D
Thanks! haha, when I lived in the midwest our house had an oak tree in the yard, so I can relate. XD