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Some recs! I know right?!

People are back from Vividcon, which means new vids are floating about, and I FINALLY have some new Agent Carter vids to roll around in! ♥ ♥ ♥

I Lived by [personal profile] flummery - Absolutely gorgeous, wrenching yet triumphant vid about Steve and Peggy, each moving on without the other.

1941 by [personal profile] rhoboat - Fun, fast, great editing!

(Many thanks to sheafrotherdon for bringing my attention to both of these!)

And while I'm at it, an Agent Carter fic rec: A Scandal in Buffalo by [archiveofourown.org profile] i_owe_you_a_bourbon - Sherlock Holmes AU in which Peggy is Holmes and Jarvis is her Watson. SUCH CRACK. ALL THE CRACK. OMG. But also hilarious and adorable. I think this is the only Peggy/Jarvis fic I've found so far that I really enjoyed - normally that's a NOTP for me, but this is too cute not to love. (Also has Thompson/Sousa as a background pairing.)

ETA: Also, I wrote a couple of commentfic prompt fills for the latest round at [community profile] collarcorner.

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