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Birthday (and Ant-Man)

And so, I'm 39. When I was about 14, I remember making one of my characters 39 because I wanted him to be old and world-weary, but not too old to relate to. Hi, 14-year-old me, from just this side of unrelatably old! XD

Thank you for the birthday wishes, emails and gifts, everybody. ♥ It was a mellow day in which I didn't get anything done, but in a good way - had lunch with friends, chatted with my family on the phone, and saw a movie (Ant-Man). Which, since this is ostensibly a blog for talking about pop culture and media, I will discuss under the cut.

It was pretty much everything I expected from the trailers (and not much more). I enjoyed it, but it also felt very much like Extruded Superhero Movie Product. I think it made me realize how much more I've come to expect from the MCU movies. This was, I believe, a script that had been around since 2004 or so, and it felt like it. They're doing more with their movies now, and this just felt like a forgettable mid-2000s superhero movie.

That said, it was entertaining and funny. The thing I ended up liking best is actually a relatively minor thing, overall, but I really liked that New Cop Boyfriend turned out to be a nice guy after all, and I enjoyed the wrap-up with Scott being welcomed back into his ex-wife's family but not getting back together with his ex.

Also, I knew the after-credits scene had to do with Bucky and Steve, but I had managed to avoid any specific spoilers on its content and ... wow, that was nothing like any of my imaginings about how their reunion might go down. This greatly increases the chances that Civil War is going to be an h/c-stravaganza, right? :D

ETA: Mild Civil War spoilers:

According to this article, the after-credits scene for Ant-Man is cut from Civil War footage, which means this actually is a scene that occurs in the movie. (Which, well, you never know, right? It could've been a tease of something that happened months before Civil War and is never seen!) Anyway, still avoiding spoilers for the movie, but it certainly does look like the Bucky-Steve reunion in Civil War is going to be a lot more h/c-laced than the comics version. NO COMPLAINTS HERE.

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The thing I ended up liking best is actually a relatively minor thing, overall, but I really liked that New Cop Boyfriend turned out to be a nice guy after all, and I enjoyed the wrap-up with Scott being welcomed back into his ex-wife's family but not getting back together with his ex.

Yes! This was one of my favorite bits, as a kid of a divorced household-- it's good to see stories where they show that hey, not all post-divorce relationships have to be acrimonious, and not all step-parents are evil.

They don't deal with it anywhere near as well in the comics-- the New Fiance cop dude shows up (as a step-father there), but as a cop he hates superheroes because they have to clean up after them, and they're not held responsible to anyone. It ends up with him being fairly cruel to Cassie about it when he and her mom find out she's a superhero (this is one of the Young Avengers minis), and it's just sad all around. :( I like the movie version much better.

This greatly increases the chances that Civil War is going to be an h/c-stravaganza, right? :D

Glad you had a nice mellow birthday!! :D

I'm waiting for Ant Man to come out on DVD as the trailer made my skin crawl a bit with all the ants (wimp that I am!), so I'm thinking a small not-3D-screen with a fast forward option is probably the best way to go!!

At least it's not spiders!! *shudders*
Thanks! :)

The ants are definitely ... very there in the movie. I can see how someone who's not comfortable with it would really have problems with this. I'm generally okay with insects, and even I got creeped out occasionally.

Bring it!!! :D

I'm debating seeing ant-man. On the one hand, superhero movies. On the other hand....ants?? (All I know about it is the title and that people have watched it and thought it was good.)
Yeah, it would be terrible if the movie is full of Bucky h/c. Absolutely terrible. How will we live.

And the movie is definitely ... very full of ants. It's cute and fun, though I think the recent, better superhero movies have spoiled me somewhat.
And of course! Happy Birthday. :D My birthday was on the 25th, we're practically birthday twins (or at least healthy Leos :D )
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! re:Civil War Spoiler

Now I want to watch that but I don't think I'm going to like Ant-Man (the whole premisse just doesn't ignite feelings within me which the other movies (except Thor 1) did. :/ And reading the things you said about the forgettable mid-2000s movies look-a-like makes me even more hesitant to watch Ant-Man. :/)

*wonders if she can ask her cinema to sneak in for the after credit scene and pay, I don't know, 2 Euros or so for it*
Well, I'm sure the end credit scene will turn up on the Internet eventually. :D I know it was leaked before the movie opened, but I think all those copies have been taken down. You might be able to find it if you look around.
I enjoyed it, but I too felt as though it fell short somehow, and I still can't really put my finger on why.

