Tumblr whinging again

I haven't reblogged anything on Tumblr in a few days, and I noticed when I put my wilderness survival post over there that they have changed their reblog interface so now you can't edit what you're reblogging; it treats the reblog text as a unified block, so you can only reblog it as-is or delete the whole thing. (Dammit. I used to edit typos a lot, and/or quietly remove things I didn't want included.)

Still, that's not so bad -- I can see why they'd do it, at least -- but now, on a photo post it also treats any caption/attribution in the same way it treats other reblog text, which means you can remove the attribution with a single click ... and might, in fact, easily remove it by accident if you click in the wrong place.

How is it possible that every single "improvement" tumblr makes LITERALLY MAKES THINGS WORSE?

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Huh. Oh Tumblr. On the one hand, that's kind of something they should've had all along, as being able to just change posts entirely meant it was really easy to misrepresent them (which wasn't something I actually saw happening much at all, but it's still weird.) OTOH, yeah, being able to remove captions that easily is frustrating, and also considering Tumblr has worked with the editable reblogs for years, just changing it now is weird and frustrating.

Also really annoying when you want to respond to one part of a long text post, that you can't just snip the part you want...
Yeah; I totally get that the old way lent itself to all sorts of abuse and misrepresentation (not that I saw anyone doing that) but yeah, no more snipping, no more fixing typos -- which, I'm not sure if I'm the only person who does that, but they drive me bonkers in an otherwise rebloggable post. XD

I'm sure we'll all get used to it eventually, but I guess, if they're going to mess with the UI in new and weird ways all the time ANYWAY, why can't they add things like actual commenting functionality?
The original source looks like a caption but it's not. Tumblr adds it to every reblog. When Tumblr first started adding the source they automatically put it as the first tag but in response to complaints they moved it out of the tag line. It's still permanent.
Oh, I don't mean that -- I mean, like, say, this or this (just to pull two completely random examples off my recent dash) -- anything where the original poster has added text under the photo/gifset/etc, which is usually a source, caption, or otherwise info that the artist/photographer/original poster wants in there. Now it's even easier to remove than it was before.
I keep trying with Tumblr... I tell myself that one day a Light will go on and it will make sense...
I feel like I'm getting more comfortable with it now that I'm increasingly getting into tumblr-based fandoms (MCU, mostly) so I have an incentive to be there a lot, and to try all the different site features. But I've never come to like it the way I like blogging on LJ-style platforms.
I've noticed that when I use tumblr on my phone (which is most of the time). I think with xkit reblogging still works the old way, though I haven't had time to really dig into it on my PC. (I'm living for the day there's an xkit or something similar for mobile use. Or, heck, just a tumblr app you can set to manually sync instead of sucking up all your data because it never shuts off, but that's a rant for another day...)

Everything tumblr does generates a love/hate from me. I do love the idea of being able to strip away idiotic commentary to a reblog but I don't like the ease with which you can delete the sources that may be listed under the photo/gif/vid. So many things tumblr needs to do BEFORE they did this *coughCOMMENTScough* but oh well, that's tumblr, I guess.
I just want something to come along that has all (or at least most of) the advantages of tumblr -- easy photo posting, for example, and quick reblogging -- and can actually do some of the things people used to be able to do on LJ, like comments and properly curated communities and friendslocking. IS THAT REALLY TOO MUCH TO ASK. :P