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Lauren Esker's new book is out

This one has the very classy title of Handcuffed to the Bear.

However, this is actually the most like my fanfic of any of the romance books I've written so far. It's the first in a series about the agents of the Shifter Crimes Bureau (they solve the crimes that no one else will!).


The romancey blurb:

Handcuffed together and hunted, they must rely on each other to survive!

Bear shifter and ex-mercenary Jack Ross hasn't always been one of the good guys, but now he's an agent of the Shifter Crimes Bureau, chasing a pride of lion shifters who hunt other shifters in the Canadian wilderness. When he steps in to save their beautiful victim, he ends up in hot water right alongside her. Jack's spent his life avoiding emotional entanglements, but this time he's literally handcuffed to the woman whose touch sets him on fire ...

Curvy lynx shifter Casey McClaren isn't just a victim. She's on an undercover mission of her own, with no training or backup, trying to find out who killed her best friend. But everything goes wrong, and she finds herself trapped on a remote island, handcuffed to the sexiest bear shifter she's ever seen. Casey can tell by the scars and tattoos that he's exactly the kind of man she shouldn't let herself love. But she can't resist the way he makes her heart pound ...

Now the strangers turned partners are on the run in the wilderness, struggling to survive against their pursuers — and fighting the sizzling attraction growing between them. Both of them have spent their lives relying only on themselves, but now these two loners have run headlong into a passion they can't deny.

In actual point of fact, there's a lot less ~fighting their feelings~ than the blurb implies, and a lot more running around in the rain on an island and trying not to die. Meanwhile Federal Agent Dude's friends are looking for them, primary among them a disabled werewolf who is the main character in the next book, and an assortment of people who turn into geckos and orcas and whatnot.

Handcuffed to the Bear on Amazon.

Annoyingly, Amazon has been really laggy about implementing the "Look Inside" thing lately, so the preview isn't up yet.

It will be free next weekend (I'll tell you when!). Also, if you can't/don't do Amazon, I can substitute an epub instead.

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Congratulations! :)

Man it sounds right up my alley (handcuffed? in the middle of nowhere? *-*) but...shifters....hmm. *g*
I fully admit that this one is not going to be everyone's cup of tea. Or possibly anyone's cup of tea. XD But let me know if you get a hankering to try it!
Congrats. :)

I don't think that it's my kind of book but the disabled werewolf mention made me sit up... Hmmmm. Could one read book 2 without reading book 1?
You absolutely could! :) It should stand on its own just fine. There will definitely be an announcement when it's out!