I liked Scott, but I got annoyed over and over that Hope didn't get her own suit. Getting it at the end of the movie just wasn't good enough. "Bout damn time" is right. Scott said it at one point: Hope was the one with all the experience. I'm a bit tired of father figures in movies acting like this. Hope was not in any less danger for being out of a suit! He wasn't just overprotective; Hank was wrong!

I like, though, that Scott and his ex-wife's fiancé could come together over the daughter. The cop isn't really a bad guy; he's a man who wants to protect his family.

I love the giant ant.

We saw it in 3D and spent the next few hours checking every little tingle to see if there was an ant somewhere on us.

My favorite scenes were actually young Hank walking out on SHIELD for SURPRISE PEGGY CARTER! and the final final scene, although I was going "What the heck?" until I found an article with speculation that matched what the director said quite well. I couldn't figure out what "last week" and "the accords" were.

Glad you had a good birthday!
I enjoyed it (I like heist movies anyway, so I'm pre-disposed towards superhero heist movies), except that I kept thinking they made the wrong movie; there was no really logical reason, given the setup they had, that they needed Scott Lang in the first place, other than maybe to consult on burglary technique.

It's a fairly common trope: well-suited-for-task woman who's been training her whole life for something (either knowingly or not) has to train a man to do her job in about a week. The Lego Movie is another movie that does it that springs to mind.

Which is to say that yeah, I am with you on Hope. I hate that trope.
Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Thanks for the info on Civil War. I am really looking forward to it. :) Now I just have to get caught up on Agents of Shield and finally get to see Avengers: Age of Ultron.

With my new job kicking my butt I haven't had the time or energy to see any of the Summer Movies. Although last week, I did find time to go see Magic Mike XXL. I enjoyed it and not just for obvious reasons. It was quite amusing and had some nice character moments.

Thank you! :)

As far as prioritizing limited time for summer movies, this one is definitely a wait-for-DVD kind of movie. Though I did enjoy it! And now I am really looking forward to Civil War. :D
Happy birthday! The promise of a CA h/c extravaganza sounds like a pretty nice present~ :D
Happy Birthday.

I had that moment in 2010. I went to that movie as a teen thinking of how OLD I would be in 2010. Hello, teenaged self. whimpers
Haha, yeah. It's funny how our idea of what's "old" moves ahead of us into the future. And thanks!

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Finally saw Ant Man. Took me long enough.

My feelings are actually the opposite. I kind of feel like Ant Man was a back to basics thing, which I really liked. As much as I love the epic direction the Marvel movies have been going, it was nice to having something a bit more contained in its own world rather than trying to encompass the Marvel universe. It was a breather, in a way, which I think we're going to need once Civil War comes out.

It's funny, but while watching the movie the first thing I thought was that people were going to have a lot of issues with Scott being the one to wear the suit instead of Hope even though Hope is more capable. And, well, reading the comments I was right. I'm generally not bothered by the trope except for it being a cliche, but I actually liked how the movie handled it. For one, they actually pointed it out, which is pretty rare for this trope, at least in my experience. And for another, she does get her own suit, which means she also gets to become "the special one" for the next Ant Man movie. Something else I think the trope never does.

It also parallels with what Iron Man did, because, "technically", Rhodey should have gotten the suit since he's the one with the fighting and military skills. And he does get a suit by movie two. Just something I realized.
That makes a lot of sense about the movie being self-contained. I did enjoy it, and I also feel like we need more Marvel movies like this, which are self-contained rather than trying to stuff the whole universe into it. It's why I'm enjoying the TV shows somewhat more than the movies right now, I think. The movies are still fun popcorn movies, but the TV shows are increasingly where my heart seems to be.

Still, it was a fun heist movie, and I really did enjoy how well it avoided a lot of the cliches that it seemed to be going towards -- like the romantic rival actually being a decent guy, or Hope getting her own suit in the end.